U.S. will fly ‘massive’ number of Haitians from Texas to Haiti, official says

DEL RIO, Texas — The Biden administration plans the wide-scale expulsion of Haitian migrants from a small Texas border city by putting them on on flights to Haiti starting Sunday, an official said Friday, representing a swift and dramatic response to thousands who suddenly crossed the border from Mexico and gathered under and around a bridge.

Details are yet to be finalized but will likely involve five to eight flights a day, according to the official with direct knowledge of the plans who was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity. San Antonio, the nearest major city, may be among the departure cities.

Another administration official speaking on condition of anonymity expected two flights a day at most and said all migrants would be tested for COVID-19.

U.S. authorities closed traffic to vehicles and pedestrians in both directions at the only border crossing in Del Rio, Texas, after chaos unfolded Friday and presented the administration with a new and immediate challenge as it tries to manage large numbers of asylum-seekers who have been reaching U.S. soil.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection said it was closing the border crossing with Ciudad Acuna, Mexico, “to respond to urgent safety and security needs.” Travelers were being directed to Eagle Pass, Texas, 57 miles away.

Haitians crossed the Rio Grande freely and in a steady stream, going back and forth between the U.S. and Mexico through knee-deep water, with some parents carrying small children on their shoulders. Unable to buy supplies in the U.S., they returned briefly to Mexico for food and cardboard to settle, temporarily at least, under or near the bridge in Del Rio, a city of 35,000 that has been severely strained by migrant flows in recent months.



During this year’s deep freeze, the Texas power grid was minutes from disaster because of dysfunctional generators

In February, a record-setting winter storm named Uri plunged the state of Texas into subfreezing temperatures and overwhelmed the state’s electricity grid. Millions of Texans were left without power for days as a result.

At the time, the state’s grid operator said the Texas electricity grid was just minutes away from total failure, which could have led to months of blackout. Transmission companies were forced to reduce power to avoid that outcome.

But as some experts put it, the February storm only exposed the vulnerabilities of the state’s electricity grid.

It turns out, nine of the state’s 13 main generators were out of commission when the storm hit. Moreover, six of its 15 secondary generators were also not working properly at times because of freeze damage and problems getting fuel. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) didn’t report those problems at the time.

Poor performance could have led to months of blackout for Texans

Power plants produce electricity. But the amount of electricity they produce should match the demand from homes and businesses. This balance between supply and demand creates a stable electric-system frequency.

If there is no balance between supply and demand, an electricity grid can collapse. If that happens, black starts, special generators capable of starting up without external electricity from a grid, would kick in to restore electric service. Black starts are usually tiny combustion turbines or hydroelectric powerhouses.

When a black start is activated, it sends power down an isolated line to a power plant to jolt its controls, pumps and motors back to life. Once those components are up and running, the power plant can start producing electricity again. Normally, it may take more than one black start to get a big power plant running.

Put simply, black starts keep humans from going back to the Stone Age in case of an uncontrolled grid collapse, said Pat Wood III, former chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and former head of the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT).

The Texas electricity grid’s black starts weren’t working properly when the storm hit. If ERCOT had completely lost control of the situation, the spotty performance of the black starts could have left millions of Texans without power for months. Wood said the spotty performance of Texas’s black starts stunned him.

What happened in Texas exposed a glaring problem that should be fixed fast, said Wood. “[Black starts] should be the most secure facilities in the country. We can’t afford to kick it down the road again.”

But despite the total grid collapse that almost happened in Texas, ERCOT officials are reluctant to share information about the state’s black start units for fear of compromising the grid’s security.

Currently, there is no publicly available list of black start resources nationally. ERCOT has also refused to point out the location of its 28 black start units.

Black starts are not profitable




Arrest Warrants Issued For 52 ‘Fugitive’ Democrats After Texas Supreme Court Slaps Down Democrat Judge

Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of  Communist yankee carpetbaggers and  Scalawags!

The Ole Dog!Arrest warrants have been issued for 52 ‘fugitive’ Democrats who dramatically fled the state in a political stunt to block the passage of a GOP election integrity bill – only to spread Covid-19 throughout Washington DC.

On Tuesday night – hours after the Texas Supreme Court temporarily suspended a Democrat Judge‘s order barring the arrest of the Democrat legislators – the Texas House of Representatives voted 89-12 to authorize state law enforcement to detain and potentially arrest the rogue lawmakers, according to Just The News.

The vote allowed the House sergeant-at-arms to send law enforcement officers to force the attendance of missing Democrats “under warrant of arrest, if necessary.”

