i Must Confess, i Almost Became A Lawyer, and Why Roman Law Is The Law Of The USA

With absolute power, USA/WASHINGTON DC, burns children to death in their church, in Waco, occupied Republic of Texas

Gave my first real public speech at eighth grade graduation.
A speech I constructed myself, had consigned to memory.
About half way through, I went blank, completely, didn’t  have a clue what to say next, looking out at that whole crowd.

Probably lasted, maybe five seconds, but to me standing there, it was hours.

“The mind is a wonderful thing. It starts working the minute you are born and never stops until you get up to speak in public.” – Roscoe Drummond

Been down many a hard, rocky road, Walked through the Valley of the Shadow of Death many times.
Been around the world, not every place, but while in the military, i got to see a hell of a lot more of it than most Texican Hillbillies.
Eaten the dog, camel, Skippy the kangaroo, monkey, and some other things i am just as satisfied to let stay a mystery.

Never stopped my public speaking, the venue and delivery changed from time to time, but i have a lifetime of public speaking behind me.

In my senior year in high school, i very seriously considered becoming a lawyer.
Had been involved through UIL, in Texas, in the school run debate and informative speaking teams.

Am telling you honestly, i was damn good.
There was no doubt in my mind at the time, if I did the school, got my Bar membership, I would be a kick ass lawyer.

There Was just one problem.
A moral issue.
There simply was no way i could live with myself, if I spent my time getting filthy rich, turning rapist and murderers loose on society.
Tried to get around that by telling myself, I would specialize in constitutional law, and fight the corruption in government which was plain to me at that time also.

In the end, conscience won out, my soul was saved.

In the early 1990s I want to say, but maybe a bit before that, I got tired of paying fines to government minions, for driving a safe speed.
Started hanging around with some characters Austin and Washington DC , would call political dissidents back then, and domestic terrorist now perhaps.
These where guys who did not pay fines.
They read the law, constitutions, court code books, and learned what the law really said, spent time learning the symbols, meanings, corruption of the USA and sub corporations, “State, County, and City Governments” Roman Courts System.
Because, thats what they are.
Roman Law.

You ask, how the hell did this happen?
Roman Law in North America?
You say you thought the Roman Empire fell a few hundred years after the death of Jesus the Christ?

Well, yes and no.

Rome the Empire, with Roman legions marching all over the know world, went belly up because of corruption, decadence, and the cost of maintaining an always expanding empire.

Remember, the Roman Catholic Church, was formed by the Powers of Rome, to herd the sheep where ever Rome wanted the sheep hearted.
And all those conquered people, did not want them rebelling.
So give em a religion which has Jesus the Christ telling everyone to be good little boys and girls, pay their taxes to Rome.
(Which Jesus the Christ never did say, he was crucified for sedation, or rebellion against Rome, not because of his moral teachings, said he without a sword, let him sell his outer coat, and buy one!)
And if someone wronged them, say perhaps by slaughtering millions of their people, when Rome conquered them, to turn the other cheek, again and again and again.

When Rome the visible Empire came crashing down, things fell apart, one people fought the other, one war lord and his army, fought other warlords and their armies, until Kingdoms started becoming the thing of the day.

The big guys in the Roman Church, realized, through the peoples beliefs, in the Church as the ordained of God, they could still rule.
Let the war lord kings think they were in charge.

Back to how Roman Law came to be in the Courts occupying and persecuting Americans.

When the Roman Empire went poof, and the Catholic Church took control of the Kings and the people of the different kingdoms, it was a sweet setup.
Unlike the physical Empire, Rome now did not have to pay for Legions.
The Kings provided the armies, payed for with monies loaned them by the Church, (Rome), and charged interest on the monies.

Want to go take Jerusalem?
Work the people up, have the priest tell em how it was an abomination “infidels”, was in control of the “Holy Land”.
Get the kings worked up, they provided the Church, (Rome), with armies, and went and took Jerusalem for Rome.

The Kings taxed the poor, spent it providing armies, ships, to take the Church to new lands, slaughter the natives, until they agreed to be occupied, and serve the Church of Rome.

William the Bastard, was of good Viking stock.
Rollo had cut a deal; with Charles the Simple, King of France, The Vikings would be “allowed to stay”, on the part of France they had already taken, and were living on, with hereditary titles, in exchange for defending France from other Vikings, and fighting in nFrances Wars on the side of the Crown.

Part of the deal, Rollo’s men were baptized into the Church of Rome.
Was symbolic, they did not believe any of the church’s crap.

