The Lie and Illusion of the “Texas Nationalist Movement (TEXIT)”

When I graduated from high school over two generations back when Americans were a hell of a lot smarter than they are now, I scored in the top 97 percent of what you think of as America and all the “territories” the US holds in slavery.

My top strengths were history, government, law, military matters and real economics.
That adulterated yankee control freak “English” spelling and yankee “English” comp along with me loosing interest in math when one starts mixing the alphabet with numbers did knock my scores down a point of two.

Among my ancestors is Julius Caesar, the 17 of the 25 Ensurers of the Magna Carta who have living prodigy, the England king who did the most to institute the Magna Carta reforms.

My 2nd cousin was president of the American Constitutional Convention.

I just might know a thing or two about the people’s Law.
That would be real law, the Common Law, not the legal fiction of Corporate Courts.

The law of “corporate courts” with statutory pleadings can be made to “justify” any evil thing the evil ones want to do.

The American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union was a voluntary group of independent sovereign countries where the central government was designed to be weaker than the individual “state” governments and was meant to serve the states and not the other way around.

There has never been a civil war in European American History.

Before the closet homosexual atheist rabidly raciest against African Americans

Marxist (communist in today’s English)

1938 red Russian Commie USA presidential Convention, where Lincoln was recognized as the Father of American zionism/Communism.

yankee puritan war criminal Lincoln

illegally invaded the Confederacy thereby killing both the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union

and the Constitution.

love it or hate it, if the constitution had not been killed in 1861, UNITED STATES troops would not have been allowed to invade a foreign to the Union Nation, line their troops up to gang rape little children, pregnant women, minister’s daughters, black and white, often til death.

US terrorist troops would not have been allowed to purposely starve to death tens of thousands of little children, women, old folks and other non combatants.

US terroist troops would not have been allowed to dig the dead up to rob.

US terrorist troops would not have been allowed to Holocaust tens of thousands of civilian non combatants by burning and shelling whole cities to ash and rubble.

The US “government” would not have been allowed to purposely starve to death, expose to the elements to cause death by disease Confederate POW’s

in yankee death camps like Camp Douglas in Chicago Illinois.

To Die in Chicago: Confederate Prisoners at Camp Douglas, 1862-65

Camp Douglas: Chicago’s Civil War Prison (Images of America: Illinois

Register of Confederate Soldiers who Died in Camp Douglas, 1862-65 and lie Buried in Oakwoods Cemetery, Chicago, Ills.,


I should not have to cover this but the US has told the big lie try try to cover their evil and war crimes against civilians for so long most Americans are woefully ignorant of this truth.


Secession was never considered NOT a right of any country called a state which voluntarily joined the volunteer union.

During the War of 1812 the yankee MassAss state threatened to secede from the Union.

It was not until the American Revolutionaries volunteer Union was dead along with the constitution that secession was declared “unconstitutional.Texas v. White, 74 U.S. (7 Wall.) 700 (1869), was a case argued before the United States Supreme Courtin 1869.[1] The case involved a claim by the Reconstruction government of Texas that United States bondsowned by Texas since 1850 had been illegally sold by the Confederate state legislature during the American Civil War. The state filed suit in the United States Supreme Court, which, under the United States Constitution, has original jurisdiction on certain cases in which a state is a party.

Now on to the Republic of Texas.

The Republic of Texas was formed by treaty with Mexico in 1836.

In 1847 the Republic of Texas joined the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union as a “state”.

In 1861 seeing Lincoln instituting Marxism (Communism) into the Washington DC based “central government”, Texas Voluntarily legally seceded from the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union it had Voluntarily joined.

Texas then joined the Confederacy.

When the closet homosexual atheist rabidly racist against blacks yankee war criminal Lincoln

killed the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union in 1861 replacing it with a Soviet styled Mandatory marxist military dictatorship thinly disguised as a constitutional republic, the American revolutionaries volunteer Union Texas had once been a member of was no more, dead, just a footnote in History.

When in 1865 the US using terrorism against civilians won their war crime war, Lincoln’s Communist dictatorship illegally occupied Texas for 10 years then forced a “constitution” on occupied Texicans which formed ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ occupation administration “government” on an occupied people.

The US Military has never removed their occupation troops.

The Republic of Texas, the land and Real Texicans, still exist.
The land and the people have been in a war crime illegally occupied for 159 years and counting.

In 1871 Lincoln’s dictatorship incorporated.
The Corporation has gone through several revisions but remains an international for profit corporation.



‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ is a  sub corporation of the US CORPORATION which is owned and run by the Rothschilds.

Those advocating the US CORPORATION’s SUB CORPORATION, ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ “secede” from it’s Parent Corporation “to free Texas”, are of two camps.

Those who took the 30 shekels to try to fool Real Texicans into a mind f##k where they would still be ruled by the same evil child raping scum they are now, and the camp of those perhaps well meaning Texicans who unfortunately too ignorant to successfully pour rancid horse piss out of a Texican’s cowboy boot with the instructions to do so printed in capital letters on the bottom of the heel.

Only by Real Texican kicking all the Mexico firsters, Israel firsters, 3ed world criminals the US & ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ has been over running Texas with, all yankee carpetbaggers

and their treasonous to Texicans Scalawag bitches

and reconstituting a real Republic of Texas government, court system and military will a damn thing have changed other than a meaningless mind f##k slight of hand illusion.

The move to have ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ “secede” from it’s parent corporation is a dastardly treasonous attempt to keep Texicans in slavery to the Khazarian Mafia

owned and operated by the Rothschilds.

As the prodigy of Republic of Texas folks, I say F##K ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ and the horse stolen from southerners the evil self righteous yankee war criminal occupiers rode in on!

The Ole Texican Dog!

Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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