Texas LGBTQ-centric Congregationalist church FOR PERVERTS funds transit for child MUTILATIONS

Following the passing of Senate Bill 14, which prohibits anyone under 18 from receiving so-called “gender-affirming care,” a Texas church has taken it upon themselves to raise money to shuttle children to states where puberty blockers and child genital mutilation are still legal.

The Fort Worth-based Galileo Church, which bills itself as a “quirky, LGBTQ-friendly church seeking spiritual refugees” whose first missional priority is to “do justice for LGBTQ people,” announced the creation of the North Texas Trans-portation Network in late August.

According to the NTTN website, while the non-profit is an “integrated auxiliary ministry” of the Galileo Church, it is a “non-religious organization,” meaning those who access its services or contribute needn’t believe in God or participate in religious services.

To be eligible for funding, families must live in Collin, Cooke, Dallas, Denton, Ellis, Erath, Fannin, Grayson, Hood, Hunt, Johnson, Kaufman, Navarro, Palo Pinto, Parker, Rockwall, Somervell, Tarrant, or Wise Counties. Parents or guardians also “must be legally authorized to seek medical care for the trans or gender-diverse minor.”



Reagan-Appointed Federal Judge Rules Texas Banning Trannies Grooming Little Children To Be Sexual Party Favors For Pedophiles Violates First Amendment

‘Reagan-Appointed Federal Judge Rules Texas Banning Trannies Grooming Little Children To Be Sexual Party Favors For Pedophiles Violates First Amendment’

A federal judge struck down Texas’ ban on drag performances Tuesday as a violation of the First Amendment.

U.S. District Judge David Hittner, a Reagan-appointee, found that Texas’ lawprohibiting “sexually oriented performances” on public property or in the presence of a minors “impermissibly infringes on the First Amendment and chills free speech.” The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed its lawsuit against the ban on behalf of LGBTQ+ rights advocates and drag queens on Aug. 2.

“Not all people will like or condone certain performances,” the judge wrote. “This is no different than a person’s opinion on certain comedy or genres of music, but that alone does not strip First Amendment protection.”




Texas GOP Passes Unanimous Resolution Calling For Special Legislative Session On Colony Ridge

The Republican Party of Texas unanimously passed a resolution calling on Governor Greg Abbott



to convene a special legislative session to address Colony Ridge, the massive housing development north of Houston that’s become a hub for illegal [CRIMINAL INVADERS] immigrants.

The resolution, which passed by a vote of 61-0, says a special legislative session must be convened in order to “prevent further settlement of illegal aliens in Colony Ridge and any other areas of Texas.” The power to call a special legislative session is with Abbott, who has already been urged by the state’s Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick to do the same.

The party’s resolution honed in on a number of specific concerns highlighted in The Daily Wire’s investigation of the development, noting that “the developer allows for illegal aliens to obtain loans to purchase land using Individual Tax ID Numbers (ITINs) instead of Social Security Numbers” and that Colony Ridge “has grown to an estimated 50,000 to 75,000 inhabitants and spans over 60 square miles.”

Titled “Resolution Calling for Action in Colony Ridge,” it also calls for Attorney General Ken Paxton to “initiate a full investigation into the development activities of Colony Ridge Land, LLC, and its possible connections to elected officials in the region.”

Matt Rinaldi, the Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, told The Daily Wire that Colony Ridge should be a “grave concern for all Texans,” but isn’t getting the attention it merits from elected officials in his own party.