A few more generations down the road, the Viking children, not having a memory of the old ways, indoctrinated from birth by the priest of Rome, believed it.
William the Conquerer believed it.

When William the Bastard, took the victory at Hastings in 1066, he brought with him, Roman Law.

A misconception is that the Magna Carta brought forth a new type of Law.
Paganism, was the name the evil Church of Rome gave the teachings of reincarnation, honoring ones ancestors, the Earth, Nature, and the power which is in charge of all these.
The Church of Rome, forced the conquered peoples to stop their “pagan” beliefs, and serve the Church of Rome.

Natural law, gave rights to these Pagan peoples.

When William came with Roman Law, and absolute power in one mans hands, the natural rights of the Islanders were stolen from them, at the point of the sword, or a hangman’s noose.

The Magna Carta, was when the people got pissed enough to revolt, said you WILL return to us these right we have listed.
The Kings were forced to, return some of the ancient Natural Rights to the people, but only because twenty five Noble men, who had their own armies, said the King would, or else!

Today the Magna Carta has been gutted until those rights were again stolen from the people.
It is just something to give lip service to.
Rome rules.

Because William brought Roman law to the isles, and because France was ruled by the Church of Rome, and most of the early immigrants to America, came from the Isles and France, Roman Law was brought to America, where it has suppressed Natural law, Natural right, God Given Rights if you will, with Roman Law, absolute power over the lives and deaths of the American people.

And America is an oppressive shit hole.

It is time for the return of the American souls natural, or God given Rights.

The Empire of Rome was always evil, and it still is.

Rome is run out of the Vatican, surrounded by the city of Rome.

Thats a long damn way from America.

i believe American’s know what is needed to be done, and not done, in America, much more than some little boy raping Official of Rome, in the Vatican.

It is time, for America to become what it was intended to be by the common folks who did the bulk of the fighting, building and dying in America, a good free land, to live in, and a good place to raise their children, and grandchildren.

But that can not ever be, under rule from Rome.

John C Carleton

Fighting on the Homefront, and the Bustamante Shuffle

Now i been watching San Antonio Politics from before the Bustamante shuffle.

That was when in the early 1980s, a San Antonio City Council man was using a city park, to have sex with this girl, in the backseat of his car. Couple of criminal types come along, councilman ran away with his pants around his ankles while his date gets gang raped.

Hard to have much respect for San Antonio City Council after that.

Former mayor who held a cabinet position in Washington, could not stop cheating on his wife. In a fit of jealous rage, she shot him in the leg with a .22 cal pistol. SAPD covered it up of course.

I used to work with his cousin, and the stories i could tell.

Few years back, San Antonio City Councilman, was shacking up with a local TV bimbo, they got in a drunken brawl but no charges filed because he only kind of threw that apple at her that gave her that big bruise on her back, and she only kind of tossed the knife at him.

Ahhh! San Antonio City Hall people’s life’s  make better watching than an old time as the world turns soap opera.

Been busy here because mayor Pendejoberb, of Eastern European heritage and  a bunch of Mexico Firsters, political puta’s  on San Antonio city council, who are small potatoes, are tired of hind public teat, and want to try the public teat in Austin, on the way to front teat in Washington DC.

They decided the way to do this, was to take a shit on the memory of the men who defended San Antonio, Texas and Texas  from a child/woman/farm animal raping, murdering, thieving scum wearing a United States Uniform, and carrying the USA flag.

They removed at probably a half million dollars by the time you figure all cost, a Confederate Statue, which has stood in Travis park, in San Antonio, from 1899 till the other night.

They themselves pissed off taxpayer funds, commissioned a survey on the subject. The survey came back, 75% of San Antonio people wanted the statue to stay there, and the mayor and city council shut the hell up.

So against calls for let us vote on it, they pissed off a half million dollars pissing on the memory of honorable men, true American, Texas and San Antonio history.

Guarantee you the ball-less sons of bitches and bitches themselves, will be crying they need new bond packages floated next election, cause they can’t fix the damned pot holes or fix the side walks.

Went down and spoke to city council, telling they were doing this based on lies, gave them proof, guaranteed i could back it up, and i can, and they did not give a shit because the history of America and Texas, is not their history, and they could give a shit less about the people who bled and died, making safe for their cowardly ancestors to finally sneak across the Texas line.

Carpet baggers and Mexico lovers. Out of Texas, there are roads going North, and roads going South. Travel can be educational, and down right beneficial sometimes.

They have insulted my families honor. In the old days i would bitch slap the men, and the brothers, fathers or husband of the women who insulted my families honor with outright lies they knew to be lies, and let them pick swords or pistols on the field of honor.

