Colombian drug lord arrested in New Braunfels

A Colombian drug lord was arrested in living in a “shelter” for illegal 3ed world criminals illegally invading the illegally occupied Republic of Texas.

The 2nd in command of the “Satanas” or Satans gang known to operate in Bogota, Colombia was arrested in New Braunfels  after unlawfully entering the occupied Republic of Texas from the border with Mexico.

Bogotá Metropolitan Police had been monitoring his journey through South America and the U.S.

In January, U.S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement, the illegal US CORPORATION’S  agency which US is using to flood the Occupied Republic of Texas with illegal 3ed world criminals, thieves, child rapist, women rapist, drug pushers and murderers   stopped Aderbis Segundo Pirela-Pirela near El Paso the same day he had entered the border near Eagle Pass. They issued him an order to appear before a judge as part of his deportation proceedings before turning him loose to carry on his criminal career.

New Braunfels is a suburb of San Antonio.

His arrest in New Braunfels has caused great concern to two people in San Antonio.

The SAN ANTONIO  CORPORATION  is a SUB CORPORATION of the BEXAR COUNTY CORPORATION  which is a SUB CORPORATION of ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ which is a SUB CORPORATION  of the illegally criminally militarily occupying the Republic of Texas for 158 years and counting ‘UNITED STATES CORPORATION.

the SAN ANTONIO illegally occupying CORPORATION’s top hand puppet administrator “mayor” Pendejoberg

is reported to be incensed the murdering drug lord was not staying in San Antonio instead of New Braunfels.
A fly of the wall reporter is quoted as saying “mayor” Pendejoberg threw a hissy fit demanding to know how this could happen?
He is alleged to have said after all I have done for the invading criminals!!
Haven’t I ordered the Police to not arrest them for anything short of murder, then have them turned loose so they can escape back to Mexico, cross over again using another name and identity??

Haven’t I allowed then to kidnap little children, rape women, rape little children, run over mothers and little children killing them while my illegals are drunk as a waltzing piss ant and driving illegally????

Haven’t I allowed them to steal Texicans vehicles, murder Texicans, break into their houses, shit on the sidewalks, prostitute themselves openly on the streets?

Haven’t I allowed them to live under every bridge, harass Texicans at every corner and red light demanding money???

Haven’t I allowed then to build fires under exits from I-35 weakening the concrete  so the exits are shut down with no repairs in site??

Why the hell was a celebrity illegal criminal like this in New Braunsfels and not in San Antonio????

BEXAR COUNTY CORPORATION’S “sheriff” F##K Texicans Salazar

is said to be planning an investigate to prove the illegal murdering drug lord’s “civil rights” being violated by arresting him.

As of yet there has been no reported comment from ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’  illegal occupation Corporation’s Guvnor A-Butt

on this set back to his organizations plans to replace real Texicans with illegal children raping thieving women raping murdering 3ed world criminals.

The Ole Dog!


Rothschild Bit#h Elon Musk Reveals Two “Very Mentally Ill” People Tried To Assassinate Him In Sodom & Gomorrah On the Colorado


Elon Musk revealed  that two “very mentally ill” people have tried to kill him in Austin, Texas. 

Tell ya what blackmailed Bitch of the Jew cult, get your buttie Jew Bictch Cult member

under one arm and that other Jew’s bitch Cancun Cruz under the other


and all three get the hell out of the Illegally criminally militarily occupied for 158 years and counting Republic of Texas.

If some Austinite mental case, hey Sodom & Gomorrah on the Colorado is full of mental cases, especially at the OCCUPIED capital, was to off you I sure as hell would not want your Zionist Zombie Virus infected carcass contaminating Texican soil.

The Ole Dog!

When The Time Comes

This site was a 2nd site.

Being a military man I wanted a fall back fighting position if the main site got taken down because I told too much truth.

I knew the time was not yet for this site to be of importance because the illegally, criminally, militarily occupied for 158 years and counting Republic of Texas is filled with yankee carpetbaggers and their spawn,

Mexico Firsters

and Israhell Firsters


The prodigy of real Texican who’s ancestors were in Texas before the illegal occupation by the US which then installed an illegal sub corporation called ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ which is not a Texas government, but the occupation administration unit of the illegally in a War Crime Occupying US Corporation, are mostly dumbed down by forced attendance to the US’s Mandatory indoctrination centers which teach the lie of how wonderful yankees are and how bad Texican’s ancestors were for resisting the gang rapes of little children, pregnant women, minister’s daughters, black and white, often till death, burning grandpa & grandma to death in their own homes, armed robbery, digging up the dead to rob and other assorted war crimes against civilians.

