Never Forget: The Devil’s Punchbowl – 20,000 Freed Slaves Died After Being Forced Into Post Slavery Concentration Camp

History has always made concentration camps to be synonymous with the atrocities of Nazi Germany. But, America has its own dirty secrets about the use of concentration camps. These camps were located in Natchez, Mississippi and were used to corral freed slaves during and after the American Civil War. As slaves were being emancipated from the plantations, their route to freedom usually took them in the vicinity of the Union army forces. Unhappy with the slaves being freed, the army began recapturing the slaves and forced the men back into hard labor camps. The most notorious of the several concentration camps that were established was located in Natchez, MS.

As the slaves made their way to freedom, the town of Natchez went from a population of 10,000 to 120,000 people almost overnight. In order to deal with the population influx of recently freed slaves, a concentration camp was established to essentially eradicate the slaves. The men were recaptured by the Union troops and forced back into hard labor. The women and children were locked behind the concrete walls of the camp and left to die from starvation. Many also died from the smallpox disease. In total, over 20,000 freed slaves were killed in one year, inside of this American concentration camp.

A researcher studying the existence of the concentration camps said, “The union army did not allow them to remove the bodies from the camp. They just gave ’em shovels and said bury ’em where they drop.” The camp was called the Devil’s Punchbowl because of the way the area is shaped. The camp was located at the bottom of a cavernous pit with trees located on the bluffs above.

Today the bluffs are known for the wild peach grooves but the locals will not eat any of the fruit because some are aware of what has fertilized the trees. One researcher has noted that skeletal remains still wash-up when the area becomes flooded by the Mississippi River. Even when America tries to bury its racist ways, we must force America to acknowledge what has occurred and not shy away from the truth. Let’s never forget all the freed slaves that died in American concentration camps at the Devil’s Punchbowl.

‘America’s 1st Black Concentration Camp *The Devils Punchbowl, Natchez, MS’


Never Forget: The Devil’s Punchbowl – 20,000 Freed Slaves Died After Being Forced Into Post Slavery Concentration Camp

MIT Scientist: Lockdowns Did Not Prevent Deaths But They Did Cause Massive Unemployment

A LITTLE BOY FROZE TO DEATH RIGHT OUTSIDE OF San Antonio BECAUSE OF THEASE TWO A$$ HOLE’S red RUSSIAN COMMiE BS!Dozens of studies show that lockdowns were an ineffective pandemic response. The list just got longer.

In May, Youyang Gu, an MIT-trained engineer and data scientist, released data showing that government restrictions were not correlated with lower COVID mortality in America. Government restrictions were correlated with higher unemployment, however.

“In the US, there is no correlation between Covid deaths & changes in unemployment rates. However, blue states are much more likely to have higher increases in unemployment,” wrote Gu, the creator of, a pandemic modeling site. “More restrictions in a state is NOT correlated with fewer COVID-19 deaths. However, more restrictions IS correlated with higher unemployment.”

The COVID-19 pandemic is finally winding down and more and more people are beginning to acknowledge some hard truths about the failures of the collective response to the virus.

George Orwell famously observed that during deceitful times telling the truth is a revolutionary act, so the fact that so many people are finally acknowledging hard truths appears to be a sign we are emerging from deceitful times.

For some, such as Dr. Anthony Fauci, these truths are bitter medicine. As Hannah Cox recently observed, Fauci has been on the wrong side of numerous pandemic confrontations with Sen. Rand Paul—and has found himself on the losing end each time.

Yet facts are stubborn things. And 14 months after the pandemic’s arrival, we have an abundance of data that shows stay-at-home orders backfired and lockdowns were terribly ineffective at slowing the spread of the virus.

The harms of lockdowns, however, are undeniable: economic collapse, millions of jobs and businesses lost, rampant spending, surging debt and poverty, an explosion of drug overdosespoor mental health, and a collapse of health screenings (including cancer) that will result in hundreds of thousands of excess deaths in the coming years—if not millions.

It will not be easy to acknowledge this failure. As The New York Times noted in 2017, humans struggle mightily to admit we were wrong.



The Geopolitics Of Gold

SATURDAY, JUN 05, 2021 – 10:30 AM

Authored by Alasdair Macleod via,

A number of events are coming together which are set to push gold prices higher. Besides a combination of continuing inflationary policies and massive future budget deficits undermining the dollar, by closing down derivative market activities new Basel 3 regulations appear set to deflect some demand into physical metals. Furthermore, liquidity in gold markets will contract, potentially making prices more volatile

This article looks at how these developments will affect the undeclared but very real financial and propaganda war being waged by America against China.

