There is  no lie the zionist Zombie Virus Host animal can tell which will make- The Reckoning overlook the zionist Zombie Virus Host Animal’s  many evil & vile act against Humanity

Make no misguided or longing for it mistake-
There is  no lie the zionist Zombie Virus Host animal can tell which will make-

The Reckoning overlook the zionist Zombie Virus Host Animal’s  many evil & vile act against Humanity-
When they line the Rats up the victims , all will  agree unanimously & assuredly-

IT was the short butt ugly obese mangy Rat’s minion street mutt khazarian on the end-
So the Pikers to their desire  will cause the guilty as hell Rat’s minion street. mutt  to bend-

Assuming the position of  the destiny of all evil Pedoist  red Russian Rat’s perverted hazbara Toons-
Caterwauling & squawking self-righteously as they receive their Karma Like drunk  on the blood of the innocent young, cannibal Khazarian baboons-

The ole Dog!

Take a Deep Breath Texicans, the Corona Virus Media Bunny Butt Hop is Fear Porn

The first link will take you to a Texas source which shows the numbers have been inflated in Texas, and there have been to date in Texas, “11 Texans deaths have been linked to COVID-19.

The second link will take you to a story, which shows the number of murders in San Antonio alone, not Bexar County included, or the rest of Texas as is the case with the “Corona Virus” 11 “linked ” deaths”, for the first half of 2019 was sixty souls cut down, many children, young, vibrant teenagers , young mothers and fathers.

The third will be a piece listing the 10 worst murder capitals in Texas in 2019.

I personally ran a search, and it seems Texas don’t report a total number of murders in Texas as a whole if  they can help it.

Need less  to say, bleating toilet paper hoarding sheep don’t bat an eye at hundreds of deaths in Texas from criminals the yankee’s occupation “courts” keep turning loose on decent hard working Texicans, again and again, while bleating in fear, hoarding Toilet Paper to clean their wool around their ass where they keep shitting it out of fear of eleven deaths while hundreds are dismissed as “normal”, “Not a Public Safety Emergency”.

Eleven folks who were sick dies linked to a virus they may or may not have had, and the sheep go damn well bananas as the political whores shut down everything to cover for the coming engineered economic crash!

It is a fact, the vast majority of people who will die of any of the flus or respiratory virus, will be the weak, the frail, the unhealthy, the ones with preexisting medical conditions such as bad kidneys, heart, lungs, COPD, high blood pressure, and such.

They were sick, struggling to stay alive, and the virus was the straw which broke the camel’s back, finished them off.

The respiratory viruses are the Coup de Gras which finishes  off the already wounded animal.

So everyone in Texas is shitting and pissing their pants at 11 deaths  of already sick folks in Texas overall,  who may or may not have had this brand of respiratory illness, but don’t bat an eye at the tragic violent deaths of hundreds of healthy vibrant young folks.


Texican sheep are some DUMB ASS SHEEP!

The Ole Dog!

General George Washington, Father of the Country Files For Divorce From USA/DC, and Further Seeks a Restraining Order for USA/DC to Cease & Desist from Whoring Out the Washington Name-NRT

I received another wee hours of the night visit from cousin George.

George has asked me to formally publish his grievances and disunion with the USA/DC Corporation, as well as a Legal Notification / Demand said War Criminal sub Corporation of the Evil of the Rat Run British Empire he fought against so hard, Cease and Desist from Pimping out the Washington Family name, like a White Slaver does captive women.

Thus I John de Carleton, do put to pin, the wishes of “The Father of the Country”, as he expressed them to me, tasking the living with transmitting the General’s wishes the to the living of the physical world.

10 March 2020.
Let this be Public Notice of the Expressed wishes of The Father of the Country:

Having grow increasingly sure there was not a snow balls chance in hell of the salvation or even repentance from the thieving, murdering, ass sitting masses of Americans, Who do not even understand the difference between their country and a foreign International War Criminal Corporation, the USA/DC, the General expresses his Legal and Moral Disunion from the whore sitting on a hill, that hell for children, Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac.

The General further demands the cum sucking fags and whore bitches who molest children in the halls and basements of USA government buildings in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, Cease and Desist from whoring out the Washington Family name.

The General further expresses his disinterest in what they call the with innocent blood stained shit hole DC, as long as the General’s Family name is no longer held hostage by the baby raping yankee puritan bastards!

The General suggest Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, but cares not if that is the replacement name or not.

Very truthful and descriptive of the shit hole of evil, depravity and dishonesty.

The General forbids the whores of Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, from continuing to blame him for the shit hole they made of the Country, by referring to him as The Father of the country.

The General expresses his thoughts the phrase seems to blame him for the sins of the yankee child gang raping and mass murdering sons of whore yankee bitches which has made a dung heap and a laughing stock of the USA, and by Association, America.

The General Gives Legal & Public Notice, he has transferred his Command Flag, his Loyalty, and his soul’s Home Address to the Occupied Militarily by the USA/DC for 158 years and counting, Republic of Texas.

The General task his Cousin and Clan brother, King John de Carleton with keeping his Command Flag flying over Texas.