When the US Corporation (Empire) hits the wall, then the “state governments” (sub corporations of occupying US Corporation) will be deprived of a steady supply of fiat currency to support their occupations and the backing of the US Military to keep the occupied states in line.

You are already seeing the bull shit illusion being pimped of the Rothschild’s ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ sub corporation of the Rothschild’s US Corporation “secedes” from their Rothschild’s US parent corporation, then Texicans will be free of the Rothschild’s wet dream of a One World Unelected Communist/Zionist dictatorship run by the Rothschilds.

When the US Empire hits the wall, soon I think, then this blog may be of use trying to educate Texican sheep indoctrinated with complete bull shit that they have to rid themselves completely of the albatross squatting in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Colorado and start from scratch reinstitution a real Republic of Texas government in which prodigy of all invaders which came in since 1865, all invaders from yankeeland, California, Israel (occupied Palestine) and other 3ed world shit holes will have no say in anything and most will need to be deported if they can not just to true Texican ways and be loyal to Texas.

Any ass hole who served in the occupation sub corporations of the US Corporation will need to be banned for life from holding any p[osition in the New Republic of Texas.

The ones we do not give fair trials and fair hangings to for treason against the Texican folks.

The Ole Dog!

Gov. Abbott Boasts Texas Helped ‘Transport Over 102,000 Migrants’ Deeper Into The U.S.


Gov Greg Abbott

on Monday boasted that he’s helping facilitate the Biden regime’s

open borders agenda by transporting “over 102,000 migrants to sanctuary cities” deeper inside the US.



has transported over 102,000 migrants to sanctuary cities,” Abbott said. “Overwhelmed Texas border towns should not bear the brunt of Biden’s open border policies. Our transportation mission will continue until Biden secures the border.”


Khazarian Mafia Illusion

All this shit of “republican” governors standing with “Texas” against “Biden” on the illegal invasion is a 3ed rate circus side show put on by the jews for the stupid goys.
Nothing worth while gonna change while the State Capitals are controlled by the US, which is controlled by the Jews.
They are working everyone into a frenzy without anything really changing.
A-BUTT is a f##king Jew,
A-Butt kisses Jew ass.
A-Butt is a Judas Goat.
Real change can only be made when the sheep understand their “state governments” are part of the problem, get rid of them, install new forms of state government and no one who served in the old ones
are allowed to serve in the new ones.
Anything else is bull shit.
And a f##king shooting war is the last f##king thing needed
The Jewnited States empire is dying.
Step back, let it kill itself off then form new Sovereign government.
Starting an armed revolt right now is what the Jewnited States is trying to do as that will keep the Jewnited States Empire alive for a while longer.
The Ole Dog!

I Scored In Top 97% of Whole Country On University Entrance Exam, History Law Government Military Matters & Real Economics My Strong Points & The Occupied Republic of Texas is Not Part Of LincoLn’s Marxist Mandatory Military Dictatorship Known as the ‘UNITED STATES’


I have laid out the valid legal reasons the Illegally criminally Militarily occupied Republic of Texas which has been Illegally Criminally Militarily occupied by ‘THE UNITED STATES’ and it’s sun corporation occupation administration bitch ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ many times.

Basically in 1860 The Republic of Texas Voluntarily Legally seceded from the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union which the Republic of Texas had Voluntarily joined in 1847.

In 1861 the closet homosexual atheist  manic depressive Marxist rabidly racist against African Americans shyster rail road lawyer puritan yankee war criminal Lincoln

killed the American Revolutionaries volunteer Union replacing it with a Soviet Styled Marxist Mandatory Military Dictatorship which Incorporated as an Internatinal for Profit Corporation in 1871.

Time Tested Legal Axiom & Truthism:

“The fruit of the poison tree is poison”.

Lincoln’s illegal war criminal invasion of the Southern Countries called States

and his illegal occupation of them was the poison tree and ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ is the poison fruit of the poison tree and can NEVER be a legal government of the illegally, criminally and militarily occupied for 158 years and counting, Republic of Texas no matter how many yankee lies the minions serving the US Corporation in the Enemy of Real Texicans  held Capitol in Austin tell, or how many hoops of illusion they jump through.

The Illegally, Criminally, Militarily occupied Republic of Texas will remain Illegally, Criminally, Militarily, occupied until all illegal alien yankees,

Mexico firsters

and Israel firsters

are all run out of Texas and the US Corporation removes their illegal courts and occupation military from Texas soil.