The Occupied Republic of Texas surrounded by Not Texas with a Not Texas posted over Occupied Sodom and Gomorrah on the Colorado




‘LEGAL THEFT’: Texas police seized man’s life savings. Now the state is putting his cash on trial

Texicans are the new Palestinians
Texicans are the new Palestinians


Texicans are the new Palestinians

THE ILLEGALLY, MILITARILY OCCUPIED Republic of Texas surrounded by NOT TEXAS with NOT TEXAS over Sodom & Gomorrah on the Colorado where the OCCUPYING SUB CORPORATION of the ‘UNITED STATES’ CORPORATION, ‘THE STSTE OF TEXAS’ squats illegally and administers the RAPE, SLAVERY & ILLEGAL OCCUPATION of Texicans

Ameal Woods set off for Houston in May 2019 to buy a second tractor-trailer and expand his trucking business. His family had saved more than $40,000 to make the dream a reality, but as Woods drove through Harris County, red and blue lights flashed behind him.

A sheriff’s deputy accused Woods of following a truck too closely. The deputy didn’t give him a ticket, but he did take all of Woods’ cash.

This week, the state of Texas is heading to court to make sure Woods never gets his life savings back.

“Any time you have a financial incentive for law enforcement to take money, it’s going to create that incentive for them to do so, whether there’s crime or not,” criminal defense attorney Joseph Tully told Fox News.

Tully is not involved with Woods’ case, but he weighed in on the legal implications.

A deputy seized Woods’ money in a process known as civil asset forfeiture. It’s meant to punish and deter criminal activity by depriving criminals of property that is used in or acquired through illegal activities. But critics say it’s often abused by police and prosecutors and treats anyone who carries a large amount of cash as guilty.

The deputy said Woods’ cash was connected to drugs, but he was never ticketed, cited or arrested for a crime, argue lawyers for the nonprofit Institute for Justice, which is representing the Mississippi native.

The trial starts Monday in Harris County – four years and one day after the seizure – in State of Texas v. Approximately $41,680.00.



Inside Colony Ridge: The ‘Fastest Growing Development’ In The U.S. Is A Magnet For Illegal Criminal Invaders

Experts say growing community of illegal immigrants in Texas development invites cartel activity, is a national security issue.

PLUM GROVE, Texas — A Texas land developer has established a sprawling settlement north of Houston where thousands of illegal immigrants are believed to have settled, raising concerns among experts and elected officials that the development 400 miles in the interior of the United States could become a strategic asset for cartels.

Located in Liberty County, Texas near the small town of Plum Grove, the Colony Ridge development is a sprawling community that, based on an analysis of publicly available information, is now over 60 square miles and nearly the size of the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. Its population is estimated to be anywhere between 50,000 to 75,000, and it is growing rapidly thanks to a marketing plan targeted at Texas’ hispanic population.

The Daily Wire surveyed the development by helicopter to assess the true extent of its growth. The flight began in the wealthy Woodlands neighborhood, but it was only minutes before the designer homes and pools gave way to half-built homes, dilapidated trailers, and heaps of trash.

Houses on the ground fly the flags of foreign countries and many homes display their addresses on spray painted pieces of plywood. Many structures, some of which are not hooked up to running water, were under construction, while others were unfinished but didn’t appear to be actively getting worked on. At least one plot of land didn’t have any structures at all, just a tent in the corner, nestled between shrubs. Stray dogs without collars could be seen trotting along the side of the underdeveloped streets.



Up to 3K Migrants Poised to Cross into Texas Border Town of Eagle Pass


PIEDRAS NEGRAS, Coahuila — Up to 3,000 migrants are being staged in Piedras Negras, Coahuila, and are preparing to cross the border into Eagle Pass, Texas, on Wednesday. Breitbart Texas watched as hundreds of migrants began to form groups and crossed the Rio Grande into the United States.

From the Mexican side of the Rio Grande, Breitbart Texas observed migrants gathering by the hundreds in preparation to cross the border. The groups consist mostly of Venezuelan [ILLEGAL INVADERS ENCOURAGED TO INVADE BY US/DC]  migrants.

The migrants [ILLEGAL INVADERS ENCOURAGED TO INVADE BY US/DC] began crossing around 9 a.m. in small to medium-sized groups. Migrants [ILLEGAL INVADERS ENCOURAGED TO INVADE BY US/DC] told Breitbart they estimate as many as 3,000 migrants arrived in Piedras Negras by train after making the journey through Mexico.