China is moving on, enlarging its own middle class which will benefit from a stronger yuan, much as the German and Japanese economies did between 1970—2000. Having dominated economic developments until now, the export trade is becoming less important. With this dependency lessening, the argument in favour of a coup de grace against the dollar by China revealing its true gold position is increasing.

In this article, China’s undeclared gold reserves are quantified, and we can be confident that China has at least 20,000 tonnes “off balance sheet”. For China to openly declare her gold position always was her final, almost nuclear option in the financial war waged against her by America. Unwittingly, by diverting demand from paper gold to physical bullion, Basel 3 may have brought forward that day by default.


The imminent introduction of Basel 3’s net stable funding ratio is going to have a major impact on the global banking system, and it is a reasonable assumption that government agencies concerned with geopolitical implications will be considering it from that point of view. And nowhere is this more important than for gold, and by implication the dollar’s unrivalled hegemony.

With China having restricted credit expansion for about a year, its economy is in a different position from that of the major Western economies. The US, the EU, Japan and the UK have continued to give credit free rein with zero and negative interest rates. With China at a different stage of its credit cycle, strains are bound to surface across the foreign exchanges. China’s yuan is strong, having risen by 10% against the US dollar over the last year, and it is likely to continue to rise.

It is hardly surprising that the Chinese are warning the West about financial market bubbles. While there may be an element of crowing by China’s monetary authorities about how wrongfooted their Western counterparties have become while they themselves acted against price inflation early, they are correct. I devoted last week’s article to the consequences of ignoring the threat of rising prices, primarily the outcome of ultra-loose monetary policies.

It is worth noting that statements by the Chinese about the US and vice-versa are in the context of an on-going financial conflict. So far, China has survived all US attempts to destabilise it, having successfully deployed the Sun Tzu tactic of bending with the wind. But Sun Tzu also warned that there is no instance of a country having benefited from prolonged warfare. At some point and when the time is right, China must be prepared to take the initiative and inflict a final financial defeat on its aggressors. Perhaps the Basel 3 move will trigger the event for her by driving the dollar price of gold higher, destabilising the dollar.

Furthermore, China has always understood that relying on export surpluses to America to drive her economy was a transitory phase because of the likely kickback, which is what happened under President Trump.


Cop Arrested After He Shot an Unarmed Woman 6 Times In a Fit of Road Rage

If he had not been a cop he would have been arrested for attempted  murder on the spot, not a week later.

Texas needs to get rid of Federalized cops and get Texican Peace Officers back.

The Ole Dog!

Copperas Cove, TX — As TFTP reported last week, Lecresha Murray trip to the hospital was dangerously interrupted when a trigger happy cop decided to dump multiple rounds into her body for no reason. Despite the officer shooting the unarmed woman six times that Sunday, he was not immediately arrested. However, all that has changed and Copperas Cove police officer Eric Stoneburner was charged with aggravated assault in the shooting of Murray.

According to police, Stoneburner resigned just before turning himself in.

“As a department, we cannot support Mr. Stoneburner’s decision to use deadly force in the moment and manner in which he did,” Copperas Cove Police Chief Eddie Wilson said in a statement Friday. “The law, and our department policies, limit the use of deadly force to situations when an officer reasonably believes that he or a third person are in imminent and immediate danger of death or serious bodily injury. “

As we reported last week, Murray was shot six times by this crazed officer who was apparently in a fit of road rage when he pulled the trigger. Luckily, she wasn’t killed.

“I’m a victim that got shot by an off-duty police officer that did not identify himself,” Murray said. “For no reason, I didn’t approach him, I didn’t threaten him. I don’t do anything. He just opened fire for no reason.”

According to Murray, she and the off-duty Copperas Cove police officer got into an argument on that Sunday as she drove herself to the hospital. She reportedly made a U-turn in front of the cop who decided to launch a pursuit and stalk the woman while off-duty.


Spawn of Damn yankee Carpetbaggers, Occupation “government” Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush announces run for attorney general against Ken Paxton

Both Bush and Paxton have histories with Trump. Bush — son of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush — was the only prominent member of his famous political family to support Trump in 2016, and Trump has praised him as the only Bush “that got it right.” Paxton has positioned himself as one of the most pro-Trump attorneys general — especially after the November election, when Paxton led an unsuccessful lawsuit challenging Trump’s reelection loss in four battleground states.


Scalawag Chicken Hawk Coward Ted Cruz Tweets Photos of Home ‘Bombed by Terrorists’ as He Travels occupied Palestine

Treasonous to Texicans  Cowardly Scalawag Me First! Cruz is dazed and confused.