King John de Carleton, in deference to his cousin, does promise no flag at the Kingdom of Carleton, shall fly level with, or over the Command Flag of General Washington, the Divorced from the USA/DC, former “Father of The Country”.

Said he like Davy Crockett before him, expresses his feelings to the evil street mutts of USA, they can go to hell, the General has Gone to Texas!

The General further at this time, expresses not

For Cousin George, by my hand Electronically:

King John de Carleton
[The Ole Dog!]

Sheep Panic and Stampede Right Through the Slaughterhouse Doors at the Feeble Fart of a Gnat

I went today to a local corporate grocery chain, because the corporations put all the family grocery stores out of business.

Under Bexar County, Occupied by the USA Militarily  for 158 years and counting, Republic of Texas, lies a natural reservoir of some of the most pure unadulterated water on the earth, unless it lays frozen in glaciers at the poles.

1861-1865, USA/DC waged war on America.

At the end of this time, not legally, but out of the barrels of rifles and from burning tens of thousands of unarmed civilians to death in  numerous cities and towns across the South, the Sovereignty  of the States, both conquered war prizes from their criminal war against a foreign country,  and the Norther States which stayed with the out of control DC Crime Cabal, was no more.

They became militarily occupied possessions of  a criminal corporation, not a “government”,of and by the American people.

The Souls living on the face of the many conquered States, became slaves, chattel slaves disguised as “free people”, who had to pay a good chunk of the fruits of their labor to the corporation, while being responsible for feeding, caring for, housing themselves.

As a result, the USA occupying Texas, Republic of, using enviormenta rulings from the yankee’s own courts, to force Texicans from pumping as much water from an source holding more than enough for normal use by all.

No, not saying waste it, but there was no danger of running out.

However, a tiny minnow, living in spring fed water, would have no water if use pulled the level below a certain point.

This could happen on very dry years.

In fact, the springs did go dry in the 1950s in the bad dry years, the tiny minnow was taken out, put in other water till rains came, then put back in the springs.

Anyway, the San Antonio Water System, pumps up this pure water, puts chlorine  in it to kill contamination by city pipes and holding tanks.

However, the City wanted to dump the Hazardous industrial waste by product Fluoride, (not the naturally occurring in some water naturally  fluoride, into the city water supply).

Took em three elections using taxpayers money against them to overcome with marketing and lies, the communities determination not to be poisoned with a controlled hazardous waste by  product which eats up plumbing and make kids who grow up drinking it have  lower average IQ scores than kids who were not forced to drink the chemical cocktail.

I never figured out which political whores got the bribe money.

They all probably got their slice off the pie.

That why I buy spring water by the gallon, sometimes 20 gallons at a time.

Do not boil eggs in the Cities chemical brew.

Do not give my animal friends, dogs and cats, fowls  of the air I feed that witches brew.

Family don’t drink it, add its to drinks, food.

The whole prostituted MSM and many controlled “opposition sites” are acting like the end of the world is coming with this virus no one is sure if it is naturally occurring or man made, and if so, by who, is going to wipe out humanity.

Every year there is some flu or virus going to kill off half the world to hear the “news” media.

All the rest of the sheep have to see to stampede, is is one or two sheep start running while bleating in fear and the whole damn flock will follow, right off the edge of a bluff if one happens to be in the path of their mindless panic, fear and mad rush to keep up with the rest of  the flock.

Which brings me to today.

Went to the corporate grocery franchise, got some coffee filter, (I gave up a lot of things with age, I will be damned if I give up coffee), a couple of gallons of milk, and 20 gallons of the store brand’s spring water.

At the check out stand, I was informed I was only allowed to buy 4 gallons of water because of the medical emergency.


They think if their number is up, having a stock pile of spring water is going to stop the hand of death reaching out and pulling that fearful sheep soul out of the bleating in fear sheep?

I always loved standing outside watching a good thunderstorm.

The lightning and thunder are exhilarating shows of the power of Nature.

My wife used to frantically call for me to come in or the lighting would get me!!!!!!!

I tired of this one day, turned and said, if God has decided it is my time, I could be hiding under the bed in there, and God would still shove that lightning bolt up my cowering ass!

She doesn’t  bother any more, she does not understand the Ole Dog, but she  understands there is one who watches over me.

That and I am as stubborn if not more stubborn than she.

I recall a couple years back, there was a hurricane at the coast. Some of San Antonio’s usual gas supply got diverted to the coast for needs there.

About 95 percent of San Antonio sheep freaked the hell out!

There were miles long lines at gas stations, all over  people burning gas running the AC’s in their  cars while they waited for hours for more gas.

If everyone went about their normal activities, got gas only  when they started getting low, there would have been plenty, and no god awful miles and hours long lines!


The Ole Dog

The POS Who Licked a Carton of Ice Cream and Put It Back is Going To the Pokey, But Should be Hanged

This waste of air when he breaths, should be made an example out of, hang his ass in the town square on Saturday morning, sell beer and tacos, use the funds to ease the tax burden on the people who don’t lick  ice cream and put it back. Guarantee you there would be no more of this Micky Mouse Shit In Texas

Some folks behave because they understand Natural Law, the need to behave so society can be a good place to live, work and raise a family.

