My 2nd Great-Grandfather Who Deserted From The Confederate Infantry

J. L. DuBose

Om my mother’s side, J. L. DuBose was serving as a corporal in an Arkansas infantry outfit called Hardy’s Outfit.

Reading between the lines it must have had bad leadership as it got chewed up in battle a couple of times and everyone in it was trying to transfer out to other outfits, any other outfit.

The Confederates were not allowing this to happen as that would mean the end of a outfit.

So James deserted.
Three months later when the Confederate bean counters caught up with him he was a sergeant in a cavalry outfit.
They busted him back down to private for pay purposes as punishment and told him to keep killing yankees.

While he was off fighting the yankee terrorist army came through and stole his wife’s silverware.
Their infant son, my great grandfather DuBose was an infant in his baby basket.

The yankee thieving terrorist threw the baby out on the floor so they could use his basket to carry off the silverware they were stealing.

After the war J. L. moved his family to Texas.

I like his style.
I volunteered with the Navy Sea Cadets when I was in the Navy.
The new kids would always want to know what all my ribbons were for.
I had a ten year Good Conduct medal which I wore a ribbon for.
When they would ask me what that one was for, I’d tell them for not getting caught!

The Ole Dog!

Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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