The Fires Burned High And Long Into The Night The Day The Eternal Empire Died

The crowds called for his head for daring to question the rightness of their culture of war and theft-
For his saying the Empire would die unless, that repentance was their only hope left-

As the mongrel hordes he warned of, battered down the gates of the hallowed home-
Of the evil which dared to temp the gods by surpassing even the evil of Rome-

The fires burned high and long into the night, the day the Eternal Empire died-
The cries of the recently widowed, raped besides the body of their beloved did not subside-

For many a day and night until the sacked Cities were left to the rats and vulture-
The decaying dead were carrion, no living thing left cared about their self pride in their forgotten culture-

The Ole Dog!



And the wheels of the Rothschild’s bus goes Bump-Bump-Bump, Bump-Bump-Bump, Bump-Bump-Bump!!!

Meet the new zionist Bitch standing in the wings.

“We’re all in this together… as the UNITED states of America… If you don’t purchase that, move on, go somewhere else!”
– Matthew McConaughey

 Attention Big Pie Hole Matthew McConaughey!!!

The Republic of Texas tried that 159 years back.

The Republic of Texas Voluntarily Legally seceded from the same Volunteer union they joined in 1846.

And the ‘UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’ an Involuntary  Military Communistic Dictatorship thinly disguised as a “Constitutional Republic, Instituted by the Closet Queer Atheist Rabidly Racist against African Americans Shyster Rail Road Lawyer Manic Depressive yankee “puritan” War Criminal Mass Murderer  Lincoln when he KILLED the Volunteer Union of George Washington and Revolutionaries, came down with a gang of Terrorist called USA “soldiers”, Gang Raped little Children till Death, Gang Raped their Mothers to death, Black and White, Gang Raped Ministers Daughters because their fathers prayed for their Country and Leaders as the Bible says to, Burned Grandpas & Grandmas to death in their homes, Mass Murdered whole cites of Innocent Unarmed Civilians with Lincoln’s USA weapons of Mass Destruction, Stole everything not tied down or the USA Terrorist could cut loose, Dug Up The Dead, Robbed the Dead, Burned Church Houses, Court Houses, Farm Houses, Out Houses, Colleges, Hospitals.

Then the evil Terroristic Sons of yankee “puritan” “witch” Burning Bitches have Occupied the Republic of Texas while stealing her wealth to fund the Pedophiles Party in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac for 156 years and counting!

Someone as butt ignorant of true history or if knowing true history is so eager to commit Treason against their Home Country, the Occupied by Lincoln’s Communist Military Dictatorship for 156 years and counting Republic of Texas, will make a fine politician.

The Ole Texican Dog!

‘Gov. Abbott rebounds against possible challenger Matthew McConaughey, has razor-thin edge over actor’

AUSTIN — Gov. Greg Abbott, after trailing potential challenger Matthew McConaughey in the spring, has rebounded and now has a slight — but not statistically significant — lead over the movie star in a hypothetical matchup in next year’s race for governor, according to a poll released Sunday by The Dallas Morning News and the University of Texas at Tyler.

Abbott, a two-term Republican, is favored by 39% of Texans of all political stripes, while McConaughey, who hasn’t picked a political party or even committed to running, draws backing from 38%. Nearly a quarter of Texans said they’d vote for someone else.

It showed that since April, Abbott has improved his standing with all voters, though he’s still behind among independents. He is likely to handily dispatch fellow Republican and former state Sen. Don Huffines of Dallas in their tussle for the GOP gubernatorial nomination. Among Texans who say they’ll vote in the Republican primary, Abbott leads Huffines, 77% to 12%.

While no major Democrat has announced against Abbott, former El Paso congressman and presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke hasn’t ruled out another bid for statewide office.

If O’Rourke tosses his bandanna in the ring, he starts out behind: While about two-thirds of Democrats support O’Rourke, 78% of the more numerous Republicans back Abbott. And Abbott’s edging O’Rourke among independents (35%-28%), for an overall lead of 45%-33% in their general-election showdown.

McConaughey has said he’s giving “honest consideration” to running for governor in his home state. Politics is “a broken business,” and it’s time for someone with his “aggressively centric” approach, he told the Austin American-Statesman in March.

[the Sodom  & Gomorrah on the Colorado Un-American-Statesman]

MORE yankee Carpetbaggers & Souther Scalawags:

The Ole Dog considers it time for every Treasonous Scalawag to head to Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac (yankeeland) with a yankee carpetbagger under one arm and a I WANT MY RIGHTS AND ALL THE FREE SHIT illegal Mexico Citizen Stinking up Texas under the other arm!

