Many moons back, a friend told me just this.
He had small article printed out on the subject which he got at some fighting the evil of DC seminar.

As far as the claim of the British Crown, it is illegitimate in that the Modern British Crown “royals”, are illegitimate.

Both Edward the 4th & his brother Richard the third, both who served as kings of England were supposed to be the sons of Richard of York and Cecily Neville.
They were the sons of the slut Cecily Neville, but not their supposed father, a Plantagenet.

Thus, these two bastard kings, really Edward the 4th as he took kingship first, meant EVERY Monarch from himself, to the fake queen ole German cow squatting at Buckingham on Public Assistance right now with her pedo sons, have been and are fakes.
God did not choose these “kings” & “queens” to rule.
Cecily Neville did when she kept dropping her unmentionables when her husband was not around.
Cecily Neville herself signed an affidavit saying he was a bastard and not from her husband, as he was off fighting a war when Edward the 4th was conceived.

Below is a link to one, there are many sources, which tells of Richard the 3ed, brother of Edward the 4th also not being a Plantagenet. What can you say? Their mama was a slut!

Therefore, the Fake “king” demanding his cut was an imposter Monarch without Gods blessing, not picked to rule by God, so had no right to speak for the “Crown” as he was a bastard illegitimate “king”.

Far as I am concerned, this invalidates any claim the current “crown” has on America.

Next, Folks will claim most of the land on earth really belongs to the Vatican, as “king” John the Poopless, alway a real pain in the ass of his brother Richard the Lion Hearted, signed all he was king of over to the Vatican in the treaty of 1213 because he had been excommunicated by the Vatican, and he was afraid of “going to hell”.
Buying his way to heaven so to speak.

Richard the Lion was excommunicated by the mass murderer of the Peaceful Innocent Cather’s of Southern France, Pope “innocent” the 3ed because he would not go slaughter tens of thousands of Arabs in Palestine for the Vatican again.
Richard told the Vatican to go have sex with themselves, died a man, was buried without the vulgarities of the Roman Cult.

But it matters not what John “signed” over to the Vatican, as the VATICAN IS NOW, AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN ILLEGITIMATE.

Now, the Vatican supposably gets their right to exist, to rule from God”
Ok, which God?
The One True God, the Creator God, is the God Of Jesus the Christ the Man.
Not of Jesus Christ, the fictitious character in the Roman novel called the Roman Bible, which was based loosely of the Revolutionary King of the Hebrews, and spiritual leader of the Hebrews who was trying to get the Hebrews to return to the God of their fathers in the Times of Kings David & Solomon, kick the Romans out, get the hebrews to stop their Usury & Pedophilia, turn from the adulterated with the Babylonian End of Times Pedophile’s Death Cult mixed with some of the old Hebrew Religion.
The Hebrews at this point were not Serving the One True God.
They never returned to the God of their Fathers.
The Romans crucified Jesus The Christ for sedition :
The crime of creating a revolt, disturbance, or violence against lawful civil authority with the intent to cause its overthrow or destruction.

Jesus the Christ despised children rapers above most other things.
Two thousand years later, the Church of Rome’s priest & popes are known children rapers, or covering for other priest & popes who are serial children rapers.

Add to that, I figure if the popes had been talking to God as they Claimed, God would have told the “church of Rome” not to keep burning folks alive for saying the world was not flat.

Therefore as I can prove the One True God never had diddly squat to do with the church of Rome, any wealth or lands they lay claim to are illegitimate claims as the Vatican & it’s “church of Rome” is illegitimate and invalid.
Therefore what they received in God’s name, they stole as the “CHURCH OF ROME”, has never known, there by is not recognized by the One True God.

This invalidates any & all Claims on My America by the fake crown and fake “church”.

Below is a site which has done a great job of putting a very long 3 part document with foot notes on the subject together.

This is a long fact filled document, so it is not a read and digest in one setting.
But if you want a America free of the evil of the Fake Vatican and the Fake crown, best get to reading and digesting!

The Ole Dog!

Protesters gather outside state capitols nationwide as chaos sweeps Congress “I stand for election integrity and the democratic process. I will not tolerate violence and civil disorder,” the Texas attorney general said.

This whole thing don’t pass the smell test.

First, THE STATE OF TEXAS, is an occupying  Vincy sub corporation of the USA corporation, it self (USA/DC) a sub corporation of the Evil of the Rat Run “British Empire.