There will need to be proper Republic of Texas courts convened, treasonous bastards/bitches and scalawags given fair trials and fair hangings!

The Ole Dog!


KILLER JABBED Former Olympian from Houston area, Shawn Barber, dies at 29


The Sheeple committed suicide in mass-
Bleating frantically to be injected in their sheep’s ass-

The herd shook in fear of an imaginary foe-
So that straight through the slaughterhouse door they did go-

They delivered their lambs up for the slaughter to save themselves-
Believing in a mythical “virus” same as they did honest government and garden elves-

They clambered to get to the front of the line for the killer jab-
Of a biological kill weapon developed in a Ratschild controlled & funded lab-

They bleated angrily at any who did not want to comply-
With the mass suicide pact, any who refused to buy-

The lies of the “Health Experts”, media and government whores-
Any who did not bow down to group think, of the mass hysteria mores-

In the end when the vaxxed sheep had left their bones bleaching in the sun-
When those guilty of the farce had been by crazed & grieving relatives run-

Into blind alleys, places with no exits, back rooms and such-
As the guilty whores pleaded their innocence and for mercy so very much-

The survivors who lost friends, lovers, children, spouses, grandparents to the lying Rats-
Beat the evil sons of bitches brains out with rusty tire irons and base ball bats!

The Ole Dog!

The world champion pole vaulter graduated from Kingwood Park High School.

Shawn Barber, a world champion pole vaulter with Houston-area roots, died Wednesday at the age of 29.

The Associated Press reported Barber’s death, which occurred at his home in Kingwood. The cause of death was not immediately known, though the AP report cited “medical complications” while noting that he “had been experiencing health issues.”

Paul Doyle, Barber’s agent, called him “more than just an incredible athlete” in a conversation with the AP. “Shawn was such a good-hearted person that always put others ahead of himself. It’s tragic to lose such a good person at such a young age,” Doyle added.



Feds SUE developers of massive “Colony Ridge” illegal immigrant community in Texas



Thanks to the hard work of Operation Burning Edge, we are finally seeing some actionagainst Colony Ridge, a huge illegal alien community north of Houston that has been growing unrestrained for many months now.

The federal government is suing the developers of Colony Ridge, which we now know contributed enormous amounts of bribe money to the Texas state legislature, including numerous U.S. congressmen and Gov. Greg Abbott himself, to rubber-stamp their approval for this massive illegal migrant development.

Located in Liberty County, Colony Ridge currently houses some 70,000 illegal alien settlers who were drawn there using the lure of a special owner-buyer financing scheme. That scheme allows illegals to purchase land in Texas without the usual mortgage requirements.

There are also rumors that Mexican drug cartels are operating in and out of Colony Ridge, hence the mounting reports of increased lawlessness there. There is no police presence in Colony Ridge, which means the development is operating more like the Wild West than a legitimate community of the United States.

(Related: Check out our earlier report about Colony Ridge, a 60-square-mile illegal alien encampment that is the “fastest growing development” in America right now.)

Developer Terreno Houston, Republican owners fight efforts to shut down Colony Ridge

The development firm, Terreno Houston, and its owners, Republicans Trey and John Harris, are fighting tooth and nail to keep Colony Ridge alive – but will it work?

Reports indicate that 2024 could be the year that the Harrises will face fresh challenges pertaining to the loan, marketing and sales model that spawned Colony Ridge in the first place. A recent special legislative session called for by Gov. Abbott conveniently failed to address the matter, which later prompted the filing of a complaint on December 20.

The 11-count civil rights complaint, which was filed by the U.S. Department of Justice‘s (DoJ) Civil Rights Division and the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, alleges that since at least 2016, Terrenos Houston and its affiliates have engaged in a large-scale “illegal land sales scheme” that used false statements and “predatory” owner-to-buyer loans to sucker tens of thousands of illegals into purchasing “flooding-prone home building lots despite extremely high interest, foreclosure and property-flipping rates,” to quote the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS).

In its 45-page charging complaint, the bureau alleges that Terrenos Houston’s operations in Liberty County represent a clear violation of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. The developer also used sophisticated “bait-and-switch” fraud tactics on victims based on their “national origin.”


Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson labeled Greg Abbott’s busing measures an “attack on the country.”


Well, he is right!

Never mind Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson is also guilty of being treasonous to America by supporting  Chicago as a sanctuary city.