The tired of all three types shit, Ole Texican Dog!

Occupied Republic of Texas yankee Indoctrination Centers called “Public Schools” students’ standardized test scores dropped dramatically during the FAKE “pandemic”, especially in math

Getting the little darlings ready for UT I see!

Well, don’t take advanced math to learn how to use a huge dildo for asexual pleasure.


I recall a couple of times when I inquired of my daughter who went to a special high school for the intellectually gifted in Texas where she had a mentor who was a big wig in a local bank,  what the hell they taught in that school when she did not know some basic history and economic facts.

Once I was explaining Stonewall Jackson was her cousin.
She said who is that?

Another time her mother and I found a very well maintained older delta 88 Oldsmobile and financed it for her with payments of $99.00 a month.
Feeling big, important and independent she with no credit history wanted the loan in her name .
In the first place she did not understand putting it in her name would jack the interest rates way up meaning larger payments.
When I explained the loan was already in place and one did not just change the name on a loan willy nilly.

She looked at me in all seriousness and said, just tell them you don’t want the loan anymore.

Years later when I asked her what the hell they had been teaching them in that school, she replied:

The last standardized test so we could pass the next standardized test to make the teachers, administration and the school look good.

She added that is why she worked her butt off, sacrificing so her kids could go to private school.

The Ole Dog!

The drop was more significant in districts that had most of their instruction online, compared to districts with more in-person classes.


Rothschild Bagman Soros-Funded Sodom & Gomorrah on the Colorado (Austin) D.A. Indicts Army Sgt Who ‘Shot AK-47-Toting Rothschild/Soros Funded BLM Terrorist in Self-Defense’

The Occupied Republic of Texas is Occupied by the DC/USA Rothschild’s red Russian Communistic Military Dictatorship thinly disguised as a “constitutional republic”

It was under the USA’s occupation puppet “government” ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ in the late 1860s the Occupied Texicans had their God Given Right of going armed and self defense stolen from them by the little Southern Child Gang Raping Till Death USA Military Dictatorship.

One Hundred and Fifty Six and counting years of slave hood to Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac and it’s pedophile political prostitutes bribed and blackmailed by the Rothschilds is quite enough.

The Republic of Texas can not secede as they have never been legally a part of this Involuntary  Military Dictatorship USA the  communist closet queer Lincoln instituted when he killed the Volunteer Union of George Washington and the Revolutionaries in 1861.

The USA’s occupying troops which have never left, need to leave taking their occupying sub corporation to the USA Military Occupying Corporation, ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ with them.

Every yankee occupying  “soldier” and yankee political whore needs to exit Texas with their choice of a yankee carpetbagger  or Southern Scalawag under one arm and a “I want my rights and free shit” illegal Mexican citizen under the other arm.


At that point, Real Texican know how to clean this Rothschild’s red Russian Communistic shit up!

The Ole Texican Dog!

‘Rothschild Bagman Soros-Funded Sodom & Gomorrah on the Colorado (Austin) D.A. Indicts Army Sgt Who ‘Shot AK-47-Toting  Rothschild/Soros Funded BLM Terrorist


WH ‘Apparently Employing Comedians’: TREASONOUS SCALAWAG ME FIRST!! Cruz Scoffs at Hands Biden Adviser’s Claims GOP Defunded Police


I detest a COWARD.
Leaders Lead!

During the just past four day freeze up in the Occupied Republic of Texas when Many Texicans died from the piss poor planning/ corruption of the USA’s Militarily Occupying Sub Corporation ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’, the Treasonous Cowardly ME FIRST!! Scalawag Cruz boarded a plane and flew to sunny Cancun.

A little boy froze to death in his bed just down the road.
While ME FIRST!! CRUZ flew to sunny Cancun, and only returned North of the Border when someone got a photo of him flying out and put it on public media.

Someone as Cowardly as this Super Sized Cowardly Treasonous Piece of Shit should be ashamed to show their Cowardly face in public, much less running their huge lie and shit spewing Pie Hole!


The Ole Dog!

‘WH ‘Apparently Employing Comedians’: TREASONOUS SCALAWAG ME FIRST!! Cruz Scoffs at Hands Biden Adviser’s Claims GOP Defunded Police’

Republicans have repeatedly warned against defunding the police, claiming that law enforcement officers are essential and should continue to be funded by the government.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz has scoffed at the Democrats’ “absurd” drive to uphold an argument claiming that Republicans deprived police and law enforcement agencies of funding amid increasing crime rates across the US.

“I gotta say, it’s remarkable that the White House is now apparently employing comedians. You know, there’s an old Yiddish word for that: chutzpah”, Cruz told Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Tuesday night.

