The US-Israel ‘special relationship’ subsidizes American military industry and Israeli colonialism-Information Clearing house

There is no Israhell, only occupied Palestine.

There is no United States of America, only occupied America.

Both are zionist Black magic illusions, which do not in reality exist.

John C Carleton

How Real Is White Supremacy?-Paul Craig Roberts

“Jewish lobbies have largely succeeded in establishing Jewish Supremacy. In many Western countries it is, or borders on, a hate crime to criticize Jews and Israel. Scholars have even been imprisoned for correcting errors in the Holocaust story. In the US Jewish lobbies have succeeded in having half of the states pass laws denying state government contracts to any business or person who participates or supports in any way boycotts of Israeli goods and services or advocates for disinvestment in Israeli companies. President Trump even cut off US aid to the Palestinians whose country has been stolen by Israel. It is considered anti-semitism to even mention what Israel has done, and is currently doing, to Palestinians. Professors lose their university positions. Journalists get fired. Students are sent to sensitivity training.

This is real supremacy. White gentiles have nothing like it. Yet Jewish lobbies—the very people who constantly complain about hate speech—use hate speech to the full extent as they lead the movement to demonize white gentiles. Here is the latest “media advisory” from the Center for Jewish Civilization at Georgetown University.”

Below is the link to the complete  article,  it is well worth reading.

Real Americans better pull their heads out of rear orifice’s.

America is occupied, and Real Americans, of every shade, are under attack!

John C Carleton

How Real Is White Supremacy?

US Politicians Who Hold Dual US/Israhell Citizenship-American Freedom Party

Matthew 6;24
“No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other”.

US politicians Who Hold “Dual” US/Israhell Citizenship.

John C Carleton

San Antonio City Council Puta’s & mayor Pendejoberg, Mexico Firsters, Take a Dump On The Memory Of The Defenders Of The Alamo-ALAMO – The Finale

San Antonio mayor Pendejoberg and his merry band of Mexico Firster, Texican hating  puta’s on city council, not only shit on the memory of the Texicans who tried to stop the USA soldiers raping their children, wives, mothers, sometimes brothers, fathers and grandpas, murdering them all while stealing everything of value, now they have shit on the memory of the brave men who knowingly sacrificed their lives, so the Republic of Texas could be born, a free Land.

They want to tare down the memorial to these men, put in it a less visible place, and probably auction off the Land the Memorial is on, to build a Mexican cafe.

Fuck em!


John C Carleton, Native Texican.

American by birth, Texican by the Grace of God!