Yep, I AM a “Johnny REB!-NRT


Was there when Gaius crossed the Rubicon-
Was there When the Christ died as he was spat upon-

Was there when Ragnar hanged two hundred French soldiers as sacrifices to Viking gods of Real Men-
Was there when Richard rushed the arrow clouded walls of Jerusalem-

Was there  at Hastings  when William kicked the dead English king with his spurred boot-
Was there when  Willam Wallace breathed his last in London, unrepentant and mute-

Was there when the  bitter cold  at Valley Forge closed in-
When Yorktown fell, I was there again-

And yes I was a Confederate “Rebel” named John-
I Damn well did not Surender, I died with my boots on!

The Confederate Rebel Ole Dog!

America is Run BY Child Raping War Criminal; Mass Murdering Bribe Taking Cowardly Blackmailed with Jeffery Epstein Mossad Honey Trap Video Ass Holes


Ole Cousin George, use to tell his officers, Loyalty is built Top down, not \Bottom up.

In other words, your “Leaders” are supposed to Lead.

Be first Loyal to your Troops/People, and your troops will be loyal to you in return.

He stressed every man in his army, was just as important as any other man in. his army, as without the doctors, truck drivers, cooks, grunts, whatever, the men pulling the trigger, would not be there for lack of fuel, and could not fire their weapons for lack of ammo.

Them ass holes, the sold out whores which gravitate to Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, have decided the average American is a cow to milk so they don’t have to sweat and dig ditches.

You can have a shit hole country running a rail road that way.

But you can not have a good moral economically sound society or country with such evil self serving delusional Micky mouse shit!

The Horsemen are coming to America because Americans are a stiff necked people who support the evil USA/DC does, and REFUSES to repent or accept the pain of spiritual growth required for a heathy country and society to grow.

The Beings which were sent to help Humanity, must sit this one out.

They are forbid to assist evil, the Dark side.

USA/DC, is a part of the Dark side.

No matter which side one would aline themselves with, one would still be serving and assisting the Dark side.

Only Americans can save America.

They must look inward at the lust / evil in their own hearts, every damn one of them individually, to find the reason they must beg for forgiveness for their PERSONAL / Collective evils, before they will even consider repenting and  begging for forgiveness.

Thats why the Horsemen are coming.

Americans are repenting of everyone else sins but their own.

Americans REFUSE to look inward for the reason America is a Shit Hole.

The Horsemen  are Very good at their job.

The Ole Dog!

A Free Society Can Not Exist In the Absence of an Honorable People-NRT

Want Freedom America?

Get Honorable.

Honor can not be delegated, it can not be bought by material worth, it can not be inherited, it can not be legislated, it can not be given to one.

Honor must be earned, one must pay with pain, suffering, spiritual growth, enlightenment, knowledge, wisdom.

Honor is an individual thing, each soul must secure it for themselves individually.

But without a solid foundation of individual Honor of a people for freedom to rest on, to be built on, any momentary freedom a people may win, Will slip through their fingers like quicksilver, dissipating from the fall to the ground.

America simply can not be free until it’s people are INDIVIDUALLY Honorable.

With freedom comes duties and responsibilities an Un-Honorable people, such as Americans today, simply will not assume the responsibility of, even if they understand the duties on them freedom calls for from each individual of a people.

It is like when one breaks a small branch, snap!

But bundle a bunch of small branches together, it becomes impossible to snap the bundle between the hands, as is possible with the single branch.

One Honorable Soul, a hundred Honorable souls, ten thousand, a hundred thousand, a million Honorable people, will not return to Americans Honor, and through Honor, Freedom.

Americans as a people must decide if they want to pay the price for honor or not.
If Americans are not willing to look inward, every individual, into their soul, see what is keeping them from acquiring honor, pay the price for honor, then there can be no freedom for America, or Americans.

Your Choice Americans.
You want Freedom?
Look inward, do the hard painful work of acquiring Honor.

Want Freedom Americans?
Get Honorable.

The Ole Dog.

