The Occupied Republic of Texas Can Not Be Free Until The Illegally Occupying UNITED STATES CORPORATION & Their Bitch Sub Corporation ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ is Kicked Out Of Texas


The shit has to hit the fan first.

Most Texicans are dumbed down sheep like most American sheep.
The US CORPORATION, the US Empire must implode first.
That gets closer every day.
The whole world is laughing at the stupidity and ball-lessness of the American sheeple.

When Texicans hear their lambs crying in hunger, when the illegal 3ed world criminals the US Corporation and their useful bitch the legal fiction sub corporation ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’

Texicans are the new Palestinians

have forced on Texicans are roaming Texas streets, raping, robbing and slaughtering Texicans in their own homes, only then will Texicans pull their heads out of their asses.

Until then the handful of real Texicans  who understand the cluster fuck the US empire assisted by their evil bitch ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ has purposely crafted in the occupied Republic of Texas are just marking time, laying in food and ammo to defend their perimeters until the sheeple get a clue and are ready to stack the members of the illegal mobs at the curb, convene Nuremberg Common Law Courts, drag the evil guilty of making war on Texicans, the evil fuck’s useful idiot politicians, Federalized Occupation law enFORCEment leg breaker goons who have made Texicans accept the illegal invasion, slavery and US occupation, shitting their pants in front of Common Law judges and juries to receive their just rewards.

I pray God allowed me to live to see the day every light post and sturdy limb is decorated with the dangling carrion of treasonous bastards and bitches.

The Ole Dog!

Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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