El Paso, Texas ‘at a breaking point’ amid jump in migration, mayor says

The dramatic increase in migrants crossing the U.S. border from Mexico has pushed the city of El Paso, Texas, to “a breaking point,” with more than 2,000 people per day seeking asylum, exceeding shelter capacity and straining resources, its mayor said on Saturday.

“The city of El Paso only has so many resources and we have come to … a breaking point right now,” Mayor Oscar Leeser said at a news conference.

The arrival of largely Venezuelan asylum seekers is part of a larger swell of immigrants who traveled dangerous routes on buses and cargo trains to Mexican border towns near San Diego, California, and the Texas cities of El Paso and Eagle Pass.


had plummeted in recent months, and the recent rise has generated a new wave of political attacks on U.S. President Joe Biden heading into the 2024 election.

Lesser said El Paso plans to open a new shelter, and on Saturday chartered five buses to take migrants to New York, Chicago and Denver.

Republican governors in Texas and Florida have been criticized for sending migrants to cities perceived as liberal such as New York and Sacramento. But Leeser, a Democrat, said all of the migrants on the El Paso buses were going voluntarily to the cities of their choice.


Scalawag Occupation of the Republic of Texas, Sub Corporation of the US Corporation, Republic of Texas Occupation ‘STATE OF TEXAS’ Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R)- to seek audit of taxpayer money spent on Paxton impeachment


The Republic of Texas surrounded by Not Texas with a Not Texas posted over Occupied Sodom and Gomorrah on the Colorado

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R) said he would call for an audit of taxpayer money spent during the impeachment process of Texas Attorney General (R) in the Texas State House of Representatives Saturday.

“Millions of taxpayer dollars have been wasted on this impeachment,” Patrick said after votes were cast in Paxton’s Senate impeachment trial.

He added, “I’m going to call next week for a full audit of all taxpayer money spent by the House from the beginning of their investigation in March to their final bills they get from their lawyers.”

Paxton on Saturday was acquitted on all 16 of the articles of impeachment he faced, meaning he will be reinstated into office after being suspended since his House impeachment in May. He was accused of misusing his office for the benefit of a real estate developer, Nate Paul, a friend and campaign donor.


Shocking videos show Austin park littered with liquor bottles, needles and junk ‘as far as the eye can see’ as illegal homeless encampment grows

Shocking footage has exposed the scene in an Austin park filled with liquor bottles, needles, Narcan and junk ‘as far as the eye can see,’ as a homeless encampment continues to grow.

The videos were of the West Bouldin Creek Greenbelt were posted on Monday by activist Jamie Hammonds, who reports from the Texas capital on the X page @DocumentingATX.

‘Another Greenbelt destroyed here in Austin… nothing but trash and junk as far as you can see… this is absolutely horrible,’ Hammonds said, adding that the encampment was at least the size of a football field, and you could smell it ‘even before you enter the greenbelt.’

He continued: ‘This is another beautiful Austin Greenbelt that will never be the same. This is infuriating… It’s just been destroyed. It’s going to be interesting to see if the city can actually clean this.’

A cleanup of the park is reportedly underway, but it could take months.

Back in April police found stolen high-powered military weapons and ammunition in the encampment. Just days ago, a fire broke out in a nearby encampment.

It comes after more than 70 encampment inhabitants were moved by the city government to the Southbridge shelter last month, as part of the Housing-Focused Encampment Assistance Link (HEAL) Initiative, as reported by Fox News.

The city has said it closes the homeless encampments that pose ‘the highest public health and safety risks.’

Hammonds claimed he saw a squirrel eating plastic at the Greenbelt, and noted the area looked ‘as bad if not worse’ than Violet Crown Trail, which has also been overtaken by a homeless encampment.

