When The Time Comes

This site was a 2nd site.

Being a military man I wanted a fall back fighting position if the main site got taken down because I told too much truth.

I knew the time was not yet for this site to be of importance because the illegally, criminally, militarily occupied for 158 years and counting Republic of Texas is filled with yankee carpetbaggers and their spawn,

Mexico Firsters

and Israhell Firsters


The prodigy of real Texican who’s ancestors were in Texas before the illegal occupation by the US which then installed an illegal sub corporation called ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ which is not a Texas government, but the occupation administration unit of the illegally in a War Crime Occupying US Corporation, are mostly dumbed down by forced attendance to the US’s Mandatory indoctrination centers which teach the lie of how wonderful yankees are and how bad Texican’s ancestors were for resisting the gang rapes of little children, pregnant women, minister’s daughters, black and white, often till death, burning grandpa & grandma to death in their own homes, armed robbery, digging up the dead to rob and other assorted war crimes against civilians.

When the US Corporation (Empire) hits the wall, then the “state governments” (sub corporations of occupying US Corporation) will be deprived of a steady supply of fiat currency to support their occupations and the backing of the US Military to keep the occupied states in line.

You are already seeing the bull shit illusion being pimped of the Rothschild’s ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ sub corporation of the Rothschild’s US Corporation “secedes” from their Rothschild’s US parent corporation, then Texicans will be free of the Rothschild’s wet dream of a One World Unelected Communist/Zionist dictatorship run by the Rothschilds.

When the US Empire hits the wall, soon I think, then this blog may be of use trying to educate Texican sheep indoctrinated with complete bull shit that they have to rid themselves completely of the albatross squatting in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Colorado and start from scratch reinstitution a real Republic of Texas government in which prodigy of all invaders which came in since 1865, all invaders from yankeeland, California, Israel (occupied Palestine) and other 3ed world shit holes will have no say in anything and most will need to be deported if they can not just to true Texican ways and be loyal to Texas.

Any ass hole who served in the occupation sub corporations of the US Corporation will need to be banned for life from holding any p[osition in the New Republic of Texas.

The ones we do not give fair trials and fair hangings to for treason against the Texican folks.

The Ole Dog!