Texas schools scramble for armed guards under new mandate: FBI’s False Flag Slaughter of Uvalde Children triggers controversial security measures

Heavily Armed law enFORCEment goons stood around with their thumbs up their asses for over an hour trying to give the mind controlled asset as much time to murder as many children as possible so Anti-American political whores could demand everyone turn in their private weapons.

The one sheriffs deputy who tried to go in, his wife was inside texted him she was shot and bleeding to death, the other cops tackled, dragged him outside and disarmed him.

These “brave” cops who refused to put a stop to the slaughter, instead pepper sprayed and handcuffed any parents who showed up and tried to save their children themselves.

Heavily armed Uvalde cops trying to act like Billy Bad Ass in a photo before proving they were pussies by refusing to defend the lives of children
In the end, an off duty border patrol field agent who’s child and wife were in the school took his barber’s private shotgun, you know like the private weaopons the politicians want to take away, went in without orders or in spite of orders to stand around with their thumbs up their asses, and put a stop to the slaughter of children

There was one cop admitted he had a chance to take out the shooter BEFORE he went in the school AFTER the shooter was ALREADY shooting at folks outside, but instead of saving the children’s lives, the cop got on his radio and asked permission to do his damn job. His reason for not saving 19 children’s lives was he never heard back on his radio giving him permission to do his DAMN job!

If not for occupation yankee US/DC disarmament gun control laws, there would have been armed teachers and parents in the school and if any kids would have died, it might have been one before someone blew his ass away.

Probably no kids would have died as when the shooter came in carrying a weapon and tried to point it at a kid, some parent or teacher would have blown his ass off.

Those kids died BECAUSE of political whores passing disarmament rules FORCED on occupied Texicans!

The Ole Dog!

On May 24th 2022, a gunman entered Robb Elementary School in Uvalde and took the lives of 21 students and staff. Layna Phillipps has been teaching at Adams Elementary School in Port Arthur for eight years and remembers her reaction.

“Families just being torn apart,” said Phillipps. “Like these kids, these precious kids, that’s just having to cling to life because this person decided to come in there and just do all of this to this school, it’s heart breaking and I just I don’t like seeing It.”

In response to the shooting, Texas lawmakers passed a bill requiring that all Texas schools have an armed guard by September First.

“That brings on a lot of challenges because there are not many officers out there,” said Dr. Mark Porterie, Port Arthur ISD Superintendent. “Especially when you’re talking about 1200 districts in the state of Texas.”

Many districts in Texas, including PortArthur ISD, are struggling to find guards. by that date. That’s why PAISD plans to ask the school board to pass a resolution for a ‘good cause exception’ to the deadline and use alternative security measures.

“Which may mean creating a Marshal, or an employee, or maybe a contracted individual that has had all of the courses in order to carry a handgun within a school district,” said Porterie.

State Representative Christian Manuel says he voted against the bill, saying It needed more time, more funding, and that he’s against arming teachers.




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