2-Year-old Kidnapped by The Occupation “Government” of Texas, Because Parents Used Medical Marijuana, Murdered in Foster Care

Cameron, TX — While many think that the state taking children from parents is a noble gesture to protect the child, all too often, the state removes kids from a bad situation and throws them into a situation akin to a horror film. Many times the children are taken from caring parents, who happened to hit a rough patch in their lives, and thrown into torturous and outright sadistic situations where they end up raped, tortured, and, as the tragic following case highlights, even murdered.

Alexandria Hill, a 2-year-old little girl, was taken from her father because he used marijuana to treat his seizures. In 2012, Joshua Hill told a case worker with Child Protective Services that he would smoke marijuana after little Alexandria would go to sleep at night to treat his medical condition. This would prove to be a grave mistake.

The case worker couldn’t have cared less that the marijuana helped stave off his seizures. Instead, because this loving father dared ingest a plant that helped him, the case worker recommended Alexandria kidnapped and placed in a foster home.

“Mr. Hill admitted to smoking marijuana in the house when his daughter has been upstairs sleeping,” the caseworker representing the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services noted in court records.

During their supervised visits, Hill and his wife Mary Sweeny told CPS that they were finding bruises all over Alexandria. However, CPS did not care. The state removed a child from a home with loving parents over marijuana and put her in a home with an abusive woman, Sherill Small, and her crack addict husband who ran a racket keeping foster children.

Prior to placing Alexandria in the foster home, CPS never told Hill that Small had racked up 15 violations as a foster parent. Nor did they know that over one hundred more violations would soon follow.

As the Houston Press reported at the time:

While the idea of removing a toddler from her parents’ care not for abuse, but for simple marijuana use, is puzzling at best, what’s even more disconcerting is that the same rules didn’t apply to her foster family.

Turns out Sherill Small’s third husband, Clemon Small, had a pretty legit criminal history, including multiple drug charges.

During the home study portion of the couple’s foster application, Clemon described himself as a recovering crack cocaine addict, and admitted to multiple drug charges. Small also admitted to the home study investigator that she had also been out of work for months. Rather, she made a living by keeping foster children.

After jumping through multiple hoops and suffering without his medical marijuana, Hill finally received word that he would be getting his daughter back soon. Tragically, however, it would be too late.

Four months before Alexandria was to be reunited with her parents, Hill got a call that she was in the hospital.

Hill and Sweeny arrived at the hospital to find Alexandria hooked up to life support machines. She was completely brain dead and unable to breathe on her own. They had no other choice but to tell their little girl goodbye forever.


Texans Pick a Pedophile for the Democratic Primaries

As a Texican who’s mother’s people were Republic of Texicans, it sickens me to see the filth the current “texans” vote for as. candidate for the public teat.

If there were any Honor in USA/DC, this pervert would have been arrested and charged for his crimes against children long since!

But here he is being held up as a “leader”, the “best” American can send?

Not endorsing any of the rest of the clowns either.

Back in high school I already had it figured out. Had a bumper sticker on the rear bumper of my car, “BOZO FOR PRESIDENT-WHATS ONE MORE CLOWN IN THE White House?”

The Ole Dog

Former Vice President Joe Biden has won the Texas presidential primary, continuing a stunning revival of his once-struggling campaign that has helped him solidify himself as one of the two leading contenders in the broader race for the Democratic nomination.

Despite early voting returns putting U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders ahead of the former vice president, election day voters propelled Biden to victory here. Biden’s lead was growing late into the night Tuesday as election day votes continued to trickle in.

Michael Bloomberg, the New York City billionaire, was a distant third, followed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.

“Call it a W,” Biden tweeted. “Thank you, Texas.”

Biden was leading or had won 10 states on Super Tuesday, while Sanders looked likely to win four, including California — the biggest prize of the night given its hefty delegate lode. But how the 228 delegates Texas awarded on primary election day will be divvied up remains to be seen.

Just before midnight, Bloomberg was the only other candidate above the 15% threshold required to pick up statewide delegates. Warren was a few percentage points short, and Tulsi Gabbard also didn’t appear on track to pick up any statewide delegates.


Officer Body Cameras ‘Go Dark’ as Innocent Family Beaten, But the Dashcam Caught It All

When those you are told are there to help you, attack you because they have a badge and a “government” issued weapon, one loses all faith in “government”. Texas has been turned into shithole by the occupying USA/DC.

NEVER, EVER call the cops.