He calls the Semitic indigenous Palestinians being Holocausted in their own Ancestral Home Land Terrorist for defending their children from being mass murdered, not to mention gang raped by the invasive species red Russian. Non semitic Mongolian Khazarians.

Me First! Cruz does not understand the first thing about honor or leadership.


He flew to Cancun while children were freezing to death in Texas.


It is my opinion if he had been born a woman he would be working at the Bunny Ranch in Los Vegas.
As he was born male and there is not that much call for  male gigolos, he had to prostitute himself  to the Rothschilds in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac.

It is my opinion when Cruz was born the doctor should have slapped his mama.

The Ole Texican Dog!

Earlier this month, a US Republican senator from Texas, Ted Cruz, announced that he would personally visit Israel to assess the country’s national security needs amid hostilities between the Palestinian military movement Hamas and Israel that recently reignited.

A GOP US senator from Texas, Ted Cruz, on Monday tweeted photos depicting destruction in Israel, that he says occurred during military actions between Tel Aviv and Hamas. He shared pictures of ruined civil buildings in Ashkelon, a coastal city in the south of Israel.

“Countless times, I’ve seen a Mezuzah hanging on a door frame. This is the first time I’ve seen one on a home bombed by terrorists,” Cruz tweeted.

A mezuza is a small decorative piece of parchment in a metallic case with Hebrew verses from the Torah. The item is usually fixed to the doorpost of a Jewish home.

The Texas lawmaker, along with another Republican senator, Bill Hagerty of Tennessee, landed in Tel Aviv on Sunday as part of an official visit “to hear and see firsthand what our Israeli allies need to defend themselves and to show the international community that we stand unequivocally with Israel.”

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the Gaza Strip has recently reported that nearly 17,000 buildings were damaged as a result of the new military actions. Authorities said earlier that it would take $100 million to rebuild the damage in Gaza from Israeli air strikes.

The UN also stated that an estimated 800,000 people currently do not have regular access to clean water, as nearly half of the water-delivery infrastructure was destroyed during the bombing.


US Cops Train Far Less And Kill Far More Than All Other Developed Countries

If the Republic of Texas were not occupied by the USA, Texicans would have Texas Peace Officers instead of kill em all and the courts will protect us Federalized rule enFORCEment.

God has Laws, men have rules.

The Ole Dog!


Ever wonder why cops yell “quit resisting” as they beat a person who’s not resisting? Or why they shoot people who pose no threat? Maybe the answer is right in front of us. Many folks who are given authorization to use deadly force and authority to kidnap and cage citizens — aren’t the sharpest tools in the chest. One would think that giving someone so much authority should come with testing their intelligence for competence. However, one would be wrong.

In an analysis conducted by TFTP in 2014, we found that hairstylists in nearly every state are required to have significantly more training than men and women who are given a badge and a gun and sent out into our neighborhoods. Below are just a few examples.

New York has one of the lowest requirements in order to become a licensed cosmetologist. However, it is still 36 % more required training than a cop must undergo, coming in at 1000 hours.

North Carolina police must complete the Basic Law enforcement Training (BLET) Curriculum which consists of a mere 620 hours.

The average North Carolina hairstylist is required to complete 2.4 times more training, 1500 hours, and they will never be tasked with serving a no-knock warrant or shaking down potential drug dealers.

In Chicago, Illinois, their boys in blue have one of the highest requirements for hours completed to become a cop and it comes in at 1000 hours. 

Illinois hairdressers are still required to complete 500 more hours than police.

New Mexico, whose track record over the last several years has sparked a special investigation by the Justice Department, ironically lowered their required amount of training to be a police officer in 2014.

The state mandate for basic police training was slashed by more than 25 percent, from 22 weeks to 16 weeks to total 650 hours.

In short, the ones who are tasked with upholding the government’s monopoly on violence by any means necessary, are receiving far less training than other professions. This is incredibly dangerous — as is evidenced by thousands of bodies piling up over the years.

A recent report from BBC examined police training throughout other Western countries and found a trend. More training is associated with less killing.

According to the report, the majority of the world’s police forces carry firearms, but no developed nation uses them against their citizens as often as officers in the US – and disproportionately against African-Americans, compared with the percentage of the population they represent.


Off-Duty Cop Shoots Innocent Woman on the Way to Hospital and He Was NOT Arrested

Copperas Cove, TX — Over the weekend, Lecresha Murray says she began feeling sick so she decided to drive herself to the hospital. Her trip would be dangerously interrupted, however, when a seemingly trigger happy cop decided to dump multiple rounds into her body for no reason. Despite the officer shooting the unarmed woman six times on Sunday, he has yet to be arrested.