House Speaker Dade Phelan subsequently signed arrest warrants Tuesday that were to be served on Wednesday morning.

Phelan spokesman Enrique Marquez said the warrants targeted 52 Democrats who failed to return during the fifth day of the House’s second special session, leaving the chamber eight members short of a quorum. -JTN

The Supreme Court of Texas swiftly rejected this dangerous attempt by Texas Democrats to undermine our Constitution and avoid doing the job they were elected to do,”Abbott spokesperson, Renae Eze, told Fox News. “We look forward to the Supreme Court upholding the rule of law and stopping another stall tactic by the Texas Democrats.”

The move follows a Saturday ruling by Travis County District Judge Brad Urrutia (D), who barred Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) and House Speaker Dade Phelan (R) from “issuing any warrant or other instrument” or “detaining, confining, or otherwise restricting a Texas House Democrat’s movement without his or her consent.”

And while the Justices must still decide the broader case, their reversal of Urrutia comes less than 24 hours after the handed Abbott another win – allowing him to punish the Democrats who fled Texas. Now, if the lawmakers who have already returned to the Lone Star State fail to head to Austin to form a quorum on their own accord, they could be arrested.

In a video posted to Twitter, ‘fugitive’ Rep Ron Reynolds said he and his fellow Democrats “would be going to a jail, we would be going to the House chambers where they would basically be forcing a quorum,” adding “They would take us against our will to the House floor.”


Texas Supreme Court Rules Deserting-Democrats Can Face Arrest Upon Return




The Ole Dog!

The entirely politicized judicial system in America strikes again.

In July, fifty-seven of the state’s Democratic lawmakers abandoned Texas to prevent a Republican elections bill that they call claimed would restricting voting rights in the state.

Texas Governor Greg Abbot (R) called for their immediate arrests in order to re-establish a quorum for a vote on the bill.

A temporary restraining order from State District Judge Brad Urrutia, a Democrat, on Monday prevented authorities arresting the deserting Democrats from being arrested for 14 days, claiming that Democrats would suffer “imminent and irreparable harm” if Republicans were not barred from ordering arrests.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) quickly asked the state Supreme Court to stay the ruling, calling it an abuse of judicial power, and a spokeswoman for Abbott predicted the judge’s order would not stand.

“The ruling by the Travis County judge is contrary to the Texas Constitution and violates the separation of powers between the different branches of government,” Renae Eze, Abbott’s spokeswoman, said in a statement Monday.

“We are confident that this overstep will be overturned. Texas Democrats need to stop the charades and get back to work.”

And today, the Supreme Court of Texas on Tuesday halted that ruling that protected absent Democratic lawmakers from arrest, raising the possibility that lawmakers who recently returned from Washington could be detained and brought to the House so Republicans can pass new voting restrictions.


Texas Judge Signs Order to Block Detention of Fugitive Democrats Who Fled Over Voting Reform Bill

First I will state as a Texican my last legal president was Jefferson Davis.

The Occupied Republic of Texas has been Militarily Occupied with an Occupation puppet corporation called “THE STATE OF TEXAS’ farming the Texican people for 156 years and counting.

The closet queer atheist rabidly racist against African Americans rail road system lawyer communist yankee “puritan War Criminal killed the Volunteer Union of George Washington and other Revolutionaries replacing it with a Communistic Military dictatorship thinly disguised as a “constitutional republic”.

But let us pretend for a minuet, the USA is the original USA, not just a Criminal Communist Dictatorship, and that their puppet governmnet “THE STATE OF TEXAS’ is a real governmnet of the occupied Republic of Texas.

In that case the constitution of the USA and the Constitution of the ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ would mean something, would be understood to be valid law which must be followed.

Out of  ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ ‘s “constitution:

“All absentees for whom no sufficient excuse is made may, by order of a majority of those present, be sent for and arrested, wherever they may be found, by the sergeant-at-arms … and their attendance shall be secured and retained,” the Texas House Rules detail.

Thus the Demophiles ARE in violation of the “constitution” of ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’, and should be arrested.

But, a “judge” just wiped his ass on the “constitution” of  ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ protecting his fellow Demophiles.

Folks, whether they be political prostitutes in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac, or Sodom & Gomorrah on the Colorado, both know both “constitutions” are meaningless and they are just making this s#it up as they go along.

When there are no set rules which must be followed or people are arrested and prosecuted for fraud and crimes, you do not have a Country, you do not have a nation, you do not have a State.

You have a crime cabal.

The Ole Dog!

