Embattled Texas GOP AG created ‘fake’ Uber account to secretly meet mistress: report

Seriously folks, you are surprised when a politician does crooked shit?

And what does his screwing around with some bimbo have to do with politics?
At least it was a women, not another man or children.
Most of the presidents and congress critters from DC are queers, baby rapers and such.
A male politician actually having sex with a real women is a relief!

As apposed to this kind of crap!

And at least he was smart enough screwing around to use a fake name and try to cover it up.

As for the fraud, bribes, insider trading, he openly admits he is a politician, all that crap is to be expected.

It’s not like ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ sub corporation of the US corporation is a real government of the illegally militarily criminally occupied for 158 years and counting Republic of Texas anyway.

This is just a fight between the two wings of the same carrion slurping vulture.

It is not really that big a deal to real Texicans compared to the US & ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ overrunning Texicans with Jew York yankees,

Communist Kalifornians,

Texican hating Mexico citizens,

and IsraHell Firsters.


Then there is that Scalawag ME FIRST TO CANCUN!!! Cruz

embarrassing the hell out of Texicans giving blow jobs to that red Russian Turkmen Mongolian Khazarian mongrel terrorist Nitwityahoo.

Texicans have much worse things to worry about other than some occupation administration corporation’s political whore acting like, well a politician.

The Ole Dog!

Embattled Texas GOP AG created ‘fake’ Uber account to secretly meet mistress: report

Texas Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton used an alias to summon rideshares to meet with his mistress, Tony Plohetski, Ryan Autullo, and Hogan Gore reported in the Austin American-Statesman on Wednesday.

Paxton was impeached and suspended until September 5th by Lone Star lawmakers on May 27th following accusations of “abuse of office to benefit donor Nate Paul, himself and Paxton’s alleged mistress. That led to an ongoing FBI probe and multimillion-dollar whistleblower lawsuit, with some of those Paxton staffers claiming they were fired for speaking out,” ABC News’ Olivia Osteen noted in June.

Paxton has also been under federal criminal indictment since July 2015 for securities fraud. Now, the Austin American-Statesman explains, Paxton and Paul “set up an Uber account under a fake name that Paxton used to see his mistress, revealing the extent of the men’s relationship as the FBI targeted Paul for possible mortgage fraud, a new filing in Paxton’s upcoming impeachment trial contends.”

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Paxton, the correspondents continue, “used the account — under the name ‘Dave P,’ which was jointly accessed by both men — to travel to the Pearl Lantana Apartments in Southwest Austin more than a dozen times between August and October 2020 to visit the woman, according to the filing from House impeachment lawyers.”



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