Texicans, If You Know These People, Don’t Leave Then Alone With Your Children Or Pets

At about .13-.14 seconds into the Bass Abuse video, you see drunks abusing a live bass.

If you do not see a problem with this, then stay away from my pets and children also.

Look at this second video of a boy catching a fish.

Thanks God for the fish, puts it back in the water, tells it to grow some more.

Now I would trust this young man, and his father to be around my kids and pets, cause a young man like this kid, did not get to be what he is without some good guiding from parents/grandparents.

Respect for ones self, and all of Gods other creatures, is necessary for spiritual growth.

The Native Americans, the Vikings, when they had to kill an animal, for food or clothing, explained to the spirit of the animal this was not done out of disrespect, but out of need.

The Ole Dog!

pendejoberg & Hairless minions at SA city hall, Are Trying to Make San Antonio a Bigger Dung Heap Than S F Has Become!

All that free stuff, every body come,  has worked out real damn well for San Free has it Not?

Human dung  mixed with used needles  on the sidewalks and streets everywhere.

Hear  them crashing real estate prices?

John C Carleton

American by Birth.

Terxican because Odin Loves me!


The Yellow Rose of Texas – The Confederate Army-YouRube-NRT

Dedicated to “mayor” pendejoberg and crime cabal of hairless ones at SAN ANTONIO, city hall, who violated all kinds of RICO ACTs stealing the Confederate Monument off of Confederate Land, which they are trying to steal also!
The Yellow Rose of Texas

The Ole Texican Dog!



Valhalla is for the Brave, Hel is for the Evil and Cowardly

Valhalla is for the Brave, Hel is for the Evil and Cowardly-

Hel is filled to overflowing with of  the soul  slovenly-

The baby rapist, the liar, the Usury thief will not of Valhallas mede partake-

Of the glory of Valhalla’s fellowship by their evil they did forsake-

In the darkness of the self  damned, the coward gnashes his teeth in shame-

Knowing  he has no one but his own evil seeking soul  self to blame-

In the prison of  underworld  shadows, imps of Hel and pain-

Hearing the Popes of the ages choir, singing their pedophilic reframe-

Oh they could have had Valhalla where the women are comely and the mede sweet-

But their evil and lust sentenced them to bowing in darkness at Hel’s feet-

Oh the pain, the shame their ancestors feel makes them drop their head-

Their prodigy caught butt assed necked  in the great whore dressed all in Purple’s bed-

For the lack of a set of Balls, their heritage was lost, they became salves without a history-

Their before slavery world a complete dark impenetrable  mystery-

Oh the great hopes for America are dashed on the rocks of women like males-

Who sentenced their prodigy to Hel when they cowardly tucked their tails-

Running from the beast hoping it will stop to eat their own young-

A failure as a people, a sorrow of creation, a shame on the memories of real men hung-

With weapons of war or peace, depending on the needs of the time-

Their prodigy sheep for the slaughter,  just sexual  party favors,  cannon fodder for  a  continuing war crime-

The Ole Dog




Lets all Celebrate that “white” privilege!-Patty Loveless “You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive”

If not for  Irish potatoes  pinto beans  in 100 pound sacks, if not for cornbread and fresh baked bisques, we might have starved to death.

Southern Scotts-Irish might be  poor as hell, but they never got our pride in the rightness of our cause!

The Ole Dog!




How Russia Helped Make Slaves of Americans, By Saving DC’s baby Raping Ass from the American Souls!

If DC had not first Assassinated John Washington in 1861, then Russia brought their navy to America, where they had not  a damn bit of right to be, threatening war with France and England if they recognized the Confederacy, there would have been a diplomatic settlement, and DC would not be able to go around the world fighting wars for the Red Shields, using American children as Sexual Party Favors, and cannon Fodder in Illegal Immoral  wars of aggression against folks which have not attacked  America.

The Ole Dog!



Sears Will Close Another 100 Stores Amid Failed Turnaround


Hear that Texicans?