The USA corporation in a war crime has been occuping the Republic of Texas for 155 years and counting.

When I graduated high school, took my college entrance exam, I scored in the top 97%  of the whole damn USA and Occupied countries in such things as Military matters, Law, Government, Economics, History.

Like my cousins George Washington & George Patton, yankee control freak spelling/composition just are not our best subject. I will add though I can add, subtract, divide, multiply in my head, (Drives structured teachers crazy, want you to show how you got it on paper or black board), I to this day think mixing numbers and letters of the alphabet  an un-natural order of things to be avoided.

The  yankee English thing, and the alphabet Math thing is the reason I was only in the 97%, and why cousin Georgie spent 5 instead of 4 years at the point.

That’s to say I can back up my words with facts.

Start with the old legal maxim: “The  fruit of the poison tree is poison” .

In plain English, that Means the USA could not just Come down, gang rape our children to death, shell whole cites filled with defenseless civilians, intentionally  starve tens of thousands of children, old folks to death, mass murder tens of thousands of civilians, steal everything in site, gang rape ministers daughters because their fathers did God’s Bidding, dig up the dead to defile and rob, burn farm houses, out houses, court houses, hospitals, churches, seminaries, convents, colleges, private businesses, the steal all the land claiming taxes should have bee payed Washington DC for Time after the States & Republic of Texas had left the Voluptuary Union George Washington was the “Father of”.

Then a 10 year “reconstruction” which was a false name for the brutal USA Military Occupation Governments.

After that, the yankee told the Texicans, if you write a “State” constitution says what we yankees wat it to say, we will pretend to end military occupation, allow you some rights back, allow you to pretend to pick your “leaders”. We will graciously “allow” you  to “re-enter the Union”.

You will get a cut of the looting of the Occupied Republic of Texas proceeds going to DC.

It was the best deal in town, a crooked yankee kangaroo court and continued brutal crooked yankee USA  Military Occupation out in the open was the only other option.

So Texicans took it.

That however does not make the fruit of the Poison tree, un- Poison.

The yankee never took his  USA military occupation military forces from the Soil of the Texas Land.

The yankee never returned the occupied Republic of Texas’s freedom & Sovereignty to her.

Thats why 155 years later, The Occupied Republic of Texas, in a continuing  War Crime, is still Militarily occupied by the USA/DC Corporation.

One more thing, The United States of America Cousin George had to do with, died at the hands of the bi-sexual manic depressive marxist shyster rail road lawyer, rabidly racist agaist African Americans, Free or Slave, War Criminal Abraham Lincoln.

The “USA UNION” the Occupied Republic of Texas was forced “back” into (How can one rejoin a military dictatorship thinly disguised as a constitutional republic which one has never previously been a member of), was a forced, at the point of the USA’s mercenary  military’s rifles and a crooked yankee kangaroo courts hang man’s noose, into.

The Occupied Republic of Texas NEVER joined the Current USA corporation of which the Bi-sexual PO racist $#it War Criminal Atheist  Shyster lawyer “honest Abe” Abraham Lincoln  is the Father of.

Therefore any $#it coming out of the pie holes of a Sodom & Gomorrah on the Colorado River Occupier, whether a Damn Carpetbagging yankee pendejo, or a Cowardly Treasonous scalawag, is Irrelevant and a Damned Lie ON IT’S FACE!

The Ole Dog!

Protesters gather outside state capitols nationwide as chaos sweeps Congress

“I stand for election integrity and the democratic process. I will not tolerate violence and civil disorder,” the Texas attorney general said.

In Sacramento, California, demonstrators got into physical altercations. In Los Angeles, Trump supporters clashed with police. And in Olympia, Washington, the governor and his family were moved to a secure location.

These were some of the scenes that played out across the country Wednesday as capitol buildings in multiple states bolstered security or shut down in response to protests and chaos on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

Georgia, Texas, Wyoming and Pennsylvania were among the states that took precautionary measures as rioters stormed Congress, roamed Senate halls and occupied lawmakers’ offices in protest of the Electoral College vote affirming President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the November election.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, a Republican who recently earned the ire of the president, and senior members of his staff were evacuated from the state Capitol building Wednesday.