They are both treasonous bastards who are making war against Americans supporting Rothschild’s plan to bring America to it’s knees so Americans will accept being made slaves to the wet Dream of a Rothschild Communistic unelected one world, world wide dictatorship.

The illegal invasion by 3ed world criminals is the tool to destroy American society.

Back in the last century there were quotas of how many LEGAL immigrants could be allowed into America yearly as anyone with a couple of brain cells understands bringing in too many at once keeps them from being forced to assimilate into American society.

Then the Red Russians which had infiltrated American banking, law and politics had the quotas removed to allow America to be assaulted by unchecked invasion by the Babylonian Talmud inspired Pedophile’s End of Times Death Cult who’s members Hate America Society.

Jew means one self identifies as a member of the Non Semitic  Red Russian Turkmen Mongolian Khazarian mongrel run Babylonian Talmud inspired Pedophile’s

End of Times De4ath Cult religion.

Jew is not a race or sub race of the human race.

A Jew cult member’s first and only loyalty is to the cult.

Greg A-BUTT is a Khazarian Cult Member who pretends not to be in order to make war against Americans and Texicans.

If the Occupied Republic of Texas was not being held in military occupation with the help of ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ real Texicans would have put an end to this Mickey Mouse Invasion shit long ago.

Most sheep including Texican sheep are not all that smart so when A-Butt helps decimate illegal invaders all over America by bussing them to parts of America not on the border with Mexico, they cheer him and think he is trying to help Texicans, instead of making war against them for the benefit of his Rothschild masters who own and operate the Khazarian Mafia.

There will be no way to clean up the shit being forced on occupied Texicans and Americans until the Rothschild run US/DC Corporation

When the US Empire goes Teats Up, which is close

When the US/DC empire goes teats up, ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ will be deprived of the Fiat Rothschild Dollar to fund it’s occupation, as well as the threat of the US Military to terrorise and kill Texicans if they try to take their country back.

That will be when Real Texicans will need to convene Common Law Courts, give fair trials followed by EXPEDIENT fair hangings

to ALL treasonous bastards and bitches which have betrayed the Texican folks by helping in the Illegal, Criminal and Military occupation of the Republic of Texas along with facilitating the war against Texicans in support of the Illegal, criminal, planned invasion of Texas by 3ed world Texican hating criminals.


The Ole Dog!

Some assbag in Texas AG Paxton’s office hasn’t responded to my offer

I have and can prove The Republic of Texas has been illegally, criminally and militarily occupied since 1865 and that the ‘STATE OF TEXAS’ is an illegal sub corporation of the occupying ‘UNITED STATES’  CORPORATION.

The ‘STATE OF TEXAS’ is the occupation administrative arm of the Occupation of the ‘UNITED STATES” CORPORATION.

When the Scamdemic

was perpetrated on humanity by the Rothschilds

‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ from the Red Russian Khazarian Occupation Guvnor

on down

played the “COVID-19” game, forcing non medical communistic penal code “lock downs” on Texicans,

Useless as teats on a boar hog to stop the transmission of ANY virus, much less an imaginary one dust masking,


and harassment of folks who did not volunteer to take a Rothschild witch’s brew voodoo assisted suicide Euthanasia

Non Vaccine killer jab for a non existent virus.

“THE STATE OF TEXAS’ and all the treasonous scalawags, yankee carpetbaggers, Mexico and Israel Firsters serving the occupation sub corporation against Texicans were up to their eyeballs in the crimes violating the 1947 Nuremberg code and deserve and by law should be given fair trials and fair hangings for their crimes against Texicans perpetrating this massive fraud with resulted in many many family businesses being shut down, savings accounts wiped out, jobs lost, children damaged by school lockdowns, forced masking in addition to those already dead from the Killer Jabs as well as those who are the walking dead just waiting for that Killer Jab induced heart attack, stroke or Turbo Cancer to finish the job.

below you will see the writings of a man who has been at the forefront of proving the fraud from the beginning of the Scamdemic.

‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ is now using Smoke and Mirrors suing Pfizer to try to distance themselves from the hangman’s noose as more and more proof is coming out of the millions of deaths which have happened already, the fraud of the whole scamdemic.

He has offered to prove the case against Pfizer, but no one from ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ wants to talk to him.

Self preservation I imagine.

‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ wants the illusion of fighting for Texicans while continuing to sell Texicans asses out to their Rothschild masters.

‘The Ole Dog!Some assbag in Texas AG Paxton’s office hasn’t responded to my offer’

DEC 20, 2023

So here it is. YOU, dear reader, can send it to Paxton’s office. Find an email address that looks productive and get busy.