Thats the hoof beats of the approaching Economic Horseman!

Sears & Roebuck was an American Dream come true.

A sign to the weary huddled masses, success could still be had in  this new land.

I and millions of old farts like me, salivated at the Christmas toys and things we knew were for rich kids, not us, l but we could still dream the American dream that one day, we could have all those toys, if we worked hard, was honest and upright, in their yearly Christmas Catalogs!

That dream has all but been killed by the evil bumbling un-honorable sacks of human shit holding forth in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, where small children huddle in fear in dark back rooms, and Sodom and Gomorrah on the Colorado, where the same holds true!

The young coming up, look at the shit they have inherited, from parents, grandparents who did not have the BALLS to Stand up, Speak up, for the preservation of that American dream, and they see nothing worth fighting for!

And they are right, but as long as you still breath, you can do what you can for your prodigy.

Find a set of BALLS, STAND UP, against the evil which uses your young for sexual party favors/cannon fodder in wars which do not benefit America, against lands and people who have not attacked America!

It’s LATER than you THINK America!

The Ole Texican Dog!



San Francisco, Hostage to the Homeless

“mayor” pendejoberg and his Texican hating crime cabal down at San Antonio city hall, wants to make San Antonio as big a shit hole as San Francisco.

They doing a pretty good job of turning San Antonio into a shit hole where natives are not safe.

John C Carleton


Everyone’s on drugs here . . . and stealing,” an ex-felon named Shaku explains as he rips open a blue Popsicle wrapper with his teeth. Shaku is standing in an encampment of tents, trash, and bicycles, across from San Francisco’s Glide Memorial Church. Another encampment-dweller lights a green crack pipe and passes it around. A few paces down the street, a gaunt man swipes a credit card through a series of parking meters to see if it has been reported stolen yet.

For the last three decades, San Francisco has conducted a real-life experiment in what happens when a society stops enforcing bourgeois norms of behavior. The city has done so in the name of compassion toward the homeless. The results have been the opposite: street squalor and misery have increased, even as government expenditures have ballooned. Yet the principles that have guided the city’s homelessness policy remain inviolate: homelessness is a housing problem; it is involuntary; and its persistence is the result of inadequate public spending. These propositions are readily disproved by talking to people living on the streets.

Shaku’s assessment of drug use among the homeless is widely shared. Asked if she does drugs, a formerly homeless woman, just placed in a city-subsidized single-room-occupancy (SRO) hotel, responds incredulously: “Is that a trick question?” A 33-year-old woman from Alabama, who now lives in a tent in an industrial area outside downtown, says: “Everyone out here has done something—drugs, you name it.” On Sutter Avenue, a wizened 50-year-old named Jeff slumps over his coffee cup at 7:30 AM, one hand holding a sweet roll, the other playing with his beard. A half-eaten muffin sits next to him on a filthy blanket. “I use drugs, alcohol, all of it,” he tells me, his eyes closed, as a pair of smiling German tourists deposit a peach on his blanket. Last night it was speed, he says, which has left him just a “little bit high” this morning. “The whole Tenderloin is for drugs,” Jeff observes, before nodding off again.

An inadequate supply of affordable housing is not the first thing that comes to mind when conversing with San Francisco’s street denizens. Their behavioral problems—above all, addiction and mental illness—are too obvious. Forty-two percent of respondents in the city’s 2019 street poll of the homeless reported chronic drug or alcohol use; the actual percentage is likely higher. The city relentlessly sends the message that drug use is not only acceptable but fully expected. Users dig for veins in plain view on the sidewalk; health authorities distribute more than 4.5 million syringes a year, along with Vitamin C to dissolve heroin and crack, alcohol swabs, and instructions on how to best tie one’s arm for a “hit.” Needle disposal boxes have been erected outside the city’s public toilets, signaling to children that drug use is a normal part of adult life. Only 60 percent of the city’s free needles get returned; many of the rest litter the sidewalks and streets or are flushed down toilets.