The zionist puritans, todays evangelical christians,  and the Eastern European zionist, passed a law saying a Southern man could no longer bitch slap lying sacks of pig shit, and clear the lies and insults  from their families name on the field of honor.

Next best thing is to make fools, monkeys out of the asses publicly, so they can not get elected to dog catcher next time.

I try not to let my Carleton hang out, but in a case of being attacked, my honorable ancestors names slandered falsely by known lies and cowardly tactics, i take great joy in letting the beast out of the dungeon.

I have just begun to repay cowardly scum bags for the lies and dishonor they have done my people.

Now the Mexico Firsters at San Antonio City Hall are trying to Tare down, and move to a less visible spot, the memorial to the men died defending the Alamo.


John C Carleton

Ray Stevens – Come to the USA-YouTube

This is why there is an illegal invasion of Texas and America, because WASHINGTON DC steals Texican’s and American’s fruits of their labor, and gives it to people from other lands, to illegally invade the occupied Republic of  Texas and  America.

So you see, the problem is the USA/WASHINGTON DC.

Perhaps, the Answer to the illegal invasion of Texas and America, is to build a wall, around Washington DC!

The only question is, why does USA/WASHINGTON DC HATE Texicans and Americans SO MUCH?

John C Carleton.

The Answer To The Invasion of Texas By Texican hating Mexicans, Is Not A Fence.

Problem, reaction, solution.

This is a formula WASHINGTON DC uses against Americans, and Texicans.

Problem. USA/WASHINGTON DC, steals the labor of Texicans, and gives it to Texican hating Mexicans, to entice them to invade Texas.

Reaction, the sheep bleat for the ones, (WASHINGTON DC), who caused the problem, to fix the problem.

WASHINGTON DC offers their solution to the problem they created, not by cutting off all freebies to illegals, but while still stealing the fruits of Texicans labor, to give to illegals, so they will continue to invade Texas, USA says they will build a wall, which will steal land from landowners, be an eyesore, put millions and millions of dollars into their buddies pockets via “construction companies”, steel and construction supplies  providers.

All which is needed to fix this problem, is to kick USA/WASHINGTON DC out of the occupied Republic of Texas.

Then Texicans, could keep their money, with no freebies, most of the gentuza would stay home.

Thus the invasion would slow to a trickle.

Then Texicans could kick all the illegals out which are raping, robbing, murdering Native Texicans.

WASHINGTON DC, is the problem, not the solution.

General George S Patton, was a historian, and studied military matters all his life. here is what he had to say on the subject.

“fixed fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of man”

The Chinese built a wall, the celebrated great wall of China. In the end, their enemies bribed the wall guards, rode through a gate, and kicked China’s ass.

The French, after WW 1, spent huge amounts of money, tunneling, building underground gun placements, sleeping quarters for troops, storage for ordnance, which was supposed to stop any further German invasion of France. It was called the Maginot Line.

The Germans went around it, kicked Frances ass.

After WW b2, due to the USA’s treason against America, communist Russia ended up with much of Eastern Europe, and half of Berlin, the Eastern Half. The USA, controlled the Western half of Berlin.

The Eastern Berlin people started leaving their homes and rushing to West Berlin. Russians built a wall to keep the Eastern Berlin people from reaching freedom in Western Berlin.

In the end, it was torn down, after the fall of the USSR, and the city was reunited, but for years, Eastern Berlin folks found ways out. Yes many were shot trying, but they kept trying, and many made it. They were smuggled out in crates, suitcases, they pole vaulted the wall, they made homemade helium and hot air ballon baskets and flew over the wall, as well as the old standby, bribery of the guards.

The Israhellies, in occupied Palestine, built a wall, the Palestinians regularly tunnel under it.

There are already some walls between Mexico and the American States.

Drug smugglers, illegal smugglers regularly cut holes in the wall, tunnel under the walls. They have even been known to run a crane up next to the fence on the Mexico side, pick up a pick up loaded with drugs, shot gun rider and driver inside, pick it up and set it down on the American side, and away they drive, pretty as you please.

What is needed, is for the border States and the occupied Republic of Texas, to kick out the USA crooks, who caused, and continue to cause the problem, take their sovereignty back, and fix WASHINGTON DC’s caused problem themselves.

Cause WASHINGTON DC, is blowing sunshine up Americans asses, as WASHINGTON DC, has no plans to end the invasion of America. The invasion serves WASHINGTON DC’s purposes.

USA is stealing Texican’s, Arizonian’s, New Mexican’s land, to build a make work project which will enrich their political buddies, will not work for the stated purpose.