Others behave because they are afraid of the consequences of getting caught doing something they should not. These type people need a real punishment, not a slap on the hand.

Because the USA occupied Texas, forcing their ways on Texicans, such scum as this feels safe to do harm to the rest of Texas society.

It is a FACT, a Dead Criminal, never again commits that crime.

It is also a fact, making criminals dead for their crimes, tend to stop most of the would be perpetrators before victimizing society.

For those it don’t stop, you hang them, then they stop.

The Ole Dog!

PORT ARTHUR, TX – They say when you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. That’s the case after a judge sentenced the infamous Blue Bell ice cream licker to jail and probation on March 4th.

video posted to Facebook in August of last year showcased D’Adrien L’Quinn Anderson taking out a tub of Blue Bell ice cream from a Wal-Mart display and licking the ice cream before returning it to the display.

In what was likely an attempt to gain that internet-viral fame, instead turned into online backlash. As well as criminal charges.

If Anderson was hoping to get his face recognized everywhere, he certainly accomplished that. Except now, that recognition comes compliments of a mugshot.

Many believe that Anderson was trying to copy the trend that was taking place online at the time, dubbed the #icecreamchallenge.

In nearly every incident recorded, it was Blue Bell ice cream being licked and placed back into displays.


At Least Texans Are Not Stupid Enough To Elect Another BadBush

Papa CIA BadBush, Serial Pedophile, and his Village idiot son, Jr. BadBush.

Pierce BadBush, the grandson of the late President George H.W.  BadBush, failed to make the cut Tuesday in his bid for the Republican nomination in Texas’ 22nd Congressional District.

Incomplete results indicated the nonprofit executive was headed to either a third- or fourth-place finish in a 15-way primary race to represent the suburban Houston district, which had become a national Democratic target even before U.S. Rep. Pete Olson, R-Sugar Land, announced his retirement last July. The top two vote-getters in the race, Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls and technology consultant Kathaleen Wall, will face off in a May runoff election.

Top Houston political scientists said the outcome may be an indicator of the Bush family’s waning clout as its signature “compassionate conservatism” has gone out of style in the Republican Party. But they said it is equally suggestive of Bush’s overall political strategy, including his decision to forego running in another congressional district where his family’s political legacy was far stronger.


Don’t Really Understand, How Texicans Expect To Take Texas Back While Kissing The Ass of the Occupier?

Least you think it is only DC which is evil as hell and full of hypocritical shit!

JFK would not put a donkey’s scrotum sack on his head and kiss the RothsRats asses, so his head exploded like an overripe watermelon in Dallas.

Travis Park, San Antonio, Before The Gay Caballero yankee Carpetbagge pendejoberg, and his band of Mexico firster, Texican Hero Haters, RICO Crime CABAL DOWN AT SAN ANTONIO city hall, Stole Travis Park and The Texicans Confederate Memorial, a Time Capsule, and Two Cannons!

The Ole Dog!

Video Shows Everything Cops Told the Public About Killing Man in His Driveway Was FALSE

Texas, Republic of, Occupied since  1865 by the USA/DC, militarily, has been turned into a place which is a mixture of the evil/lies/corruption  of yankeeland, and the worst of the failed State of Mexico.

San Antonio is a carefully crafted by SAN ANTONIO city hall, shit hole.

A place where men no longer want their women and children out after dark.

The lies don’t help!

The Ole Dog!


San Antonio, TX — If you believed the official story of how the San Antonio Police Department and federal law enforcement agents killed Randall Goodale while serving an arrest warrant earlier this month, you’d think the officers barely escaped with their lives and had no choice but to use lethal force. However, unlike the officers involved in the execution of Goodale, video captured on a nearby surveillance system does not lie.

On Jan. 13 police were serving Goodale with an arrest warrant for felon in possession of a handgun. Police claimed that when officers pulled up Goodale “started ramming into occupied police vehicles.”

At an interview on the scene of the crime that day, SAPD Chief William McManus did not stutter when he said, “Well, he was ramming the cars, for one. And there were officers in the vehicles whose lives were being threatened by that.”

But this simply wasn’t true at all. Goodale’s vehicle never rammed the cars until after cops killed him and he either fell on the gear shift or the accelerator. Also, the cops weren’t even in the vehicles.

What actually happened is clear from the video. Police are seen rolling up to Goodale, who was reportedly working on his truck in the driveway. Within seconds of arriving, police open fire on him.


NO JAIL for Cop Guilty of Responding to Domestic Violence Call by Raping the Victim

El Paso, TX — Police, we are told, are the ones we call when we are in trouble and need help. However, often times, “help” is the last thing people receive. Instead of serving the public, many police officers use their badge to prey on them instead. As the following case out of El Paso illustrates, they do so with seeming impunity and almost never go to jail for it.

Imagine for a moment that you are a victim of domestic violence. After being attacked, you call police for help and protection. However, when the police show up, instead of getting that help or protection, you get raped. Well, that is exactly what happened to one woman in Texas and the cop who raped her was found guilty of it.