He argued that for the Democrats, “to come out and claim that it’s Republicans who want to defund the police, that’s like an arsonist showing up at the fire and blaming the firemen”.

“That’s like the Chinese blaming the Americans for the Wuhan virus. That’s like OJ [Simpson] saying he’s gonna help find the real killer”, the senator added, in an apparent reference to COVID-19 and Washington’s claims that the virus came from a lab at China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology.

As for ex-NFL football star and actor OJ Simpson, he is notorious for being acquitted of the murders of his ex-wife and her friend following a high-profile 1995 criminal trial, dubbed the “Trial of the Century”.


542% Increase In Convicted Sex Offenders Arrested At Border

It is no surprise Washington DC/USA For Profit Military Dictatorship Corporation forces Baby Rapers of Occupied Texicans.
USA/DC is run by baby rapers.
Has been for a long time.

If the Occupied Republic of Texas was not occupied by ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’, a communistic yankee occupation Corporation, an occupying Sub Corporation of the Military Dictatorship thinly disguised as a constitutional republic, the ‘United States’, a for profit corporation incorporated under British Empire Law, things would never have got this hosed up.

If Texicans would kick the occuping ‘STATE OF TEXAS’ foreign to the Republic of Texas Corporation the hell out of the occupied Republic of Texas, Texicans would solve this USA Charlie Foxtrot forthwith.

The Ole Dog!

‘542% Increase In Convicted Sex Offenders Arrested At Border’

Border Patrol agents have arrested 353 illegal aliens with sex-related criminal convictions so far this fiscal year. A large number of the detainees had prior convictions for crimes involving a minor.

In the same period in fiscal 2020, agents apprehended 55 criminal sex offenders, and 58 total in all of fiscal 2019.

The number of criminals illegally crossing the southwest border has spiked in tandem with the border crossing surge this year. Convicted criminals are the most likely population of illegal aliens trying to avoid capture by Border Patrol.

Border Patrol has detected more than 250,000 illegal aliens who have evaded capture so far this year, according to the newly-appointed Acting Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz on June 24. It’s impossible to estimate how many have evaded Border Patrol without detection.

“There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t read a paper or a report from my agents that talks about criminal aliens, sexual offenders that they’ve apprehended out there,” Ortiz said during an event in Del Rio, Texas.

“Those folks aren’t getting released in these communities. Guess what happens to them? They go to jail. When they get out of jail, they go back to their country of origin.”

According to reports by Customs and Border Protection (CBP), many of the criminals being caught have already been deported, sometimes on multiple occasions.

On June 24, agents in Rio Grande City, Texas, arrested convicted sex offender, Benito Gomez-Lopez, from Mexico. Gomez-Lopez was arrested in May 2020 by the Burleigh County Sheriff’s Department in North Dakota for possession of certain prohibited materials and promoting a sexual performance by a minor, according to CBP.

He pleaded guilty to both counts and was sentenced to three years confinement, but was repatriated to Mexico in July 2020.

On June 14, a Peruvian child rapist was arrested by Border Patrol after he entered the United States illegally near Roma, Texas, according to CBP. Pedro Asuncion ORE-Quispe, 43, had been deported in 2020 after serving over five years for felony rape of a child in Idaho.

On June 20, Mexican national Isidro Efrain Gallardo-Rangel was apprehended as part of a group of 24 illegal aliens near Laredo. Gallardo-Rangel is a registered sex offender with an extensive criminal history and a conviction for indecency with a child in 2018 in Dallas, Texas, according to CBP.


Ratschild’s red Commie China-Backed Media Highly Critical Of Occupied Republic of Texas’ New Permitless Carry Law

Ratschilds Mass Murdering red Commie China, infected with a variant of the Ratschilds zionist Zombie Virus, expels the contents of their colon into their fruit of the looms at the thought of humans having the means to fight back against evil mass murdering asses such as themselves.

Well, the mass murdering commie bastards can go have anal sex with themselves.

If the thought of humans having the means of exercising their God Given Right of Self Defense gives the degenerates loose bowels, then they best just keep their oppressive mass murdering commie asses the hell out of the Republic of Texas.

Don’t need no red Chinese Commie shit smelling up the air Texicans breath.

The Ole Armed And Accurate Texican Dog!

‘Ratschild’s red Commie China-Backed Media Highly Critical Of Occupied Republic of Texas’ New Permitless Carry Law’

Nearly a week after Governor Greg Abbott signed House Bill 1927 that eliminates the requirement for Texas residents to obtain a license to carry a handgun, the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda news outlet, Xinhua, published a highly critical piece on how the permitless carry law (beginning on Sept.1) could return the Lone Star State to its “Wild West past, or even worse.”

