‘It puts the whole project in jeopardy,’ city leader reacts to Cenotaph decision

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Travis Park, San Antonio, Before The Gay Caballero yankee Carpetbagge pendejoberg, and his band of Mexico firster, Texican Hero Haters, RICO Crime CABAL DOWN AT SAN ANTONIO city hall, Stole Travis Park and The Texicans Confederate Memorial, a Time Capsule, and Two Cannons!

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The Ole Native Texican Dog!


SAN ANTONIO – City Councilman Roberto Trevino called the decision to keep the Alamo Cenotaph where it is disappointing Tuesday.

Trevino is also the chair of the Alamo Management Committee, the public-private partnership behind the $450 million plan to renovate Alamo Plaza.

“Obviously, it’s a disappointing day,” Trevino said after the decision was made. “A day where we found a little over six years of work has come to a screeching halt.”

The decision came after the Texas Historical Commission met on Zoom, listened to sometimes emotional testimony and voted against moving the Cenotaph by a 12-2 vote.

The Kicked Red Russia Khazarian Street Mutt Howls

‘The Kicked Red Russia Khazarian Street Mutt Howls’

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The Truth could very well lead to the end of the street mutt evil Khazarian blight-
That is why when kicked with the truth, the Non Semitic Turkmen mongrel khazarian street mutt howls in fright-

The Ole Dog!

Telling the Truth about The FBI Being Founded And Run By A Closet Cross Dressing Pedo Tranny Who Illegally Taped Rev MLK & Wife Having Sex In Their Own Bedroom, Played Them For The USA President In The Oval Office While They Rolled On the Floor Laughing Is “Hate Speech” TO FACEBOOK. WHY DOES FB LOVE TRANNIES, PEDOS, BREAKING THE LAW & LYING TO AMERICANS???

The truth sure does make the American Hating red Russians Running Face Book $hit their unmentionables don’t it!

Mention the FBI was founded and run for generations by  a closet cross dressing pedo tranny who illegally taped Rev. Martin Luther King and his wife having sex in their own bedroom,  played them for the President of the USA as they both rolled around on the floor laughing their asses off, and face Book $hits their pants!!!!!!!!!

Wonder why Face book tries to hide the perversions and crimes of the Israhell firsters running Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac?

The Ole Dog

Kenosha: All Three Anarchist Rioters Shot By Man Getting His Head Kicked Like a Foot Ball, Have Violent Criminal Histories

A 17-year-old boy was charged with murder in the first degree after opening fire on three anarchist rioters in two seperate incidents.

The accused, Kyle Rittenhouse, is from Antioch, Illinois, just 21 miles from Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Rittenhouse traveled to Kenosha with his AR-15 in order to protect small business owners and citizens who were being victimized after being abandoned by their state government and police.

Footage obtained by anti-extremism watchdog AntifaWatch shows the first shooting. In the video, a masked man named Joseph D. Rosenbaum is shown chasing Rittenhouse and throwing what some have claimed may have been an improvised explosive, but this has not yet been confirmed. Rittenhouse then shot Rosenbaum in the head as he charged and tried to take his rifle, an injury the attacker later died of.



Columbia Journalism Review Explains How The red Russian Gates Foundation Lies & Evil Is Supported by the red Russian Khazarian Mafia’s Mass Media

A Rat’s minion who don’t know shit from shinola about medicine, trying to force his child disabling and murdering heavy metal infused, live cancer cells contaminated, big Pharma Witches brew chemical concoction Voodoo Vaccines on all of Humanity, whether they damn well want them or not!!!

The Ole Dog! Opinion.


Most of the feature stories published by the Columbia Journalism Review, a mostly-digital biannual “magazine” published and edited by the Columbia School of Journalism and its staff, is sanctimonious media naval-gazing filtered through a lens of cryptomarxist propaganda, written by a seemingly endless procession of washed-up magazine writers.

But every once in a while, just like the NYT, Washington Post and CNN, even CJR gets it (mostly) right. And fortunately for us, one of those days arrived earlier this month, when the website published this insightful piece outlining the influence of the Gates Foundation on the media that covers it.

Most readers probably didn’t realize how much money the Gates Foundation spends backing even for-profit media companies like the New York Times and the Financial Times, some of the most financially successful legacy media products, thanks to their dedicated readerships. For most media companies, which don’t have the financial wherewithal of the two named above, the financial links go even deeper. Schwab opens with his strongest example: NPR.