‘Texas Judge Signs Order to Block Detention of Fugitive Democrats Who Fled Over Voting Reform Bill’

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) and House Speaker Dade Phelan (R) have ordered the arrest of dozens of Democratic state lawmakers who took to Washington, DC, last month in an effort to block the Texas House of Representatives from reaching quorum to vote on a variety of items, including a GOP’s voting reform bill that has passed in the Texas Senate.

On Sunday, Texas State District Judge Brad Urrutia (D) granted a temporary restraining order to fugitive House Democrats, effectively blocking both Abbott and Phelan from “detaining, confining or otherwise restricting” the lawmakers’ movement within the state for 14 days.

The order, which prevents the issuance of warrants for their confinement during the period, may be extended by the judge.

Additionally, the judge has called on Abbott and Phelan to submit justification for why a temporary injunction should not be issued against them for their respective moves. The House Democrats in question are scheduled to appear in court on August 20 for a hearing on their application for temporary injunction.

“The purpose of the hearing will be to determine whether the temporary restraining order should be made a temporary injunction pending a full trial on the merits,” the court filing details.

Urrutia’s decision comes in response to a petition in which 19 House Democrats arguedthey would face “imminent and irreparable injury” from Abbott and Phelan’s “interpretation and application of the Texas Constitution and the Rules of the House of Representatives of the State of Texas.”

The emergency lawsuit from the Democratic lawmakers claimed their detention upon returning to the state would violate the “fundamental principle of our constitutional system of government” that asserts the State cannot use its power to arrest and incarcerate as a political weapon.

“[T]he Speaker thinks he can wave his hand and have his political opponents rounded up and arrested. We’re watching a major political party backslide in real time from fair representation, the rule of law, and democracy itself,” Texas Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D), one of the 19 plaintiffs, told the Texas Tribune.

However, Republican lawmakers in the state have argued that Democrats can and should be arrested, according to Texas House Rules.

Per Rule 5, Section 8, when a call to the House takes place, the doors of the legislative chamber will be locked, and no lawmaker will be able to leave until their names are recorded.

“All absentees for whom no sufficient excuse is made may, by order of a majority of those present, be sent for and arrested, wherever they may be found, by the sergeant-at-arms … and their attendance shall be secured and retained,” the Texas House Rules detail.

Over the weekend, at least 26 Texas House Democrats pledged to remain in the nation’s capital, despite the Saturday kickoff of the Texas State Legislature’s second special legislative session.

Out of the 57 Democratic state lawmakers who fled the state last month, Texas Reps. Eddie Lucio III (D) and Bobby Guerra (D) were the only two to appear for the new session on Saturday.

Texas lawmakers urge Gov. Abbott to reconsider masks in schools as COVID cases spike


In a letter signed to Gov. Greg Abbott and the Texas Education Agency Commissioner Mike Morath, 32 Texas Representatives are asking the pair to reconsider the current COVID-19 protocols amid a shocking jump in cases this month. The letter asks the governor and commissioner to allow Texas school districts to offer fully funded virtual learning and enforce masks in school.

On July 20, Abbott told Houston TV station KPRC he won’t impose another face mask mandate, despite the rapid rise of the highly contagious delta variant in Texas. Instead, Abbott says it’s time for individual responsibility and leaves it up to parents if they want their children to wear a mask or not.

The letter, sent by Rep. Vikki Goodwin and 31 other lawmakers, including Reps. Donna Howard, Trey Martinez Fischer, and Diego Bernal, said the fact the Delta variant “has ended our ability to act as though the COVID pandemic is behind us.”

“The academic year will be starting soon, and we have heard from school officials and parents in our districts that the path we are on is not acceptable to them,” reads the letter, which was sent on Friday. “To meet this challenge, schools must be given options that they currently do not have.”

Former San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro also chimed in on the matter, writing on Twitter that Abbott is so “afraid of losing his primary” that he’ll put millions of children, their education, and their families at risk.

“Selfish cowardice, Greg,” he tweeted on Sunday night.



USA is The Enemy of Texas & Texicans-Biden’s DOJ sues Texas over order restricting migrant transportation as Gov. Abbott claims ‘constitutional crisis’

Biden’s DOJ sues Texas over order restricting migrant transportation as Gov. Abbott claims ‘constitutional crisis’

Attorney General Merrick Garland has sued Texas, seeking to block and annul an executive order by Republican Governor Greg Abbott that outlawed the transportation of migrants who cross the US-Mexico border illegally.