Women call cops and end up with cops raping them.

Mothers of disabled children call the EMS for medical help, cops show up murder/beat the hell out of and arrest children having seizures  cause the dumb ass ignorant cops instead of finding out whats going on, decide in their stupidity the child is on drugs.

And a “adult” with the mind of a child is still a child, even if the governments leg breakers and bag men are too stupid to understand that.

The Ole Dog!


DeSoto, TX — The incremental use of police officer body cameras over the last decade has proven to be both a huge asset to police accountability as well as a source of constant controversy. Many times, police departments will simply refuse to release potentially incriminating video, while other times, officers turn them off before committing a crime. As the following case illustrates, despite being required to film all their interactions, many cops will do the exact opposite when they are about to inflict violence on compliant individuals. Now, because these abusive officers got away Scot free, the taxpayers will be held to the fire.

A lawsuit filed this week in federal court seeks to undo the inaction of police holding themselves accountable by suing the DeSoto Police Department for brutality and an alleged cover up.

“From our perspective, we have a family that called police, asked for help and was brutalized as a result, and the story is as simple as that,” said David Henderson from Ellwanger Law LLLP, which is representing the family.

Last August, Sammie Anderson made the mistake of contacting the police to help break up an argument between her two sons. By the time police arrived, however, the argument was over. But this did not prevent the responding officers from escalating the situation.

“I wanted them to come out and be the mediator. The boys never fought, but I wanted them to come out and be there to make sure that they could help diffuse the argument,” explained Anderson. “But by the time police got there, there was no argument, it was totally quiet.”

When police responded, officers tackled Mrs. Anderson and then tasered one of her sons. The son who was tasered appeared to be entirely compliant with the orders given to him to lie on the ground. He was not a threat.

As the video shows, when police arrived, the scene was quiet and there was no disturbance. However, when officers Patrick Krekel, Bryan Scott-Lee, Courie Bryant, Kendall McGill, Ryan Money and Larry Walker arrived, the scene quickly descended into chaos.


Don’t Really Understand, How Texicans Expect To Take Texas Back While Kissing The Ass of the Occupier?

Least you think it is only DC which is evil as hell and full of hypocritical shit!

JFK would not put a donkey’s scrotum sack on his head and kiss the RothsRats asses, so his head exploded like an overripe watermelon in Dallas.

Travis Park, San Antonio, Before The Gay Caballero yankee Carpetbagge pendejoberg, and his band of Mexico firster, Texican Hero Haters, RICO Crime CABAL DOWN AT SAN ANTONIO city hall, Stole Travis Park and The Texicans Confederate Memorial, a Time Capsule, and Two Cannons!

The Ole Dog!

Why The Occupied Republic Of Texas IS NOT A State Of The USA/DC Corporation-NRT

1865, after four years of USA terrorism, USA, which is not a country, not a nation, but a sub corporation of the Evil British Empire, having been incorporated under the Roman Law of the British Empire, invaded in a war crime, the foreign to the USA corporation, Confederate States of America.

The yankee mercenaries, (Many coming off immigrant ships in New York with no jobs), could not match the generalship or the fighting spirit of the Confederates, so they had their war criminal USA soldiers, gang rape till death, little boys, little girls, mothers, sisters, Scotts-Irish and African America.
They burned homes, church houses, court houses,Church parsonages, (after gang raping the Ministers Daughters, Because their father prayed for the leadership of the country’s the Bible said to), barns, crops, out houses, pig ping, seminaries, convents, and whole cities. filled with innocent civilians.

They dug up the dead. and robbed the dead.

So the USA, using terrorism and terrorist tactics, overwhelmed the Confederate States, and has held them in military occupation ever after.
Their occupying troops never left

The Fruit of the Poison tree is Poison.
Thats the solid rock of real Law.

USA could not with terrorism conquer the Confederacy, then occupy them for 158 years, all the while stealing the States wealth to Run USA/DC, and somehow have the poison tree bare non poison fruit.

By “Rebellion”, the mass murdering alcoholic war criminal, failed business owner Grant meant, the Lawful Secession of the Southern. States, as. per. the USA’s own “constitution”. Session is still legal till this day under the USA constitution. USA took a giant dump on their own “constitution” The legality of secession under the USA constitution is why the War Criminal USA, did not try Jefferson Davis in court for Treason as they dearly wanted to. Simply put, such a trial would have documented the legality of the South, and Criminality of the USA.