In Sacramento, police reported physical altercations between two groups of demonstrators before they were separated. California’s Secretary of State said its Sacramento offices would close early after Trump supporters gathered outside the Capitol.

And Gov. Gavin Newsom canceled a scheduled coronavirus news conference to keep his staff safe.

In Los Angeles, Trump supporters clashed with police, who declared an unlawful assembly. Mayor Eric Garcetti called it a “dark day for America.”

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and his family were moved to a secure location after protesters broke into the grounds of the governor’s mansion in Olympia, according to the state police. Inslee released a statement earlier in the day condemning the violence that exploded in the nation’s capital.

“The members of Washington’s congressional delegation, their staff and all who serve in the Capitol should never fear for their safety in carrying out the people’s work,” he said in a statement. “But know this — democracy will not be denied.”

Unrest also erupted in Salem, Oregon, where state police declared an unlawful assembly after pro-Trump demonstrators attempted to march to the state Capitol. At least one person was arrested, according to police.

Meanwhile, New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah and Texas closed their state legislative buildings and, in some cases, evacuated the employees as demonstrations grew in support of President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly made baseless claims challenging the legitimacy of the election results.

The Capitol grounds in Austin, Texas, were also closed to the public Wednesday afternoon “out of an abundance of caution,” the Department of Public Safety said in a statement. “While we do not discuss operational details, DPS will continue to adjust our operations as needed to maintain public order and address potential threats,” authorities said.

A group gathered outside the Texas Capitol building earlier Wednesday, according to the local media outlet KVUE. State Attorney General Ken Paxton warned that anyone protesting in Austin or Washington, D.C., “should practice their constitutional rights in a peaceful manner.”

“I stand for election integrity and the democratic process,” he tweeted. “I will not tolerate violence and civil disorder.”



Now, all the English Comp classes, public speaking classes, Navy Leadership school, Navy Instructor school, Preaching 101  at Religious University all said start your presentation off with a joke to get the crowd loosened up!

Hope your good and loose.

Got grandkids I am trying to learn to help have “school” over the internet because political prostitutes with Rats fur caught in their teeth are trying to usher in red Russian Communism  under the big brother cover of  a fake Pandemic.

Putting family businesses out of business, thereby putting  employees of those killed business out of work, forcing folks to wear mask which harm  people’s health, (not counting wiping their whore a$$es all over the constitution some  folks revere as Rights giving).

It is suppose to Acknowledge God Given Rights, not be used to take them  away.

Thing not understood by most, the document was defective to begin with, as it tried to replace  God’s place in Human’s lives. It stole  God Given Rights, and sold them back to souls as Privileges which could be revoked at any time.

Free Men  have Rights, slaves have Liberties. The two are not the same. A free man has the God Given Right to do any thing he wants to, as long as his actions do no physical harm to others.

No this does not give one the “right” to be lewd, walk around in public necked. Especially you folks, male or female, has a lot of trouble putting their forks down! Who ever convinced  a woman has three or four rolls of jiggling  fat, wearing a halter top and tight short-shorts was a good idea?

Slaves, if they please their Masters, May be Granted Liberties. When I was in the Navy, Uncle Sugar owned my a$$. Just because I was an adult, I could not go out for a night on the town, unless granted that liberty by my command.

But if you have not noticed, they are just making the $hit up as they go along anyway

. They believe none of the $hit they are telling you, cause they are getting busted doing right and left doing the very things they tell you not to. It has always been that way, it is just now in these times which suck the big one, more and more folks are extracting their heads from their rear port hole,  saying, damn, what’s that I smell! What they smell is fresh air, but once they breath that for a while, get a little more oxygen to their awakening brains, they start looking around, seeing things which can not been seen with ones head up their indoctrinated keister.

So try to keep you head above the bull$hit while the sheep herd mills around in Masked PANIC, because here and there, the popping noise you are hearing, is some sheep’s head popping out of their back trap door. Slowly at first, but with a ever increasing rhythm, the cashindo is building every day.

I with some others, always seem to be out in front of the wave by a few years most of the time. Been waiting for that popping sound for years. Not near enough sheep awake yet, and takes time to turn and redirect a herd of sheep, but that thing the front runners been warning of for years is here, building up stronger, day by day.

Will humanity survive as a species?

