Colombian drug lord arrested in New Braunfels

A Colombian drug lord was arrested in living in a “shelter” for illegal 3ed world criminals illegally invading the illegally occupied Republic of Texas.

The 2nd in command of the “Satanas” or Satans gang known to operate in Bogota, Colombia was arrested in New Braunfels  after unlawfully entering the occupied Republic of Texas from the border with Mexico.

Bogotá Metropolitan Police had been monitoring his journey through South America and the U.S.

In January, U.S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement, the illegal US CORPORATION’S  agency which US is using to flood the Occupied Republic of Texas with illegal 3ed world criminals, thieves, child rapist, women rapist, drug pushers and murderers   stopped Aderbis Segundo Pirela-Pirela near El Paso the same day he had entered the border near Eagle Pass. They issued him an order to appear before a judge as part of his deportation proceedings before turning him loose to carry on his criminal career.

New Braunfels is a suburb of San Antonio.

His arrest in New Braunfels has caused great concern to two people in San Antonio.

The SAN ANTONIO  CORPORATION  is a SUB CORPORATION of the BEXAR COUNTY CORPORATION  which is a SUB CORPORATION of ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ which is a SUB CORPORATION  of the illegally criminally militarily occupying the Republic of Texas for 158 years and counting ‘UNITED STATES CORPORATION.

the SAN ANTONIO illegally occupying CORPORATION’s top hand puppet administrator “mayor” Pendejoberg

is reported to be incensed the murdering drug lord was not staying in San Antonio instead of New Braunfels.
A fly of the wall reporter is quoted as saying “mayor” Pendejoberg threw a hissy fit demanding to know how this could happen?
He is alleged to have said after all I have done for the invading criminals!!
Haven’t I ordered the Police to not arrest them for anything short of murder, then have them turned loose so they can escape back to Mexico, cross over again using another name and identity??

Haven’t I allowed then to kidnap little children, rape women, rape little children, run over mothers and little children killing them while my illegals are drunk as a waltzing piss ant and driving illegally????

Haven’t I allowed them to steal Texicans vehicles, murder Texicans, break into their houses, shit on the sidewalks, prostitute themselves openly on the streets?

Haven’t I allowed them to live under every bridge, harass Texicans at every corner and red light demanding money???

Haven’t I allowed then to build fires under exits from I-35 weakening the concrete  so the exits are shut down with no repairs in site??

Why the hell was a celebrity illegal criminal like this in New Braunsfels and not in San Antonio????

BEXAR COUNTY CORPORATION’S “sheriff” F##K Texicans Salazar

is said to be planning an investigate to prove the illegal murdering drug lord’s “civil rights” being violated by arresting him.

As of yet there has been no reported comment from ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’  illegal occupation Corporation’s Guvnor A-Butt

on this set back to his organizations plans to replace real Texicans with illegal children raping thieving women raping murdering 3ed world criminals.

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Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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