“I’m a victim that got shot by an off-duty police officer that did not identify himself,” Murray said. “For no reason, I didn’t approach him, I didn’t threaten him. I don’t do anything. He just opened fire for no reason.”

According to Murray, she and the off-duty Copperas Cove police officer got into an argument on Sunday as she drove herself to the hospital. She reportedly made a U-turn in front of the cop who decided to launch a pursuit and stalk the woman while off-duty.

Murray says she made the U-turn because she decided she needed to go to the hospital right then.

“I did a U-turn in the middle of the street because I was going to go to the hospital,” she said, according KWTX. “I started feeling sick.”

After she made the U-turn, Murray says the officer then started to follow her in his personal vehicle. She had no idea he was a cop and his driving was less than professional.

According to Murray, the officer in his silver truck began tailgating her before pulling in front of her and slamming on his brakes and driving slowly. Because the officer was driving slowly, Murray says she drove around him and he began tailgating her once more.

Upset with what was happening, Murray says she stopped at the next stop sign and got out to confront her stalker.

“I got out, jumped out [holding my hip area] like what’s your problem bro,” she said. “As soon as I did that he pulled a gun.”

When she saw the gun, Murray says she took off running back to her car, but it was too late. This cop decided he was going to unload on an unarmed woman who was on her way to the hospital.

“I ran back to my truck to get in and drive out,” she said. “He just started shooting, all I could do was lean over and he hit me six times.”

As the bullet holes in the video below illustrate, it appears the officer continued shooting Murray as she frantically attempted to flee.


Officer of the Year Confesses to Child Rape Ring, Names Fellow Cops, Then Kills Himself

Liberty County, TX — Last week, a standoff took place between Liberty County law enforcement and a fellow cop from one county over. Harris County Precinct 1 deputy Robert Johnson engaged in a standoff with multiple SWAT officers for several hours before taking his own life. After his suicide, we learned that during this standoff, this decorated Houston cop had confessed to utterly horrifying crimes against children. He also named names.

According to authorities in Liberty County, Johnson became the subject of an investigation earlier this month over allegations he had sexually abused a child. KPRC reports:

On May 14, the investigation began when a dispatcher was being evaluated on their work performance, according to Pct. Constable Alan Rosen. He said during the evaluation, the dispatcher made an outcry about the child abuse allegations involving Precinct 1 Deputy Constable Robert Johnson.

Rosen said the allegations were reported to Internal Affairs and the investigation began. He said on Monday morning the department contacted the Houston Police Department to investigate the case, where investigators found out the incidents took place in Alvin. Rosen said HPD and CPS contacted the Alvin Police Department about the allegations. He said Alvin police tried to make contact with Johnson.

On Wednesday morning, Rosen said that the same dispatcher who made the outcry said she was with Johnson and that he was threatening to kill her and take his life.

When police attempted to find Johnson for questioning, they engaged in a traffic stop. The stop turned into a dangerous chase with Johnson reportedly travelling at high speeds into oncoming traffic.

Eventually Johnson came to a stop on the FM 787 bridge over the Trinity River where a standoff ensued. During the standoff he reportedly called his supervisor and confessed to the allegations of sex abuse of multiple children. He also named other employees within the Harris county sheriff’s office who were involved.

“Chief Harrison spoke to Johnson for hours because it was important to us to try to prevent a suicide and most importantly to get any and all facts relative to this case that we could get from him,” Harris County Constable Alan Rosen said. “We wanted to know everything. We wanted to know who the victims are and how long this has been going on.”

Two of the people mentioned by Johnson during his confession have since been arrested. Dispatcher Christina McKay and deputy Chonda Shalett Williams were fired from the police department before being arrested for their involvement in the child sex ring as alleged by Johnson.

“There was a lot of people who spoke highly of him as a police officer. It’s pretty apparent that everyone around this guy had no idea he was a pedophile. No idea. Not his wife. Not his friends. Not his coworkers. Nobody,” Rosen said.

But as the two arrests show, his coworkers did know and actually participated in it.

According to KPRC, McKay is charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child and Williams is charged with sexual assault of a child.  Both are being held at the Brazoria County Jail and have bonds set at $200,000.


