Why This Site Exist.

My mothers people, on the Baker side came to Texas in the  1840s.The Baker’s came with a group from Georgia. My great-great grandfather Baker, served from start till finish of the war, in the 13th regiment of the Texas Cavalry, which fought in the Trans-Mississippi areas of Arkansas, and  Louisiana.

The DuBose’s came to Texas from Arkansas, after the Late war of Northern Aggression, where my Great Great grandfather served first in the infantry, then in the cavalry.

My Great-great grandfather Martin, my great grandmothers father on my mothers side, was 1st Texas Light Artillery. They were part of the Texas Confederate forces which took the Yankees surrender in San Antonio, Texas, stayed and guarded the city until things could get organized. They became known as The Alamo City Guards.

The Carletons came in 1863. Great Grandfather Carleton was a Methodist Circuit riding minister, and a medical doctor, working out of Washington County Arkansas when the war broke out.

He ministered to the frontier folks, preformed their marriages, burials, and doctored them along his circuit.

When the war broke out, he left an older circuit riding minister with both of their territories, as they agreed one should go into the army, although as ministers they were exempt.

He soldiered, doctored the wounded, prayed for the dying, until Chaplain positions were formed in the Confederate Army, when he was appointed Chaplain of his outfit.  Now he still shot yankees, doctored the wounded, prayed for the dying, but he did so as a Captain.

The only account we have of him in battle, and probably the only story of battle he told his family, was when a friend was shot down by his side, he knelt to pray with the dying man, while yankee bullets was knocking bark from an oak tree in his face. He served from 1861, until late 1863.

When the USA yankees invaded Arkansas, the crimes they did to the civilian population were evil and horrendous. He was given permission to return home, so he could move his family to Texas. He said he figured if there was anyplace left which was safe from the yankee USA war criminals, it was Texas.

He loaded his mother, wife and children in two covered wagons and came to Texas, where he was put back to work, circuit riding ministering, and doctoring.

Two weeks after they left Arkansas, the USA war criminals hanged a 12 year old neighbor boy, trying to make him tell where non existent money was buried.

Thats how i became a Texican.

154  years later, the Republic of Texas is still militarily occupied by the War Criminal USA. They are tearing down the memorials to our Texas heroes. They are forcing hordes of American hating Mexicans on us.  Damn yankee carpetbagger run the Vincy State of Texas government, where the “governor”, just can not seem to sign a bill protecting the memorials to our Texican heroes, but broke his neck, signing a bill trying to make criminals out of Texicans who try to resist the evil of Israhell.

Mayor Pendejoberg and his merry band of Mexico firsters, on San antonio city council, and the damn yankee carpet bagger grandson of the pedophile damn yankee carpetbagger, Papa CIA BadBush, acting “Land Commissioner for the Vincy “State” government, want to move the memorial to the men who died defending the Alamo to a less visible place, and in my opinion, take bribes to give or sale/lease the land it now sits on, for someone to build a Mexican cafe, or a convenance store on.

Our young are taught in the yankee government indoctrination centers, (public schools), their ancestors were evil men.

My daughters friend, who she has been friends with from 9 years old, just had his baby girl, murdered by a drunk illegal at noon, in a parking lot of a Dollar general store. He came roaring in, drunk as a skunk, hit the shopping cart the baby was in, killing the baby, injuring the mother, hitting another women putting groceries in her car, she died of her injuries also.

He was running amuck in San Antonio, because the Texican and American hating mayor Pedejoberg and his band of merry Mexico Firsters, illegally declared San Antonio a “sanctuary city”, for illegal Mexican criminals, who are pretty much allowed to do any damn thing the please.

It is time defend the Occupied Republic of Texas.

The only way i can see to do this, is a reconstituted Republic of Texas Government, based on the 1836 Republic of Texas constitution.

This government will not physically challenge the USA war criminal occupiers in Austin, but write an declaration to the world, asking for diplomatic help in the return of the sovereignty of the Occupied Republic of Texas, and the expulsion of the criminal USA, which has been occupying by force and lies, the Republic of Texas for the Last 154 years.

That is why this site, and that is why i fight.

Lo there do i see my father-
Lo there do i see my mother and my sisters and my brothers-
Lo there do i see my line of people back to the beginning-
Lo they do call to me-
They bid me to take my place among them-
In the halls of Valhalla where the brave may live forever!

John C Carleton, Native Texican.