This side of the vail, I do not possess that answer. But not if the herd is not turned from the cliff they are steadily munching the GMO grass watered with fluoridated water  saturated with herbicides & pesticides towards the edge of.

A great fight is here for each sheep. You must stop being sheep, each assume responsibility for your own lives, your own actions, your own “sins”, your own evils deeds. You must look inward, look to changing your own soul daily for the better,. to build a better family, a better home, a better city or country, a better world.

Only Humanity can save Humanity.

So now that massive amounts of human fecal waste is hitting the industrial sized propulsion system, it is time to separate the sheep from the goats.

And take care of the jackals which have been feeding off the herd.

I will leave you with one more joke.

The Ole Dog!

US Prisons Are Modern Slave Plantations

A new report from prison abolition group Worth Rises has exposed the extent to which corporate America profits from the desperation of the incarcerated. The 132-page study, entitled “The Prison Industry: how it started, how it works, how it harms,” blows the lid off the scandalous business practices organizations involved in what has become known as the “prison industrial complex” employ to reap billions in annual profits.

“The prison industry is ubiquitous in our society. And yet we pay so little attention to it and we know so little about it. This report is really hoping to unveil the prison industry, the government and corporate actors who are exploiting the fact that they have been in the shadows,” Bianca Tylek, Worth Rises’ founder and executive director told MintPress.


In economics, a “captive market” is a situation where consumers face a severely limited number of suppliers, meaning their only choice is to purchase what is available (usually at a much higher price) or make no purchase at all. Most people resent and feel exploited by the higher prices in captive market situations like stadiums, movie theaters, and airports. But prisons take captive markets to a whole new level.

Being incarcerated is expensive, with inmates forced to pay for extra food and many things most would consider basic necessities, such as toothpaste and phone calls. Often just being sent to a correctional facility incurs a $100 “processing fee” prisoners must pay, while visitors are often charged “background check fees” as well. Prisoners’ friends and families transfer $1.8 billion into correctional facilities every year. Faced with no other choices, they are forced to accept money transfer fees up to an outrageous 45%. Financial corporations like JPay and JP Morgan Chase partner with correctional facilities in order to ensure the best deal for them — and the worst deal for the prisoners. As the report notes:

The industry was built on a profit-sharing model between financial services corporations and correctional agencies — the cost of which is layered onto money transfer fees and billed to families. After years of corporate grooming, some agencies now explicitly award contracts to the bidder offering the highest kick back percentage. As a result, not only are contracts often awarded to the most expensive service provider, but correctional administrators are also incentivized to limit cheaper or free alternatives from which they do not profit.

Prisoners are often forced to use special debit cards for purchases, many of which charge fees as high as $2.95 per transaction, $0.95 for declined transactions, and a weekly “service fee” of $2.50. And on the outside, JP Morgan Chase charges a $10 fee to withdraw money from the card at an ATM.

The Gates Family, Eugenics and COVID-19

Bill Gates, through philanthropist projects, has been positioned as a likeable, mild-mannered figure, who expresses his ambition to improve the health of the world through new vaccine development and technological innovation.

Closer investigation reveals the Gates family has documented ties to reinvented eugenics movements of the modern age and the work carried out by their organisation shows ulterior motives contrary to saving lives.

In the following, Ethan Nash examines links between COVID-19 ‘solutions’ and social eugenics movements, including Bill Gates Snr and Planned Parenthood, the Gates Foundation and philanthropy deceptions, vested vaccine interests and engineering a pandemic.


In the late 19th century — a critical time in development of the sciences — British scholar Sir Francis Galton, in his book Inquiries into Human Faculty and Its Development, coined the term ‘eugenics’.

Galton, whose cousin was Charles Darwin, hoped to ‘better humankind’ through the ‘science of improving the human species’ by selectively mating people with specific desirable hereditary traits.

Decades of research on ‘controlled breeding’, including through means of sterilization, soon became accepted mainstream science at the turn of the century and the eugenics movement was born.

Supporters of eugenics believe people inherit mental illness, criminal tendencies and even poverty, and that these conditions can be ‘bred out’ of the human gene pool through forced sterilization. Not surprisingly, ‘undesirable’ traits were concentrated in poor, uneducated and minority populations.

Many professionals in the scientific and biological fields rigorously researched ways to ‘improve the human race’ through means of eliminating these ‘negative traits’, and the movement would soon garner widespread political support — particularly in Australia.