117 employees sue Houston hospital network over vaccination mandate, say they don’t want to be ‘guinea pigs’

This assault on humanity has forced me to dust off my long unused microbiology.
A vaccine is when one identifies a single scientifically identified virus, grows said virus in a sterile lab setting, multiplying it by the millions in order to kill the virus, put it into solution to be injected into animals.
A human is an animal.
The theory is the dead virus causes the immune system to created anti-bodies for that virus and that virus alone, so if the human animal’s body is exposed to the same exact virus which is still alive, the immune system has ready antibodies for that exact same virus to attack it.
Like a head start.
Viruses mutate at a very high rate, the slightest mutation in the live virus  makes the anti-bodies from the  vaccine as useless as teats on a boar hog.
Both the CDC & the WHO, when backed Ito a corner have both admitted they do not have a sample of a “COVID-19” virus.
This means there can not be any vaccines which have been produced to fight the alleged (as no one seems to be able to produce a sample of a “COVID-19 Virus) “COVID-19” virus.
No Virus sample to  grow by the millions in a sterile lab environment, it is impossible to produce a vaccine for the virus no one can produce a sample for.
What the elites are forcing on humanity, is a herd culling tool.
It is intended to kill off a huge portion of humanity.
The pedophile Gates has been saying a huge hunk of humanity needs to be done away with for years.
Now the pedoist which has been saying there are too many humans wants to save all humans with his Voodoo “vaccines”?
Whatever was going around, most folks got over.
It killed off some with underlaying medical problems as the seasonal flu does each year.
These Witch’s Brew Voodoo “vaccines” are whats doing the killing now.
They are like a time bomb.
Some they kill right away.
Some will die months, a year, two years later.
The more  “boosters” one gets, the more likely one is to die.
These jabs, remember THEY ARE NOT VACCINES, are designed to kill humans.
If I which never used my microbiology can understand this, then the people working in the field of Virology,  producing and pushing them sure as hell do!
I am one who’s immune system was wrecked by the US Government using me as a lab rat when I was in the Military, giving us what they said in a whisper was an Anthrax Vaccine, which was not entered into most GI’s medical records and if someone insisted its was entered, was only entered as Vaccine A.
Many died, many disabled for life.
US government still lying their asses off, still not compensating either the families of the GIs they killed, or the former GI’s they disabled.
US government gave blacks syphilis, or knowing they had it did not treat it so they could study the effects on them, wives and children.
US government purposely put GIs inn the way of Atom Bombs being tested to see what the radiation would do to them.
US government used GI’s during WW 2 to test chemical & biological weapons on.
US government gave GI’s and civilians LSD to test it on them without the knowledge or consent of those people.
And you are going to trust them when they say these “vaccines” which are not vaccines are safe?
Say I have this real nice ocean front property in the Sahara I will sell you.
Real Cheap!
The Ole Dog!

117 employees sue Houston hospital network over vaccination mandate, say they don’t want to be ‘guinea pigs’

More than a hundred healthcare workers have filed a lawsuit against a hospital network in Houston, Texas, arguing that they don’t want to be forced to take an “experimental” Covid-19 vaccine out of fear of getting fired.

Marc Boom, the CEO of Houston Methodist, a firm that runs eight hospitals with more than 26,000 employees, gave personnel a June 7 deadline to get vaccinated. The consequences of not getting the shot include “suspension and eventually termination,” he wrote in an April letter to doctors and nurses, which was cited in the lawsuit filed on Friday.

A total of 117 plaintiffs are insisting that the hospital is “illegally requiring its employees to be injected with an experimental vaccine.” The hospital is forcing the staff to be “human ‘guinea pigs’ as a condition for continued employment,” the lawsuit says.

“It is a severe and blatant violation of the Nuremberg Code and the public policy of the state of Texas,” attorney Jared Woodfill, who filed the lawsuit in Montgomery County, told ABC News. Written shortly after WWII, the Nuremberg Code lays out the basic ethical principles of medical experimentation on humans.

A group of medical workers held a protest against the vaccination mandate outside Houston Methodist this month. “This is my body, this is my choice, and I don’t think employers, or anyone should mandate what goes into my body,” Kim Mikeska, a registered nurse, told the Houston Chronicle.

Houston Methodist nurse Jennifer Bridges, the lead plaintiff in the case, told the Washington Post this month that she had received “every vaccine known to man” in the past, but believed the coronavirus vaccines needed further study.

The lawsuit referred to the vaccines as “experimental COVID-19 mRNA gene modification injection.” The US Food and Drug Administration approved the emergency use of the vaccines made by Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson after the required trials were completed. They are yet to be granted full approval, which requires a more rigorous review.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explained that the mRNA-type Pfizer and Moderna vaccines not affect or interact with the human DNA in any way.