LAST AUGUST, NPR PROFILED A HARVARD-LED EXPERIMENT to help low-income families find housing in wealthier neighborhoods, giving their children access to better schools and an opportunity to “break the cycle of poverty.” According to researchers cited in the article, these children could see $183,000 greater earnings over their lifetimes—a striking forecast for a housing program still in its experimental stage.

If you squint as you read the story, you’ll notice that every quoted expert is connected to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which helps fund the project. And if you’re really paying attention, you’ll also see the editor’s note at the end of the story, which reveals that NPR itself receives funding from Gates.

NPR’s funding from Gates “was not a factor in why or how we did the story,” reporter Pam Fessler says, adding that her reporting went beyond the voices quoted in her article. The story, nevertheless, is one of hundreds NPR has reported about the Gates Foundation or the work it funds, including myriad favorable pieces written from the perspective of Gates or its grantees.

And that speaks to a larger trend—and ethical issue—with billionaire philanthropists’ bankrolling the news. The Broad Foundation, whose philanthropic agenda includes promoting charter schools, at one point funded part of the LA Times’ reporting on education. Charles Koch has made charitable donations to journalistic institutions such as the Poynter Institute, as well as to news outlets such as the Daily Caller, that support his conservative politics. And the Rockefeller Foundation funds Vox’s Future Perfect, a reporting project that examines the world “through the lens of effective altruism”—often looking at philanthropy.

As philanthropists increasingly fill in the funding gaps at news organizations—a role that is almost certain to expand in the media downturn following the coronavirus pandemic—an underexamined worry is how this will affect the ways newsrooms report on their benefactors. Nowhere does this concern loom larger than with the Gates Foundation, a leading donor to newsrooms and a frequent subject of favorable news coverage.




The Ole Dog!

The Confederate Congress passed resolutions of hope, and sent orators to the trenches and camps to tell the soldiers that “the darkest hour was just before day.” One of these blatant fellows I recall particularly. He had been a fire-eater, a nullifier, a secessionist, a blood-and-thunder orator, foremost in urging that we “fight for our rights in the Territories.” He was a young man, an able bodied man, and a man of decided ability. But never for one moment was his precious carcass exposed to danger. There was something inexpressibly repulsive to me, and irritating beyond expression, when I saw men like this, from their safe places, in a lull in hostilities, ride down to the Confederate lines during that awful winter, and counsel our poor soldiers to fight on. Even if it was right to fight on, they had no right to advise it. Old Jubal Early had opposed the war until it actually came upon him, but when it was inevitable, he fought. Things were turning out just as he had predicted they would. When these people, whose extravagant oratory had done so much to bring on the fight, and who had then contributed nothing of personal service to sustain it, came among his starving men to urge them to sacrifices which they themselves had never made, he treated them with undisguised scorn. He refused to attend their meeting. From the door of his hut he blistered them with his biting satire: –

“Well – ” he shouted; “still sicking them on are ye?” “Before you leave, tell them what you think of your rights in the Territories now.” “One day out here with a musket would help the cause more than all your talk.” “Don’t talk the men to death. You can’t talk the Yankees to death. Fighting is the only thing that talks now.”

“Old Jubal” had his faults, but skulking in bomb proofs was not one of them. The men had implicit faith in his unflinching courage. He punctured and embalmed the lip-service of these “last ditchers,” as he called them and his soldiers, taking the cue from him, hooted and derided them, and long resented their unwelcome intrusion.

John S. Wise, The End of an Era

It never changes, does it? The common men, along with their idealistic and fatalistic middle and upper-class officers, fight a war for the “Talkers and Takers.” Sometimes the common man wins, like in the case of the post-war era of posterity following the destruction of Europe and Japan. Sometimes they lose, like the cultural rot during and after the Vietnam fiasco.

But, the Talkers and Takers never leave. They’re always part of the problem. They instigate wars that leave widows, orphans, and ravaged cities. Then, they take what they want from both the victorious and the vanquished. They are not men of character by any stretch. And, you will find them in almost any setting, from the boardroom to the Pentagon.


Senior Mufti: Most Iraqi Shiites, Sunnis Ready to Fight for Expelling US

USA, invaded Iraq, which had not first attacked America, based on lies all the evil ass hole baby rapers in sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac KNEW were lies.

These lies if they had been true, would not have given USA the right to invade anyway.

So in war crime, knowing thy were committing a war crime, USA invaded, Slaughtered, Mass Murdered Iraqis, stole their gold, stole their oil, tried to set up a puppet government which would do exactly as the pedophiles of Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac  wants  them to.

USA, the Illegal War Criminal, invaded illegally, Has Murdered Illegally, Thieved illegally, and refuses to leave.

Mr & Mrs.  America, you want your sons, grandsons dying for the Ratschilds?

You want the Iraqis to  have to kill their asses while they are doing war crimes for Rats,  in order to get their country back?


Then damn well find a set of balls, quit being ball-less ignorant cowards!

Try being a REAL American for a change!

The Ole Dog!

TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior Iraqi Sunni Mufti said an overwhelming majority in his country’s both Shiite and Sunni populations are prepared for jihad (religious war of defense) to force the US pull out its military forces from the Muslim state.

“8 out of 10 Shiites are ready for resistance and prepared for expelling the American forces, and many sides, including (prominent Shiite leader) Seyed Muqtada Sadr support our resistance,” Sheikh Mahdi al-Samida’ei was quoted by the Arabic-language al-Ma’aloumeh news website on Sunday.

He added that the Sunnis are also more prepared, compared to 2003 (when the US attacked Iraq), to fight against the US military presence, noting that they can also supply weapons from different countries now.

The Iraqi parliament has passed and approved a plan to expel foreign troops from its soil on January 6, 2019, two days after the assassination of the late Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Quds Force, Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani, Deputy Chairman of al-Hashd al-Shaabi Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis and their companions in a US military terrorist attack near Baghdad airport.

Senior lawmakers in Iraq have reiterated time and again that withdrawal of foreign forces from the country is necessary based on the law approved by the parliament.

“The approval to expel the foreign forces has been ratified and the former government was committed to it and it has turned into an imperative law,” Ahmad al-Assadi, the chairman of al-Sanad al-Watani faction in the parliament, was quoted by the Arabic-language al-Ahd news website as saying in June.

No talks will be held to prolong deployment of foreign forces in Iraq, he underlined.



DO YOU WANT YOUR KIN DYING FOR THE Ratschilds, Monsatan & Golden Sacks following West Point Rope Chewing Idiots?

West Point:

Where those who do not understand Warriors, try to teach jackals to be wolves.

Not working!

All the USA seems to teach at the Point, is how to lie, murder the innocent, invade foreign sovereign countries which have not attacked America first.

If the USA wanted  real Generals they would not have helped their bestist buttie red Russia to Murder American General George S Patton for not selling America out like the red Russians FDR and the  red Russian war criminal  Ike who Holocausted  over 1.7 million Germans in extermination  camps after the war was over.

No, USA wants dick suckers, ass kissers, yes men who rape children and get filmed by Mossad doing it, criminals, moral-less non human gentuza graduating from the point.

And they got them.

let me point something out.

PomposA$$ is all proud of graduating first in his class at West Point.

The Point says they teach Honor, Integrity, Duty.

PomposA$$ BRAGGS about lying, cheating, violating all international laws and norms of decency, and betrays America Every day he waste good air by breathing it.

I believe the Point needs to be shut down as a failure, but first get that certificate back from PomposA$$, as he Flunked West Point!

They were not able to change him from a lying evil self righteous sack of zionist pig shit, into a human, much less a Warrior!

The Ole Dog!

US Should Be Held Accountable for Supporting, Sheltering the Evil of Israhell’s Terrorist Groups

USA & Russia pretend to fight Israhell’s ISIS while kissing Israhell’s a$$.

Iran kills the hell out of Israhell’s Terrorist.

Thats one reason Israhell wants American Blood & Treasure to fight a war with Iran for the Evil of Israhell’s Sake!

The Ole Dog!


TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for International and Legal Affairs Mohsen Baharvand blasted Washington for supporting and nourishing terrorist groups, saying that the international community should make the US accountable.

“The US government should account to the international community for providing shelter, residence, communication tools and satellite TVs, financial backup, freedom for overt actions and advocacy for terrorist groups and terrorist acts,” Baharvand said in an interview with the Persian-language Etemad newspaper on Sunday.

He added that the US adopts such irresponsible measures not only against Iran but also against China, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Iraq and many other countries.

“The international community should make the US accountable for its illegal acts and stop this boring silence,” Baharvand said.

In relevant remarks earlier this week, Iran’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations Majid Takht-e Ravanchi also strongly denounced the US for fostering the terrorist group ‘Tondar’ (Thunder), adding that Washington should be held responsible for complicity with countless terrorist operations in the country.

Takht-e Ravanchi, in a letter to the United Nations Secretary, General Antonio Guterres, complained over the US support for terrorist group ‘Tondar’ whose ringleader Jamshid Sharmahd has recently been arrested by the security forces of Iran.

Iran announced on August 1 that it had captured the ringleader of a US-based Tondar (Thunder) terrorist group, Jamshid Sharmahd.

Sharmahd, who guided the armed and sabotage acts against Iran from the US, was arrested in complicated operations by the Iranian security forces and is now in the hands of the country’s intelligence ministry, a statement by the ministry said.

Tondar, or the Kingdom Assembly of Iran, also known as Soldiers of the Kingdom Assembly of Iran, is an armed terrorist royalist group seeking to overthrow the ruling government and restore the monarchy in Iran.

Tondar claimed responsiblity for the 2008 Shiraz explosion at the Hosseynieh Seyed al-Shohada in which 14 people, including children, were killed and 215 others were injured.

Mohammad-Reza Ali Zamani and Arash Rahmanipour, accused of being members of the terrorist group, were arrested and tried for the bombing. In January 2010, they were executed for waging war against God and attempting to overthrow the Islamic Republic.

Tondar had also plotted for several other terrorist acts in Iran in recent years, including blowing up Sivand dam in Shiraz, detonating cyanide bombs at Tehran book exhibition and explosion of bombs during general ceremonies at late Imam Khomeini’s shrine. All these terrorist plots were foiled by the Iranian security forces.




Every so often something will remind me of an old conversation for no apparent reason. One of those conversations recently came to mind when I was out enjoying God’s great outdoors. Back in the 90s, I lived in North Carolina and had a friend from the Boston, Massachusetts area. The topic of radio shows came up, and she mentioned rather proudly that she listened to Howard Stern every morning. What she said next took me aback. She pointed out with typical Y**kee smugness that, “rednecks aren’t sophisticated enough to get it.

I had listened to Stern’s show on multiple ocassions at the behest of coworkers before this conversation and found it repulsively purile and needlessly vulgar. I didn’t really have the understanding of things then that I have now, so it just seemed like kind of a rude thing to say and told her there was nothing sophisticated about bathroom humor which, of course, proved her point in her mind. So began the train of thought that brought me to this writing.

Howard Stern’s celebration of the crude and inappropriate is well known and it would be unnecessary to detail it here. He is a pioneer in the “shock jock” style of radio host. He is also just an example of what the twisted Northern sensibility holds up as “sophisticated.” Art is a window into a culture’s soul and works like Piss Christ and dung paintings of Mary are quintessential examples of what fills the Northern “art” museum.

HBO’s most lauded, praised and “sophisticated” show was Sex In The City. For those readers fortunate enough to be unfamiliar, it is a cavalcade of all things the Northerner holds up as sophisticated, worldly and educated. The show is about a group of highly promiscuous women in the Yankee capital (New York City) wearing expensive clothes, drinking a lot, and absolutely obsessed with talking about sex and everything related to it in the most intentionally disgusting and foul manner. It should come as a shock to none that the show was written by a homosexual male who wrote the show about homosexual men and just changed the main characters to women. Other shows on HBO and other such “premium” channels can be seen reveling in needless nudity and such prolific use of profanities that understanding what the characters are saying becomes difficult.

Northerners have an almost inexplicable fascination with vulgarity. They take pride in their overuse of foul language. You’ll never meet someone more proud of their limited vocabulary than a Northerner who uses the f-word so much it sounds like they have Tourette’s Syndrome. They tend to use other unseemly language with equal abandon but that most vulgar of words has a special place in their hearts. This is how unintelligent middle schoolers imagine grown-ups talk, and for some reason they seem to continue to think this is sophisticated. It is the opposite of common sense, which would dictate that sophistication entails the ability to get the same point across with out debasing oneself.