He previously pointed the blame at Austin’s Democratic leaders, arguing that policies have driven people from the city’s streets into recreational areas.

Hammonds said that areas such as the Violet Crown Trail made city residents feel as though that they lived in a bustling city. The trail is a 30-mile long hiking and cycling area that was established in 2006.

In April, Austin resident Isabella Ricks said she was attacked in broad daylight while jogging on the trail. She escaped unharmed but said she wouldn’t returning to the trail.




Hands All Over Little Girls Biden Administration Considers Forcing Illegal Criminal Invader Families To Remain in Illegally Militarily Occupied For 158 Years & Counting Republic of Texas

A US “citizen” means one is property of the US/DC corporation under the 14th amendment.
A US citizen has no God Given Rights which are reaffirmed by the United States Constitution.
A US 14th amendment citizen has privileges allowed by the US/DC corporation.

US citizenship means one is a citizen of Washington DC


A civil war is when two or more factions fight to see who gets control of the same seat of government or power.
This was not the case in the late war criminal terrorist invasion of the Confederacy by the UNITED STATES.

The Southern states legally seceded

from the American revolutionaries Volunteer Union they had Voluntarily joined, went home

and formed their own central government.
The told the “witch” burning yankees they could shove Washington DC up their asses!

Using War Crimes against civilians such as gang rapes of children, pregnant women, minister’s daughters, black and white, often till death, burning old folks alive to death in their own homes, destroying food crops so tens of thousands of children would starve to death, digging up the dead to rob, arson on an industrial scale, thrift on an industrial scale, leveling whole cities filled with non combatant civilians, burning whole cities filled with non combatant civilians, and other assorted terroristic evil tactics, the US illegally occupied the Sovereign States and one Republic, installed occupation puppet governments, stationed occupation military occupation forces in the illegally occupied states and Republic of Texas, and have never left or stopped stealing the wealth of the folks or the natural resources of the occupied states and Republic.

The Republic of Texas surrounded by Not Texas with a Not Texas posted over Occupied Sodom and Gomorrah on the Colorado

All these 3ed world criminals are being lured here with promise of US citizenship.
US citizenship means citizenship of Washington DC.
All illegals, all former illegals who have received US citizenship who are making the occupied Republic of Texas a 3ed world shit hole where it is not safe for children to walk down a sidewalk, should be forcibly assembled, put on busses and dumped off either in front of the big white Cat House on Pennsylvania Ave, or in front of the Halls of Congress.

The Ole Texican Dog!

‘Hands All Over Little Girls Biden Administration Considers Forcing Illegal Criminal Invader Families To Remain in Illegally Militarily Occupied For 158 Years & Counting Republic of Texas’

The Biden administration is considering forcing some migrant families who enter the country without authorization to remain near the border in Texas while awaiting asylum screening, effectively limiting their ability to travel within the United States, three U.S. officials told The Times.

Administration officials have been considering the idea as a way to stem recent increases in the numbers of migrant families crossing the southern border, which reportedly reached an all-time high last month. Supporters of the remain-in-Texas idea, which has yet to be finalized, hope that it would help the administration advance its goals of quickly deporting families who fail initial asylum screenings and deterring other families from crossing in the first place.

But the proposal, which recalls President Reagan’s efforts to limit asylum seekers’ movements in the late 1980s, is likely to draw fierce opposition from immigrant rights groups and border-state officials. Since 2022, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, has bused thousands of migrants out of his state to Democrat-run cities such as Los Angeles, New York and Washington, D.C.

The Biden plan would force certain migrant families to remain in Texas — or possibly other border states — by tracking their location through GPS monitoring devices, such as ankle bracelets, according to the three officials, who were not authorized to speak publicly on the matter. The families would be put through an asylum screening process to determine whether they could stay in the U.S. and proceed with their claims. Officials have discussed working with local organizations to provide housing for the families.

If the families failed their initial screenings, they’d be easier to deport because they’d be close to the border.