Don’t care how many elections they run or how many fake illegal constitutions they force of the conquered people.

And that is a simple exclamation, backed up by the Poison Fruit Law Rule, Occupying troops having never left, as to why the Occupied by the USA/DC sub corporation of the evil of the Rat Run British Empire, Republic of Texas, is not a “State” of the Foreign USA/DC Corporation.

The only authority the USA/DC has in the Occupied Republic of Texas, comes out of the barrel of the occupying troops weapons, and the threat of being kidnapped by occupation law enFORCEment, throw into the USA’s Corporate dungeons.

They are a Criminal International Corporation, Violating ever norm of decency, and every Law God Ever Made!~

The Ole Dog!


The Reconstruction of the Lone Star State proved a chaotic time for Texans, waxing and waning between moderate and Radical control. The Reconstruction of the State of Texas stands alone as a unique case, both in its roots and the events of Reconstruction itself, yet little of the history of the tumultuous era remains within contemporary discourse. This essay will examine the economic, social, and political Reconstruction of the Lone Star State.

Fairing economically better than most of Dixie during and after the War, Texas stood on a firmer foundation at the outset of the Confederacy’s defeat. Many Planters moved their slaves and cattle to Texas to protect their property from the destruction of war. Additionally, Texas remained largely isolated from the destruction and macabre violence of the War Between the States, having thwarted any attempts of invasion by the Union Army under the Confederate Department of the Trans-Mississippi commanded by General Kirby Smith. Upon the dissolution of the Confederate Government, any and all investments in Confederate kismet ceased to exist, leaving many within the eastern region of the state penniless. Additionally, treasury agents acted corruptly when dealing with the monetary affairs of Texans. And, the state, under forced obligation, relinquished what was left of its governmental and monetary holdings to the United States government. Lastly, many Southerners, particularly from the Deep South, began moving en masse to the state to escape the economic problems of the region. While the focus of much of the governing legislatures during the era focused, at least moderately, on the economic future of the state, their primary focus was on that of the political restructuring, and later social rehabilitation.

Image result for plantation homes in texas
The Rosalind Plantation house in Van Zandt County, TX; The state was mired in the agrarian aristocracy of the Deep South, being its westernmost extension.

Lacking in rigidity describes the politics of Reconstruction Texas. Much like most other Southern states during the Presidential Reconstruction period of 1865-1867, Texas’ legislative body lied primarily within the moderate camp, albeit sympathetic to the well being of their Southern constituents. Texas had a number of factions within the legislative body which generated considerable infighting until the Reconstruction Acts were passed in 1867. Initially, the legislature was comprised mostly of moderates, with radicals and secessionists existing loudly within the fringes. The initial constitution was fairly moderate and instituted Black Codes, as did many other Southern states. The legislature was led by James Throckmorton, a Southern Unionist who still served within the Confederate Army anyway, as well as a Democrat. Governor Throckmorton faced opposition from all sides, including the military commanders in the region and was eventually ousted by the Radicals following the implementation of the Reconstruction Acts. His tenure focused on restoring civility and law to the land, as well as, ensuring a worthy constitution was adopted for the state. Additionally, many positions for public officials were given to Confederate sympathizers and veterans due to a lack of quality candidates among the moderates and Radicals.

Despite being successful in his goals, as well as, an objectively good governor, the Radicals eventually replaced Throckmorton with Elisha Pease in 1867. Pease, an ally to the Radicals and a former Governor of Texas, worked as a puppet of the military rulers. They immediately began deconstructing all progress made under the former governor, allowing violence to run rampant throughout the state. His administration, alongside Radical General Sheridan, the commander of the 5th Military District, purged all public officials not sympathetic to the Radical cause but encountered difficulty in replacing them, as so few Texans held the same views. The lawlessness began increasing at an astonishing rate following these actions; as a result, the Radicals’ outcries against the violence in the state grew louder. Eventually, Sheridan was replaced by General Winfield Hancock, a moderate, who eventually resigned his position due to relentless propaganda and blame for the uptick in anarchic behavior.