The U.S. state of Texas may return to its Wild West past, or even worse, predicts an advocate for responsible gun ownership and opponent of the so-called permitless carry law signed by Governor Greg Abbott on Wednesday, which allows Texans to carry handguns without a license or training starting Sept. 1.

“There weren’t automatic weapons or 100-round magazine capacities in the guns 100 years ago,” said Gyl Switzer, director of Texas Gun Sense, a nonprofit group of more than 7,000 mostly gun owners who lobby for improved methods of gun control.

The permitless carry law isn’t within Switzer’s ideas of ensuring responsible firearm safety, as indicated by Texas Gun Sense’s press release Wednesday within an hour of Abbott’s fulfillment of his promise to sign the Republican-backed legislation.

“We are very concerned and disgusted that Governor Abbott has signed HB (House Bill) 1927 today while Texans are still fighting for their lives in Austin area hospitals from the most recent of Texas mass shootings,” the release stated. “(The bill) allows the permitless carry of handguns in public by people with no background check, no training in laws and safety and no demonstrated proficiency in shooting.” –Xinhua

The Chinese government’s propaganda machine lashing out against the permitless carry law and siding with anti-gun Democrats is worrisome.


‘Woke up sweating’: Texas power companies remotely raise temperatures on people using their smart thermostats

If half of the gentuza from Mexico and carpet baggers from yankeeland were not illegally squatting in the Occupied Republic of Texas there would not be a shortage of electrical power for Texicans.

The solution seems to be Un-Occupying the Republic of Texas so Texicans can clean the uninvited riff raff out of Texas.

The Ole Dog!

Smart thermostats can be remotely adjusted during periods of high energy demand.Power companies in Texas are remotely raising temperatures inside of some customers’ homes amid the state’s ongoing energy shortage.

Houston resident Brandon English, whose home has an internet-connected smart thermostat installed, was shocked to learn of the practice after his wife and infant daughter “woke up sweating.”

Speaking with KHOU 11, English stated that despite his wife turning down the temperature before taking a nap with their 3-year-old child, the temperature in their home rose significantly.

“They’d been asleep long enough that the house had already gotten to 78 degrees,” English said. “So they woke up sweating.”

English, who expressed concerns over the potential for his young child to overheat and dehydrate, said it wasn’t long after that his wife received a text alert noting that the thermostat had been remotely altered during a three-hour “energy saving event.”

The thermostat, operated by the company EnergyHub, appears to have been enrolled in a program known as “Smart Savers Texas,” KHOU 11 notes. The program, which many customers are enrolled in unknowingly, allows power companies to remotely adjust thermostats when energy demands are high.

Upon learning about the program, English says he immediately unenrolled: “I wouldn’t want anybody else controlling my things for me.”

The English family is not the only one in Texas that seems to be experiencing such issues. The Daily Dot came across multiple videos on social media from individuals who claimed that their thermostats were being altered remotely.


Kamala Harris Tells Spanish Media U.S. Is A ‘Safe Haven’ For Migrants After Staging ‘Do Not Come’ Stunt For Americans

Kamala Harris informed Spanish-language media outlet EFE on Thursday in so many words that all her tough talk telling migrants “do not come” was just to placate the American public.

Vice President Kamala Harris on Thursday eased back on the harsh message she sent to potential migrants during her trip earlier this week to Guatemala and Mexico, saying that she is “committed” to guaranteeing that the United States will be a “safe haven” for people seeking asylum.

“Let me be very clear, I am committed to making sure we provide a safe haven for those seeking asylum, period,” Harris said in an exclusive telephone interview with EFE after returning from her first international trip as vice president.

[…] In her telephone conversation with EFE, Harris also defended the Joe Biden administration, saying that the government wants to “expand legal pathways for immigration” to the US, and thus the Democratic administration is pressuring Congress to approve immigration reform measures.

“We are also rebuilding our immigration system, to the extent that it deteriorated under the (Republican Donald Trump) administration, but also we must address the root causes of migration, and that is why I traveled to Guatemala and then after that to Mexico,” Harris said.

The vice president did not get into the contradictions between this message about a welcoming US and her other remarks that undocumented migrants should not come to this country, and she noted that “part of my charge (as vice president) has been to address the root causes (of illegal migration), … hunger in the region, … the impact of the hurricanes … the COVID-19 impact” rather than overseeing activities at the US-Mexico border.

People are flying in from all over the world to cross our border.

Reuters reported last month how Gypsies from Romania are flying in from Paris then meeting up with smugglers in Mexico City to waltz right in: