THE DEATH OF GENERAL CARDENAS-Poncho villa’s 2nd in Command by Lt. George Patton in Mexico, May 14, 1916

After Villa’s  raid on on a New Mexico Town, Black jack Pershing with 2d Lt. George s Patton as  his aid , along with about 600 men went to Mexico hunting Villa.

WW 2 broke out and they were recalled.

But not before Patton shot it out with General Cardenas.

Poncho Villa died in an ambush in 1923.

Patton went on to form and lead USA’s first Tank group in France in WW 1, where he was wounded in the leg.

General George s Patton was murdered by the USA and Russia after  World War 2  was over. Patton was murdered 21 December 1945 in Germany.

If You Find Texican’s Hero’s Memorials Offend You, Why Did Your Illegal Alien yankee, Mexico, Red Russian Ass Come To The Occupied Republic of Texas?-NRT

Travis Park, San Antonio, Before The Gay Caballero yankee Carpetbagge pendejoberg, and his band of Mexico firster, Texican Hero Haters, RICO Crime CABAL DOWN AT SAN ANTONIO city hall, Stole Travis Park and The Texicans Confederate Memorial, a Time Capsule, and Two Cannons

I record several local TV news shows every day.
Once I am trough running a hand along the news of the world,  the Occupied Republic of Texas, chasing around with grandkids, tending to the daily chores, doing some Honey-dos, drag my self to bed, I will fast forward through most of it.

Not interested in house fires, I feel sorrow for their loss, nothing I can do about it, already happened.
All the “public interest stories, are people trying to  promote their product or organization, and unfortunately for the News, not enough rapes, pedophiles, murders, really bad car wrecks, corrupt government official caught/busted, house fires to fill their half hour or so.
thats where the filler “public interest comes in.

And the Weather, on a slow day they can stretch that out with all kinds of  computer animated screens for him/her to stand in front  of, with all the different colors.

I want to see the seven day forecast.
Tells me what the low and high temps will be, rainy or dry, sunny or cloudy.
Got it!

Comes to anything “National News”, I zip right past that also.
If I wanted to see a bunch of liars, i would attend a Big Liars Contest.
I already know what crimes the USA/DC have done before the bimbos and neutered males get up on “National” news, lie their asses off for shekels, trying to cover that days War Crimes, Crimes against Humanity, theft, pedophiles rapes of children by top shelf political prostitutes covered up.

Just watch a bit of the local stuff to see how badly city hall and the ball less, not a hair on their asses, Anti-American, Anti-texican, political Teat hangers which infest it, have shafted the public, and how they plan to shaft the Tax payer deeper this time, for another Bull Shit project, by a teat hanger trying to make brownie point for future higher teat hanger position.

Saw a “news story” the other night.

Unincorporated part of the county.
People have a home and a bit of land, out in the country.
Some want to make $$$$$$$$ want to be big shot, buys some land way out, so he can get it cheap.
Builds a bunch of cookie cutter houses from the cheapest material he can get.
And as the Eagles sang in “The Last Resort”:
“They put up a bunch of ugly boxes, and Jesus, people bought them.

So this ole country boy, been living out here in the sticks all along, gets a whole bunch of folks move in on him, noisy, thieving.

Now, you city folks do not understand country living.
Not talking people with too many credit cards, or too much money, buying land out in the country, building a huge fancy house wit a big huge “city manicured lawn.
Nope, talking country folks, real working class country folks.

The usual have a scrap metal pile, cause when you get ready to build something, the fancy metal places are usually a long distance away.
Go the the scrap pile, dig around, find some metal which does the job.

Many have a parts car sitting in the back pasture, some sheds, farm animals sometimes.
Not much gets thrown away, if it could be useful fixing something, or worth something down the road.

Anyway, these city folks decided on “country living”, moved out there, and are trying to force all those who were there already, do it their way.

Saw a “news” story.

The man who lived in the sticks, who got a bunch of city folks move in on him, bringing crime and noise, is being attacked by the city slickers wanted to pretend to be country folks, because he has a tractor in his front yard.

They admit, no laws have been broken, the tractor runs, he uses it around the place and perhaps making money shredding/other tractor things, but they want him to citify his country living to suite them, the uninvited, unwanted, unliked, noisy Late Comers.

Remember when the local Taxpayer, had to bend over, take it up the tail pipe, because people who could buy cheaply built houses, built in the flight paths of landing and taking off commercial jets liners, cheap BECAUSE of the noise, whined, cried, howled, until a program was put in place to insulate  the hell out of those houses at the public’s expense.

So people smart enough not to buy houses in there flight path of huge jets, had to pay to make up for the stupid peoples stupidity!

Brother lives in a county close to Sodom and Gomorra on the Colorado, (Austin), way out in the sticks at the time.
There was a community dump.
An unscrupulous person, bought a ten acre track next to the dump, got it cheap cause no one wanted to live next to the dump, built him a house on the place, then went around getting a petition to close the dump because it presented health hazards, got the folks been living there all along, dump closed.

If you don’t want to live next to a guy with a tractor in his yard, stay in the damn city!

You don’t want to hear loud jets overflying your house all damn day, don’t be a stupid ass and buy a cheap house in the flight path of an airport been there generations before your dumb ass got hatched!

Don’t want to live next to a dump, don’t buy next to a dump!

Which brings this up.

If you are the spawn, of child gang raping arsonist thieving mass murderers, why the hell would you move to a foreign land, where they have memorials and statues, honoring their ancestor heroes who tried to stop your ancestors from burning everything, raping everything, stealing everything, if those memorials are going to make you shit your fruit of the looms.

Just stay in yankeeland.
They have statues, memorials up there, dedicated to the memories of Child Gang Rapist, Arsonist, Thieves, Mass Murderers, Liars, War Criminals.

Pisses me off, the yankee spawn has the brass balls to force their unwanted presence on Southern folks, then bitch, whine, lie their asses off to take down memorials to heres, while they keep their ups to perverted pedophiles, war criminals, arsonist, liars and mass murderers!

Same with you Mexico Firsters, in conjunction with the RICO Crime Cabal, down at SAN ANTONIO city hall, told a whole fleet of ship fulls of lies, slandering the names and character of better men than they, stole a Confederate Memorial out of a privately owned park.
Then stole the park too.

Now they are trying, occupation yankees and their pet useful idiots, Mexico Firsters, are trying to tare down the Memorial to the men died defending the Alamo from Mexico.

They say it has to be repaired, and while they are repairing it, they just going to move it to a less visible place, and benefit monetarily from stealing the land from under the memorial.

Tell you child gang raping yankee sons of bitches, and you useful idiot Mexico firsters what.

In the occupied Republic of Texas, in the City of San Antonio, (Real city, not the “Corporate CITY OF SAN ANTONIO, a sub corporation of BEXAR COUNTY, the sub corporation of THE STATE OF TEXAS, the sub corporation of the USA/DC, a sub corporation of the evil of the Red Shield “British Empire”), you yankee spawn, and you Mexico Firsters, can get a U Haul on damn near any street corner in the city.

That goes for the whole of the OCCUPIED Republic of Texas.

You all have a nice trip home now, ya hear?

The Ole Dog!

The Yellow Rose of Texas – The Confederate Army-YouRube-NRT

Dedicated to “mayor” pendejoberg and crime cabal of hairless ones at SAN ANTONIO, city hall, who violated all kinds of RICO ACTs stealing the Confederate Monument off of Confederate Land, which they are trying to steal also!
The Yellow Rose of Texas

The Ole Texican Dog!


They Said!

They said i must send my money to Al Snake Oil Gore-
Or humanity would burn to death in Man Made catastrophes galore-

They said i must serve their demon god or i would surly die-
They said this and so many more evil self serving lie-

They said it was for humanities sake they started all the war-
They said they were gods from the stars afar-

They said humanity must allow them to rape their young at will-
They said when they took humanities last cent, it was not enough still-

They came back for blood again and again, till humanity was anemic on deaths door-
They sang their own praises while stealing from and raping the poor-

They said honor, morals, decency, adherence to the LIGHT’s path was a thing of the distant past-
That their “god” would usher in humanities true reason for being at last-

Cattle to be farmed and slaughtered at the discretion of the “elites” for perverse pleasure and profit-
Around their necks they carry bits of the innocent raped and slain children’s hair as trophies in a locket-

Humanity must rise up against the evil elites and make a stand-
Or they will be slaughtered and enslaved, every last child woman and man-

Look inside, inward for the answers you need, not to a war mongering pedophilic pope-
Humanity must learn the true purpose of a good hemp rope!

The Ole Dog!

There Is No United States, Only occupied America-NRT

USA is not a country.
USA is not a nation.
USA is an illegal crime cabal, controlled by the RothsRats, which is occupying America, using American children as DC Khazarian and puritan sexual party favors, Cannon fodder in aggressive, immoral, wrong, war crimes for the Ratschilds and the RothsRats.

West Point teaches zionism, treason, chewing rope, saying YES SIR, kissing butt, taking the 30 silver shekels to betray American and Americans.

Bomb Tel Aviv!
There is no Israhell, only occupied Palestine.
Israhell is an illegal Rat Run Crime Cabal.

Make DC the landfill trash dump for the evil baby raping yankee trashers of the East coast.
THE United States, is a Ratschild run International corporation for profit, controlled and run by the Rats.
The is no United States, only Occupied America .

John Carleton
American by Birth.
Texican by the Grace of God!

Government Officials Steal Man’s Home Over $8.41 In Unpaid Taxes

If you pay “income Tax to the uSA corp[oration, and you are not a corporation, you are a slave.

If you thought you “bought” a home, but find you are only renting from government, as long as you make yearly tribute payments to the government, for the privilege of living in the home you thought you bought and owned, you are a slave.

Education breaks the chains of slavery!

Educate yourselves!

John C Carleton

Authored by Brittany Hunter via The Foundation for Economic Education,

For three years, the pair scrimped and saved in order to fix up the four-unit property. On the weekends, Ramouldo would spend his days off making the 11-hour drive from New Jersey to Michigan to work on the house, making the much-needed repairs himself. In addition to the small complex, the family had purchased a small home next door. The plan was to renovate and rent out each unit and then use that money to help Ramouldo retire and move his family to the small home in Michigan, where the rest of their extended family resides.

Erica, who had seen her father work long hours and sacrifice to provide for her family over the years, was happy to help her father buy the property. She was eager to begin building her own financial legacy and saw the property as an excellent investment opportunity.

These plans were derailed, however, when their property was seized by Wayne County, Michigan, in 2017 and sold to a private buyer.

While the father and daughter had been paying their property taxes diligently for each year they owned the property, in 2014, they unintentionally underpaid by $144. Neither knew about this miscalculation or the situation could have quickly been remedied. And without knowledge of this outstanding debt, the small amount grew as the county tacked on interest charges to the tune of $359.

To be sure, when interest was accounted for, the Perez family did owe roughly $500 in unpaid taxes to the county. County officials used this as justification to seize, sell, and then keep the $108,000 revenue earned from the sale of said property.

In the American legal system, there is a maxim: the punishment must fit the crime. But when considering the small amount by which the Perez family underpaid their property taxes, this seems like a disproportionate punishment to receive.

The government is allowed to seize property in order to settle a debt owed by an individual. However, it isn’t allowed to take more than it is owed. And in the instance of the Perez family property, Wayne County kept every penny it earned from the sale of their property—a practice known as home equity theft.

Fortunately, Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF) has stepped in and on July 9th, announced that it had filed suit on behalf of the Perez family against Wayne County and County Treasurer Eric Sabree.


Country Band “Confederate Railroad” Booted From Illinois State Fair Over Name

Politically correct yankee Shit is getting a bit deep!

I cordially invite, nay I insist, all yankee & spawn thereof, born on Occupied Republic of Texas Soil or not, who are currently in the Occupied Republic of Texas, to  avail themselves of the right of a carpetbagger yankee to Return To yankee Land,

areeba areeba, undalay undalay…!


Bye now, don’t let the Texas door hit you in the smart-ass  yankee ass as you are returning  to yankee Land!

Oh, and you Mexico Firsters.

There are Roads going South out of Texas.

You can rent, or  (Do it the Mexico way),steal a U Haul damn near anywhere in Texas.

See You!

John C Carleton

A popular southern country-rock banned named Confederate Railroad has been kicked off the roster at the Du Quoin State Fair in Illinois due to “racial sensitivity concerns” over their name, according to The Mental Recession‘s Rusty Weiss.

“The Illinois Department of Agriculture has removed Confederate Railroad from our 2019 Du Quoin State Fair Grandstand lineup,” said State Fair Manager Josh Gross, adding “While every artist has a right to expression, we believe this decision is in the best interest of serving all the people in our state.”

Oak Ridge Boys singer Joe Bonsall tweeted “I have played the @DuQuoinFair many times over the decades … however, I must say that canceling @ConfederateRR JUST because their name is CONFEDERATE RAILROAD is a crock of crap!!!


Mexico City “Extensively Under-Reported” Crime”, New Government Alleges

Mexico City’s government is under attack by critics since a left-leaning administration took over in 2018, with critics claiming that violence has “spun out of control.” In response, the city now claims that the previous administration “extensively under-reported crime” and, as a result, the crime rate appears to have shot up in 2019, but it has really fallen.

Tens of thousands of criminal files from 2018 were reviewed and show that the city’s homicides have not risen by a third this year, as previously reported. Instead the number is only up about 12%, according to Ernestina Godoy, Mexico City’s chief prosecutor. In addition, violent crimes as a whole have dropped by 8% this year, she said.



There are few men I admire and trust in the world today, of which I am aware.
Don’t mean there are not a hell of lot more good men and women out there, than everyone thinks.

Just most don’t know where the others are, and the MSM & WASHINGTON DC, sure as hell are not going to help you wind each other.

But the English Author David Irvin has my respect.

If he introduces this man in this matter, I have no doubt of this mans’s truth and honor, as David Irvin would not recommend him so highly, if he were not a true warrior on the side of the Light.

If you are new to some of the teachings of the so called Judaic religion, well, it has a whole lot of real evil nasty shit in them, the “Jews”, (Non Semitic Kharzarian) cult members believe that are entitled to do to any but another cult member.

According to their religion, want to rape a goy child, women, man, rob them, murder them, it is no sin, they are cattle, to be farmed and slaughtered.
Raping their own cult children is fine, as long as it is not done past three years and one day.

Now, there are a whole lot of people out there, think of themselves as “Jews”, because they were born into it, don’t know shit from shenola about the real teachings, never read the books.

Same with a lot of “christians”, born into it, goes to churchy, sings Holy-HJoly_holy, hopes they don’t go to hell for all those sins they keep lying about doing, never read the Bible through.

SO give it a listen.

If you are a zionist christian, these soul-less Khazarian animals mean you no good, they are not Hebrews, God is not going to judge America if it do not kiss Israhell’s ass.

But God bis going to Judge America if the do not find some balls, and Kick Israhell’s Ass!

John C Carleton