Fair Common Law TrialS First of Course.

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‘It puts the whole project in jeopardy,’ city leader reacts to Cenotaph decision

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About time red Russian Khazarians, puritan witch burning child gang raping peaceful quaker murdering yankee Carpetbagger and Mexico Firsters stop pissing on Texicans and desecrating their monuments!

The Ole Native Texican Dog!


SAN ANTONIO – City Councilman Roberto Trevino called the decision to keep the Alamo Cenotaph where it is disappointing Tuesday.

Trevino is also the chair of the Alamo Management Committee, the public-private partnership behind the $450 million plan to renovate Alamo Plaza.

“Obviously, it’s a disappointing day,” Trevino said after the decision was made. “A day where we found a little over six years of work has come to a screeching halt.”

The decision came after the Texas Historical Commission met on Zoom, listened to sometimes emotional testimony and voted against moving the Cenotaph by a 12-2 vote.

The Kicked Red Russia Khazarian Street Mutt Howls

‘The Kicked Red Russia Khazarian Street Mutt Howls’

The kicked Red Russian Khazarian street mutt howls-
The boot of Truth up their ass, causes consternation of the despicable ones bowels

The Non Semitic degenerate fake holds it’s diarrhea encrusted front paws to it’s mange eaten ears-
The truth is the cause of all of the putrid ones howling of it’s fears-

What will happen when the truth of the Khazarian Big Lie finally leaks out-
The Hazbara khazarian street mutt in fear drops its pants, bends over and the ass hole begins to shout-

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So why are you persecuting me by proving my lie and telling folks the truth of my evil existence-
Why humanity might actually stand up against the “Chosen ones”, humanity might start a resistance.

The Truth could very well lead to the end of the street mutt evil Khazarian blight-
That is why when kicked with the truth, the Non Semitic Turkmen mongrel khazarian street mutt howls in fright-

The Ole Dog!

Telling the Truth about The FBI Being Founded And Run By A Closet Cross Dressing Pedo Tranny Who Illegally Taped Rev MLK & Wife Having Sex In Their Own Bedroom, Played Them For The USA President In The Oval Office While They Rolled On the Floor Laughing Is “Hate Speech” TO FACEBOOK. WHY DOES FB LOVE TRANNIES, PEDOS, BREAKING THE LAW & LYING TO AMERICANS???

The truth sure does make the American Hating red Russians Running Face Book $hit their unmentionables don’t it!

Mention the FBI was founded and run for generations by  a closet cross dressing pedo tranny who illegally taped Rev. Martin Luther King and his wife having sex in their own bedroom,  played them for the President of the USA as they both rolled around on the floor laughing their asses off, and face Book $hits their pants!!!!!!!!!

Wonder why Face book tries to hide the perversions and crimes of the Israhell firsters running Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac?

The Ole Dog

19 Years, One Day Later, & The USA Cheering Sheep Monkeys Are Still Slaughtering Folks Had Nothing To Do With 9-11, & Sending Their Kids/Grandkids To Slaughter & Die For Those Who Did!

American USA Cheering sheep Monkeys are Cowards and Fools!

As well as self righteous delusional hypocrites, what Jesus the Christ called a Generation of Vipers!

Damned SOBing FOOLS!!

And if I was not watching my language I would make cousin George proud of the words I used describing the “American People”!

Clueless self imposed ignorant self righteous dumber than rocks.  ass holes who think they know everything!

If Americans do not stop their lies to their  selves, Get on Their Knees, Humble Their Sorry Child Raping or Supporting Child Rapers Asses before the True God, the Source of all Life & Light, BEG!!!!!!!! FORGIVENESS for their Divers Lust and Evils done others, or America is THROUGH except as a shit hole slave plantation for a sub species of the two legged animals which evolved to have no  BRAINS or BALLS!!!!

The Ole Dog!

Face Book Don”t Want Americans Seeing The Truth of the Ratschilds Evil, So They Censor

FACE BOOK is owned by the Ratschilds.

Oh the Rodents assumed name may be not be on the paper work, but that is where the stolen $$$$ came from to start up all these Media Companies so they could censor the truth about their evil.

Here you see two examples done this morning by the America/American Hating Facebook.

First they cut the men message off the bottom of the fake “queen’s” phot, which said:

When you are. thinking of a car crash but remember you have already used that one.

The one they would not even post, just the link, is a photo, (Top), of the British Empire which is run by the Ratschilds, (Fake “royals” are window dressing), when the Ratschilds via Britain invaded Palestine in 1933 to form the illegal headquarters for the Rat’s Middle Eastern military outpost in Occupied Palestine.

I believe it is time for treason trials in America.

The Ole Dog!

As the school year begins online, thousands of Texas students are being left out of virtual learning

Travis Park, San Antonio, Before The Gay Caballero yankee Carpetbagge pendejoberg, and his band of Mexico firster, Texican Hero Haters, RICO Crime CABAL DOWN AT SAN ANTONIO city hall, Stole Travis Park and The Texicans Confederate Memorial, a Time Capsule, and Two Cannons!


Now I may be just a  Texican Hillbilly Preacher’s Kid, but seems to me if it were not for Non Semitic red Russian mongrel Khazarian Treasonous gentuza Betraying their Host Country, starting fake pandemics, none of this red Russian Khazarian mafia Micky mouse Shit would be going on in the first place in the Occupied Militarily by the USA, a Hostile Foreign Corporation for 155 years and counting!

The Ole Texican Hillbilly Preachers Kid Black Sheep Dog!!

As the school year begins online, thousands of Texas students are being left out of virtual learning

One Central Texas superintendent estimated that up to 7,000 students in his district struggled to access virtual learning, and new iPads are not likely to arrive before October. In South Texas, students share computers, phones and spotty internet with siblings.

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Texas schools struggled this spring to abruptly shift from teaching students in classrooms to reaching them at home. Many students fell behind in the makeshift remote learning systems cobbled together when the pandemic hit.

Education officials vowed to do a better job come fall.

But as the new academic year ramps up, a patchwork system will still leave many students across Texas struggling to get an education. Some will be sharing computers with three or four siblings, their districts unable to muster more than one laptop per family. Others live in rural areas beyond the reach of broadband internet. Thousands of laptops and Wi-Fi hotspots remain on back order, and the state still hasn’t finished building out the system of virtual courses it is offering school districts.