Here are a couple of links to the problems this is causing those on the border.

A border fence could seal off this tiny Texas chapel, but its worshipers aren’t giving up


Arizona ranchers who supported Trump wall now have doubts about border plans


Another quote from General George S Patton.

Politicians are the lowest form of life on earth.”

John C Carleton

Face Book poo-poos their pants about shining the light of truth on the criminality of USA/WASHINGTON DC’

“This post goes against our Community Standards

“Syria Accuses US Of Stealing Over 40 Tons Of Its Gold”

So Face Books “community standards”  is to hide the truth of WASHINGTON DC’s war crimes?

Seems that way.

Here is the original article, from Zero Hedge.

John C Carleton
Non zionist Truth Teller.

What River is This, asked Julius? or Gone to Texas

Julius Caesar was a damn fine General, knew how to play the crowds, knew the intricate details of blackmail, debate, bribery, adultry, but he had a fault!

Well, actually, he had several, being forgiving to people tried to kill him being one, another being, he had an eye for the ladies!

Got his ass in and out of more cracks than one could count.

Anyway, he thought he would go back, do a better job of kicking the Celts asses in the Isles, but the whole damn bunch of sailors, know how sailors are, got drunk, passed out, sailed right by England, by the time some of them slept it off, dragged their asses up, they were in the middle of the Atlantic.

A storm blew up, and this multi colored Horizon, came slowly closer, until it engulfed all the ships.
All track of time was lost.
no matter which way they sailed, they could not leave the shimmering colors around them behind.

After a long time, a deep sleep fell over them.

Julius opened his eyes, saw the colors where gone, the sky was back to , well not quite normal, there was a white hot sun where he had been used to a warm yellow one, and across the sky, flew some giant bird, screaming in pain, or anger!

He looked ahead, and roused the crew, as on the horizon, was land!

They stepped off the ships onto dry land, but no one was sure where.

Caesar ordered the troops into marching formation, and leaving a guard on the ships, he led the Legion off.

The saw a strange world, with strange buildings, with bright lights, but without flame.

The dark of night hid the Romans as they marched.

Caesar called a halt, as he came to a river.

There was a solitary figure standing, looking across the river, with haunted eyes, at a city alive with all manners of base business and debotury!

Caesar called out, My fine fellow, could you acquaint me with the name of yonder city?

The man turned around.
he was tall, but sickly looking, one could tell from the wrinkles he had spent a lot of time outdoors.

He walked Up to Caesar and said, that city, is named after me.

It has brought shame to a name, once was a good name.

i did alright when I was young as a military man, until later in life, i started running with the wrong crowd, politicians!

Caesar shook his head, that is never good, there must be trust between the leader and his men in an army!
How can the men of an army trust their leader if he hangs out with politicians?

The old man said, i crossed a river with an army, and won a great victory, i like to remember that, before i messed up.

i was just looking at the Potomac, wondering if i should get the boys back together, cross the Potomac, try to save the land, save America, because, i and the sheep, took a wrong turn somewhere, and it did not turn out well.

Caesar said, i crossed a river once trying to save a people, a country i loved, from themselves, and them bastards been trying to kill me ever since!

Caesar Asked the old man, you think they worth saving?

The old man said, no, not really!
Already crossed the damn river twice trying to save those un honorable ass holes, they murdered me both times!

This time, i am thinking of just going to Texas and BBQing a damn goat.
Want to come?

Caesar said, hell, why not!
Not in any hurry to get back to Rome anyway!
Rich ass hole politicians keep sharpening their daggers and grinning at me!

They got any good looking women down there in this Texas?

The ole man grinned, making him appear younger, than his usual stern appearance.

Sure as hell do!

Tell you what, there was this Statesman named Davy Crockett, got tired of all the whining, bribes, crooked laws, underhanded deals, pedo politicians, he told em, You all can go to hell!
i am going to Texas!

Caesar smiled, asked, they got cold beer?

Hell yes the old man said, lets go to Texas!

And the two men, did a sharp military about-face.

Caesar spoke, and the legion, spun as one, and started Marching to Texas.

Now, i generally tell the truth, but might take some poetic liberties with the truth, to make a dull story more interesting!

To cross those rivers, or not to cross, that is the question!

The Ole Dog!

Thousands of Cases Tied to Houston Cops Who Murdered Innocent Couple Could be Exonerated- The Free Thought Project

Texicans are not free when the occupation Vincy “State government’s” bag men and leg breakers can murder Texicans any time they feel like it, using  any made up lie they damn well feel like using.

