Democrat Border Town Mayor Freaks Out Over GOP Inaction As Illegals Overwhelm City

Not the first Anti-American, pro let em all in bunch I have seen start squealing  like a stuck  pig when they themselves get a good dose of their own prescription of  overrunning America with Anti-American foreigners.

The USA/Washington DC is not trying to stop the over-running of America with American hating, hands out, give me everything foreigners, the pedophile bribe taking WASHINGTON DC bastards are the ones running the railroad bringing them in.

Pissed off Texican!

John C Carleton


90% Of ‘Catch-And-Release’ Illegals Fail To Show Up For Immigration Hearings

In case you have not noticed, it is the USA corporation, incorporated under British Empire law, making the USA a foreign to America, international for profit corporation, which farms the American people as cattle, and steals American natural resources, which should be used to grow the Country, not go into pedophile Usury Anti-American  “bankers” pockets, is the one FORCING these foreign criminals and freeloaders on Americans.

John C Carleton


90% Of ‘Catch-And-Release’ Illegals Fail To Show Up For Immigration Hearings

The Veteran Lay Dying on the Filthy Washington DC Street-Happy Memorial Day!

The Veteran lay dying on the filthy Washington DC street-
As the Veterans Administration Administrator walked around his feet-

The VA bureaucrat looked at at the “bum” with self-righteous distaste-
Wishing these Street people would learn their place-

Why they had to be here to clutter up the exhilarating sight-
Of the war memorials to Veterans past, a reminder of the might-

Of the military whip which keeps the world in line-
With whatever WASHINGTON DC/USA happens to have has on it’s mind-

The Veteran called please, oh please help me mister-
Could you please place a call to my baby sister-

I am so ill, sick, weak and alone-
i wish she could come and take me home-

To die in peace in the Land i thought i fought to to save-
Just so i would be not homeless before the cold of the grave-

i tried to get help from here and there from the VA-
But they always said no proof, and turned me away-

It is so sad and hard to die here, cold and all alone-
i wonder if anyone will miss me, or even know i am gone-

They cheered me loudly, as i marched off to that war-
Now they look at me with disgust, and try to stay far-

From the vessel made with their own collaborating, willing hand-
A homeless outcast on the streets, of my own Home Land-

The VA minion pretended not to hear-
The veterans words going in one, and out the other ear-

As the sold out treasonous political trash hurried past-
The tortured warrior, a Son of America, breathed his last-

To each will come from the Light their lives bill due to pay-
i would not want to be a WASHINGTON DC political whore on that day!

The Ole Dog!

Pope Joins Soros In Funding Immigrant Caravan Invasion Of US Southern Border-Zero Hedge

If the head of the  Church of Pedophile Priest, spent his time getting rid of priest who  rape little boys up the ass, he would not have time to be involving himself in doing war crimes against the 47  occupied American States, and two Republics.

There is an occupied Polynesian Kingdom also, but i don’t think the illegal criminals are going to walk there.

John C Carleton


The “governor” of the occupation government of the Republic of Texas, jusssstttt can not seem to sign a law protecting Texican and American monuments from Texican and American hating foreigners, but he sure as hell broke his neck signing a law trying to make Texicans criminals if they resist the evil of products made in occupied Palestine.

He seems to hate Texicans and their ancestors.

John C Carleton

Yuma Arizona Shuts Its Doors To Illegals: Declares State Of Emergency

If you read this piece  closely, ignore the Jack ass Vs the fat elephant propaganda, you can see how the USA is using their court system to ship illegal criminals into the major cities of  the Occupied by the USA, States, against the will of the people of the States.

USA is not trying to stop the illegal criminal invasion run away train, USA/WASHINGTON DC, is running the damn rail road.

John C Carleton

‘Hostile And Aggressive’ Migrants Break Through Border Into Southern Mexico, Join US-Bound Caravan-Zero Hedge

Coming to your block soon!

Thanks to USA/WASHINGTON DC polices encouraging criminals from backwards countries to overrun the native bred and born.

And the dumb fucks at city hall if your city is one with treasonous ass holes declaring “sanctuary cities”, for those criminal scum who are raping, robbing, murdering,  eating free off of, getting free medical off of, free housing off of, free education off of, the backs of the Native born of those States, forced by USA to steal from the States people, to give to foreign criminals.


The Land of USA occupation.

And the Home of the American Usury Slave!

John C Carleton


The US-Israel ‘special relationship’ subsidizes American military industry and Israeli colonialism-Information Clearing house

There is no Israhell, only occupied Palestine.

There is no United States of America, only occupied America.

Both are zionist Black magic illusions, which do not in reality exist.

John C Carleton