As we have explored, the likes of Professor Richard Berry and growing Eugenics Societies of NSW and Victoriaplayed a pivotal role in mass campaigns for laws allowing the establishment of a ”lethal chamber” to euthanise what these groups called ”the grosser types of our mental defectives”.

Following World War I, numerous eugenics-based ideologies were beginning to enter mainstream societies across the world. However, after Hitler would adopt these concepts and implement an aggressive form of the concept, the world grew sour and a new change was needed to continue.


The concepts of eugenics were not exorcised from Western thinking following World War II, rather, they went underground or and were reinvented by assuming more “compassionate” guises.

Julian Huxley’s significant contributions to the movement ensured that the underlying notions associated with eugenics would transform and continue into new social movements.

During the 1950s, these groups would re-define eugenics as ‘socially progressive’, with linkages to the newly formed and comprehensive welfare states that offered ‘solutions’ to poverty and disease.

The Rockefeller Foundation heavily financed the modern eugenics movement and think-tanks such as the Tavistock Institute would give birth to many influential individuals and ‘social’ organisations.

Huxley adeptly associated the ‘new and modern’ eugenics movement with a range of reformist ideologies, such as the popularisation of birth control, the decriminalisation of homosexuality and abortion law reform. He described this process as “eugenic modernisation”.

The basic premise remained the same, however: it is far easier to eliminate the poor and the suffering, than it is to eliminate the complex and tenacious sources of their poverty or their suffering.

These people believe the masses are too moronic to govern themselves.

A plethora of new-age organisations and movements would arise during the era of ‘counter-culture’, and this ‘progression’ continued, the now-notorious Gates family would soon enter the picture.



Approval of Catholic Church in Poland dips to nearly 30yr low amid pedophilia scandal & protests over new abortion restrictions

The Ole Dog!
Public opinion of the Catholic Church in Poland is the lowest it has been since the early 1990s, a new poll shows. The clergy’s reputation was damaged by recent sexual abuse allegations and protests over restrictive abortion laws.

The results of the CBOS poll published by Polish media earlier this week showed that 47 percent had a negative view of the activities of the Catholic Church in the country, compared to just 41 percent who viewed the Church’s activities favorably. The survey was conducted between November 30 and December 10, and included 1,010 people.

This is the lowest approval rating the Church has had since 1993. Investigative website reported that people were dismayed by its “excessive” role in social and political life that year – a strict anti-abortion law took effect that January and Warsaw signed a treaty with the Vatican several months later. The situation now seems to have repeated itself, as many Poles are angered by new restrictions on abortion and dismayed that the clergy have been embroiled in sex abuse scandals.

The Catholic Church traditionally plays an important role in Poland, especially compared to fellow EU nations. The bishops and the Catholic media are considered one of the bedrocks of the support of the ruling conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party.

However, the Church’s approval rating has been steadily declining in recent years. Its positive perception dropped below 50 percent in May 2019, which coincided with the premiere of a documentary about the sexual abuse of young boys by the Polish clergy. The film caused an uproar, receiving more than 20 million views on YouTube in just eight days.

ALSO ON RT.COMWomen’s Strike lightning logo on Polish flag could see offenders locked up for 1 year, as probe launchedThe scandal was followed by the resignation of Edward Janiak, a bishop at the Roman Catholic Diocese of Kalisz, who was accused of shielding the priests that were implicated in abusing children.


Soros-funded Los Angeles DA stokes more outrage by calling family of murder victim too uneducated to ‘KEEP THEIR MOUTH SHUT’


The new Los Angeles County prosecutor, elected with funding from billionaire George Soros, has inflamed tensions over his left-wing policies by calling family members of a murder victim too uneducated to “keep their mouth shut.”

“It’s unfortunate that we have people that do not have enough education to keep their mouth shut for once so we can talk,”District Attorney George Gascon said Friday, outside a courthouse in Pomona, California.

A woman in the crowd responded by saying, “My son can never speak again because he was murdered. He was kidnapped, tortured, and murdered. My son matters.”

Gascon later issued a statement to Fox 11 Los Angeles, saying he didn’t know who was shouting while he was trying to speak. “I did not understand what they were yelling about until later, let alone that they were victims,” he said. “Regardless, it’s not how I should have reacted.” He added that he plans to contact the family to “hear them out.”