John C Carleton

Thousands of Cases Tied to Houston Cops Who Murdered Innocent Couple Could be Exonerated

El Degüello – “Give No Quarter”

Santa Anna, the little bantam rooster Mexican General, had this song played  to the The men defending the Alamo, in 1836.

It is the cut throat or slit throat song.

It meant no quarter, every soldier would be killed, no surrenders taken.

And all were killed.

i am damn proud of those men who gave their lives for Texicans freedom in 1836.

i am especially warmed by Davy Crockett’s way of doing business. As a congressman from Tennessee, he had to deal with the yankee’s dishonesty, self righteousness, lies, dishonest ways, the raping financially  of the Southern States by the yankees who had more votes in Washington DC. He lost his bid for reelection, as some of his own State were infected with the yankee virus.

He told them: “You may all go to hell and I will go to Texas.”

Unfortunately in 1865, the damn yankee scum followed his path to Texas.

In 2019, the Alamo and the occupied Republic of Texas is again under attack. The occupation Vincy  yankee “Texas State Government”, in conjunction with the Eastern European ancestry mayor Pendejoberg, and his band of Mexico firsters, on the occupation San Antonio city council, are trying to tare down the memorial to the men died defending the Alamo, move it to a less visible place. The Vincy San Antonio city hall has already torn down and stolen a Confederate monument, which honored Texicans who fought to defend their home land from war criminal invaders who were robbing, raping, and murdering Texican civilians.

i intend to see the Republic of Texas freed from foreign occupation.

Sixth generation Texican,  who’s mothers family lines came to Texas in the 1840s. My great great grandfather Martin was an Alamo City Guard, part of the Texas 1st Light Artillery which took the yankee’s surrender in Down Town San Antonio, then guarded San Antonio for a time, after the surrender of the yankees in San Antonio.

Fathers line came  in  1863, fourth generation Texican on that side.

i would like to, politically speaking, dedicate this song to both the San Antonio Vincy “city government”, and the yankee Vincy  occupation “State government”, in Austin.

John C Carleton

A Zionist yankee Just Could Not Keep From Bragging About His War Crimes

The Names of the men are lost. This is a story that was passed down from my great-grandfather to my grandfather to my father to me. A friend of my Great-grandfather, and the names of the Southerners were probably passed down to my grandfather. This could have been any of our ancestors, as there were not many families, that the Zionist yankee war crimes did not touch.

During the late war of rape of innocent women and children, the murder of same, gang rape of nuns and ministers wives and daughters, burning homes down with grandma and grandpa inside, stealing everything the yankee Zionist scum could pry loose, desecration of churches, digging up and desecration of the dead, (the thieving yankee scum dug up fresh graves as they thought some Southerner might be trying to keep the degenerate yankee scum from stealing their valuables by burying then in a grave), murder, arson, beastiality, perversion and occupation, the southern people were set upon by a Zionist criminal cabal, the same one doing Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya today.

One such story passed down, (The Washington DC Crime Cabal will not allow the truth taught in their indoctrinations centers known as public school), happen thus.

Yankee scum troops coming through the country, stealing, raping, murdering. They came to one Southern home. The son was away fighting the yankee scum. At home were the mother and father, older folks, and a teen age daughter. After the yankee scum had stolen everything of value, they started beating the old man up, just in case he had hid something. The daughter, who was heavy set, non the less, jumped in to try to get the degenerate, cowardly Zionist yankee scum off her father, so these “freedom fighters”, kicked her ass also.

After the war was over, many of these yankee scum, when they got discharged, came back South under the Zionist yankee occupation, to see if they had missed anything during the war that they could steal now.

One day, two Confederate veterans, and a Zionist yankee scum carpetbagger met up at a cross roads. They stop, sitting their horses to make small talk. Yankee scum, being a self righteous Puritan, (Zionist), scum, could not help but brag abaout his war crimes, (they were REAL pround of their war crimes).

He said, somewhere around here during the war, I kicked an old mans and a fat girls ass.

Her brouther then pulled him off his horse and was beating him to death. His friend, who had been in the war with him, pulled him off the cowardly girl beating Zionist scum, and told him, “I pulled him off of you this time, by he time I turn him loose, you better be out of sight, cause, I will no do it again.

Being a smart Zionist yankee scum degenerate, he was never seen in that area again.

Americans, this is what the ass holes, the sold out whores, the evil, useless “elites” of Washington DC are still, every damn day, doing to innocent people.

Time to educate yourselves Mr. and Mrs. America.

Time to take out the garbage. Time to get real.

John C Carleton