Paxton’s lawsuit focuses on the ineffectiveness of the Pfizer COVID vaccine.

I proved that case a long time ago.


I’ve posted the key article several times.

The New York Times, in an op-ed, originally made the case. I took off from the op-ed and explained exactly how Pfizer sank its own ship, and why.

In my email to Paxton’s office, I stated I’d need to speak with a person familiar with both the lawsuit and with clinical trials of vaccines. After that conversation, I would send the evidence.

Nothing came back.

Who’s pulling down a paycheck over there for being an idiot?

All right, here we go. Here’s the real Pfizer story:


Peter Doshi, associate editor of the medical journal BMJ, and Eric Topol, Scripps Research professor of molecular medicine, have written a devastating NY Times opinion piece about the ongoing COVID vaccine clinical trials.

They expose the fatal flaw in the large Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Moderna trials.

September 22, 2020, the Times: “These Coronavirus Trials Don’t Answer the One Question We Need to Know” (here):

If you were to approve a coronavirus vaccine, would you approve one that you only knew protected people only from the most mild form of Covid-19, or one that would prevent its serious complications?

The answer is obvious. You would want to protect against the worst cases.

But that’s not how the companies testing three of the leading coronavirus vaccine candidates, Moderna, Pfizer and AstraZeneca, whose U.S. trial is on hold, are approaching the problem.

According to the protocols for their studies, which they released late last week, a vaccine could meet the companies’ benchmark for success if it lowered the risk of mild Covid-19, but was never shown to reduce moderate or severe forms of the disease, or the risk of hospitalization, admissions to the intensive care unit or death.


The Times:

To say a vaccine works should mean that most people no longer run the risk of getting seriously sick. That’s not what these trials will determine.

This means these clinical trials are dead in the water.

And I could stop this article right here and walk away. Done. Finished. Nothing more need be said.

And you the reader could walk away. OK, done. The clinical trials of the vaccine were never intended to prevent serious illness of any kind. Never intended to prevent hospitalizations or deaths. End of story.

Goodbye. Forget the vaccine. Why would anyone want to take it?

But if you want to know WHY the clinical trials were designed this way, and HOW the con was played, and why it was actually necessary to design the clinical trials to be useless, read on.

Again, make sure you understand the clinical trials of the RNA vaccines were only designed to show effectiveness in preventing “mild cases of COVID,” (cough, fever, chills).


Now let’s go deeper. Read the next section from the Times piece, and then I’ll make comments.

The Moderna and AstraZeneca studies will involve about 30,000 participants each; Pfizer’s will have 44,000. Half the participants will receive two doses of vaccines separated by three or four weeks, and the other half will receive saltwater placebo shots. The final determination of efficacy will occur after 150 to 160 participants develop Covid-19…

Now pay close attention. Here’s how it works. The vaccine companies are looking for a total of 150 mild COVID cases to occur, combined, in the two groups—those receiving the placebo and those receiving the vaccine. How would that happen? The researchers believe “the coronavirus is spreading everywhere” and it will pounce on some of the volunteers during the clinical trial.

Let’s say that, during the trial, 100 people receiving the placebo develop mild COVID-19 (cough, chills, fever), and only 50 people receiving the vaccine develop mild COVID.

The vaccine companies would say, “We just proved the vaccine is 50% effective in preventing COVID, and that’s all we need to do, in order to win emergency authorization from the FDA. Release the vaccine. Inject the world.”

The outcomes for ONLY 150 people equal “let’s shoot up seven billion people.”

That’s staggering.

And again, how is a COVID case defined? The authors of the Times piece have the answer:

In the Moderna and Pfizer trials, even a mild case of Covid-19—for instance, a cough plus a positive lab test—would qualify and muddy the results. AstraZeneca is slightly more stringent but would still count mild symptoms like a cough plus fever as a case.

“So, Doctor, the magic number is 150 ‘who cares’ mild cases? That’s the number that will decide the immediate fate of the planet?”

“Of course.”

“And these 150 people, who you say develop mild COVID-19…no vaccine is needed.”


“And come to think of it, the people receiving the vaccine in the clinical trials could develop symptoms indistinguishable from mild COVID-19, as a result of the effects of the vaccine.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“But you’re very confident in the success of the vaccine.”



“I have to be confident. If we’re exposed as incompetent frauds, our bottom line will take a huge hit. And we’ll wind up in prison.”