The 65-year-old prosecutor, who was born in Cuba and was previously San Francisco’s DA, took office in Los Angeles earlier this month, after being elected with more than $2.5 million in campaign funding from Soros, who has helped install far-left prosecutors across the US. Gascon quickly angered families of crime victims by announcing such policies as banning the death penalty, stopping use of cash bail and directing prosecutors to help criminals who were sentenced too harshly in the past win reductions to their prison terms – even as they struggle to keep up with surging crime.

Gascon also banned prosecutors in the nation’s largest DA’s office from seeking sentences of life in prison without parole in especially heinous cases – those involving “special circumstances.” One beneficiary of the new policy is Rhett Nelson, who allegedly murdered Russian snowboarding star Dmitry Koltsov and Deputy Sheriff Joseph Gilbert Solano in June 2019. About an hour after leaving Koltsov to die on the sidewalk, Nelson allegedly shot Solano in the back of the head while the deputy waited in line at an Alhambra fast-food restaurant.

After a public backlash over his decision, Gascon said on Friday that he would allow for use of special circumstances in certain types of cases, including hate crimes and cases involving child or elder abuse. Killing a law enforcement officer is still not considered a special circumstance by Gascon, however.


Pope Francis plans to ‘fix’ global capitalism with the Rothschilds, Rockefellers & Mastercard

The Vatican has said it will partner with Fortune 500 companies to address various economic grievances, including inequality and environmental degradation. But is it really incumbent upon the Bishop of Rome to virtue-signal?

by Robert Bridge

Anyone entertaining hopes that planet Earth might escape the insanity of 2020 without any more mind-blowing stories may wish to fasten their seatbelts for a hard landing.

At a time when a global pandemic has swept away millions of jobs, and transformed a handful of global capitalists from ‘merely wealthy’ to fantastically wealthy overnight, Pope Francis has decided to take sides in this epic battle. Any hunches what side that might be? Hint: much like the Vatican, it is immensely wealthy, influential, and acts like a government unto itself.

Yes, you guessed it. Instead of the poor and destitute – you know, ‘the meek who shall inherit the earth’ rigmarole – taking their rightful place alongside the Pope to fight against globalization on steroids, the Vatican has announced it will form a “historic partnership” with big business, known as the Council for Inclusive Capitalism. You can’t make this stuff up. And make no mistake: this is no mere talk shop, but rather a vast undertaking that involves“more than $10.5 trillion in assets under management, companies with over $2.1 trillion of market capitalization, and 200 million workers in more than 163 countries.”

“Capitalism has created enormous global prosperity, but it has also left too many people behind, led to the degradation of our planet, and is not widely trusted in society,” said Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Founder of the Council and Managing Partner of Inclusive Capital Partners. “This council will follow the warning from Pope Francis to listen to ‘the cry of the Earth and the cry of the poor’ and answer society’s demands for a more equitable and sustainable model of growth.”

In other words, in an apparent act of divine intervention, the Rothschild family (whose wealth is estimated at $20 billion, although nobody really knows for sure), together with other famous brand names of globalization, such as the Rockefellers and Mastercard, will now take up the standard for the world’s downtrodden. Who will be the first one to hold their breath?

I tried to contain my skepticism, I really did, until I read a bit deeper into this contract between the Catholic Church and corporate power. Any guesses as to who will ensure the corporate chieftains live up to their end of the bargain?

Known as the Guardians for Inclusive Capitalism – I kid you not – these 27 devout and morally outstanding individuals all hail from the golden one percent. Let’s call them the Pope’s 27 billionaire disciples. Really outstanding people, such as President of the Rockefeller Foundation Rajiv Shah, CEO of Mastercard Ajay Banga, and CEO of Salesforce Marc Benioff, will now behave like Good Samaritans, carrying out the will of the Holy See around a ravaged, lockdown-wearied planet. And here is the catch: there is not a single Vatican cardinal or even a deacon on the list of Guardians. So, who will guard over the guardians? Yes, the corporate elite themselves! They must have read Donald Trump’s ‘The Art of the Deal’.

My initial skepticism shot into overdrive when it became clear what acts of charity the council would promote: “The Guardians will hold themselves accountable, committing to a list of intended actions involving environmental, social and governance matters,” Forbes reported. “The Guardians … have said they plan to hire and promote more women, increase diversity hires, commit to clean energy by purchasing 100% renewable electricity, reduce greenhouse gas emissions…” Yada, yada, yada.