Abbott’s executive order GA-37, issued on Wednesday, violates the federal supremacy clause of the US Constitution and “causes injury to the US and to individuals whom the US is charged to protect, jeopardizing the health and safety of noncitizens in federal custody, risking the safety of federal law enforcement officers and their families, and exacerbating the spread of [Covid-19] in our communities,” the Department of Justice (DOJ) argued in the lawsuit, which was filed on Friday in the Western District of Texas in El Paso.

The order “obstructs the Federal Government’s arrangements with nongovernmental partners and directly interferes with the administration of federal immigration law,” the lawsuit added. The DOJ seeks to have the order declared unconstitutional and blocked from being implemented.

The order would have given Texas state troopers the authority to pull over any civilian vehicle suspected of transporting migrants who could potentially be infected with the virus. The troopers would have also been able to either seize the vehicles or escort them to the point of original entry.

Responding to the lawsuit, Abbott fired back, accusing the Biden administration of creating “a constitutional crisis between the federal government and the State of Texas” by its “refusal to enforce immigration laws [thereby allowing] illegal immigrants with [Covid]-19 to enter our country.”

President Joe Biden has “long since abdicated” his authority and responsibility “to protect and uphold our nation’s sovereignty,” and, instead, “knowingly imports” infected immigrants across the border, Abbott added.

Arguing that he had a duty and a responsibility to protect Texans, and the authority under emergency laws used to deal with the pandemic, Abbott vowed to continue doing so “until President Biden and his administration do their jobs to enforce the laws of our nation and protect Americans.”

“Not on my watch! Texas will not back down,” added the state attorney general Ken Paxton, vowing to fight the DOJ in court.



An Absolute Catastrophe’: Drone Footage Shows Hundreds of Migrants Under Bridge in Texas

156 years ago, the USA through Terrorism won an illegal war and occupied Texas.

They have never left, never removed their occupation troops, never returned to the Occupied Republic of Texas Texicans Sovereignty.

What you think of as the “government” of ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ is a sub corporation of the USA and beyond some infighting between different wings of the same occupying carbon slurping vulture of the USA, there is no difference between them.
their job is to farm Texas and Texicans for the benefit of Washington DC.

The gField agents  of the Federal “Border Petrol” does the best they can, but the people at the top keep their hands tied.

The USA border Patrol is used to bring illegals in by the. truck load, feed them, give them money, the corrupt USA courts give them a date to show up some distant date and they are turned loose on Texican.
This is not screwing up, that is the plan.

Texicans are being overrun with the direction and HELP of the USA.

The time has come if you consider yourself a Texican, to serrate yourself from operation with the occupying “STATE OF TEXAS”.

If you do not consider yourself a Texican, GET THE HELL OUT OF MY COUNTRY.

I would suggest a U-HAUL and either ew York or Kalifornia.

The Ole Dog!

‘An Absolute Catastrophe’: Drone Footage Shows Hundreds of Migrants Under Bridge in Texas’

The Biden administration has taken heavy flak for its response to the surge in illegal immigration to the US via a porous southern border with Mexico. Authorities in Guatemala and Mexico have accused the White House of sparking the crisis by its ‘confusing’ messaging to potential immigrants and people smugglers.

Fox News has captured heartbreaking footage shot by an aerial drone showing hundreds of migrants in a makeshift holding pen set up by US Customs and Border Patrol under a large bridge in the city of Mission, Texas.

The footage shows hundreds of people encamped at the facility, which appears to lack even basic amenities apart from a few porta potties, with vehicles seen driving on the bridge above amid blazing daytime temperatures of close to 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37+ Celsius). Fox correspondent Bill Melugin estimates the facility may be holding up to a thousand people.

Mission is situated near Texas’s southern tip, and borders the US-Mexico frontier along the Rio Grande River.

The bridge in the video is the Anzalduas International Bridge, along which motorists from the two countries pass into one another’s nations, with customs points set up on either side.

The drone footage has gone viral, racking up over 400,000 views in just over 12 hours. Senior House Republican Elise Stefanik retweeted the video to express her outrage, calling it an “absolute catastrophe from Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and House and Senate Democrats.”

In addition to serving as a popular border crossing, the Anzalduas International Bridge crossing is known as a hotspot for the cross-border illegal drug trade. Last week, CBP agents in the South Texas corridor region announced that they had seized $1.5 million in methamphetamine hidden in a vehicle’s tires.



Occupation of Republic of Texas yankee Carpetbaggers & Scalawag Demophiles in Washington, D.C., to meet with Stacey Abrams and the Treasonous To America Pedophile Clintons

Now what was that ole adage?

Oh yes:


The Ole Dog!