Forgive me, Father, but that sounds an awful lot like the controversial progressive platform being touted by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris that has divided the United States down the middle. In other words, this unholy marriage has already alienated at least one half of the US population, who fear a Biden presidency will herald in an age of socialism in America. Meanwhile, it is hardly reassuring that these profit-driven individuals will be allowed to “hold themselves accountable” to take on unspecified “social and governance matters” and “other initiatives,”whatever those happen to be.

The reason for suspicion should be obvious. Aside from the absurdity of letting profit-driven corporations play guardian over themselves, we are now living in a time when these out-of-control behemoths are no longer content to just hawk their products to consumers; they have taken a serious stand on cultural and political issues, which many people find unacceptable yet must bear silently with a smile.

Using their profits from consumer spending, corporations such as Coca-Cola can run an extremely controversial Sprite advertisement campaign, for example, that promotes a transgender lifestyle and that will be seen by millions of impressionable children. Or how about Gillette’s massively disappointing (and disliked) commercial that took issue with so-called ‘toxic masculinity.’ Are these the “other initiatives” that corporations will be forcing on an unsuspecting public with the stamp of papal authority? Personally, I’ve never heard Pope Francis speak out against these extremely provocative ideas.

Perhaps even more worrying is that many companies, compelled to prove they are taking a stand on behalf of the latest cause célèbre, have enthusiastically jumped aboard the Black Lives Matter juggernaut, which critics – of which there is no shortage, even among the black American population – say works to the disadvantage of other races, not least white Americans, who have become the bane of Western civilization overnight.

Is this the sort of ‘equality’ big business will be promoting with the quiet blessing of the Vatican? In their woke bid to become more ‘equal and diverse,’ will corporations begin to promote particular groups of people at the expense of others? After all, the Trump administration was just forced to take executive action against ‘critical race theory’ inside the government, while academia is now rampant with lectures teaching the evils of the ignoble white man. Are we on the precipice of a new age of racism in the United States and elsewhere, where the historic tables are turned with the help of corporate America?



The Occupied Republic of Texas Must regain her Sovereignty stolen by terrorism by the USA in 1865, the same which has and denied Texicans their God Given Rights as Freemen every since.

The Ole Dog!

Brownsville, Tex.—In a sweeping victory for economic liberty, Judge Arturo Cisneros Nelson of the Cameron County District Court struck down South Padre Island’s anti-competitive food truck permit cap and restaurant-permission scheme. The district court ruled that the city violated the Texas Constitution when it forced food truck owners to get permission from local restaurant owners before being eligible for a food truck permit, and by making it illegal for more than twelve food trucks to open for business on the island.

The Institute for Justice (“IJ”) challenged both anti-competitive restrictions on behalf of food truck owner SurfVive, a local nonprofit spearheaded by Erica Lerma, and the Brownsville-based Chile de Árbol food truck operated by brothers Anubis and Adonai Avalos. Both food trucks were forced to the sidelines and could not operate under the city’s permitting scheme.

“This is a victory under the Texas Constitution for entrepreneurs across Texas,” said Arif Panju, Managing Attorney of IJ’s Texas Office. “The government cannot pass laws to protect politically connected insiders from competition— operating a small business in the current climate is challenging enough without the government picking winners and losers.”

Until 2016, the city of South Padre Island banned food trucks from opening for business on the island. When the city finally allowed food truck entrepreneurs in, evidence showed that local restaurant owners lobbied the city council to cap the number of available food truck permits—and also require applicants to first obtain a signature from their brick-and-mortar competitors to qualify for a permit. The district court rejected this economic protectionism as a violation of the Texas Constitution.

“SurfVive will finally be able to pursue our goal of providing healthy, sustainable food for our community,” said Erica Lerma. “This victory also means that other new entrepreneurs can pursue their dreams of opening businesses on South Padre Island without being restricted by laws that serve no purpose other than limiting competition.”

This case continues IJ’s National Street Vending Initiative, which protects vendors’ rights coast to coast. For example, IJ lawsuits in San Antonio, El Paso and Louisvillesuccessfully eliminated protectionist laws that banned food trucks from operating near their brick-and-mortar competitors.