Occupation Guvnor Abutt Statement On Passage Of Historic Property Tax Cuts

“Property” taxes are slavey to the ‘STATE OF TEXAS’ which is an illegal occupying administration sub corporation to the USA/DC illegally occupying war criminal International For Profit Corporation.


A Civil War is when two or more factions try to take over the same government or seat of power.

The Southern countries called states did not try to take over Washington DC.
They told the evil “puritan” yankees to stick DC up their asses, Legally seceded

Came home and formed their own government on their own lands.

The little child, pregnant women and minister’s daughters gang raping till death USA terrorist illegally invaded, used war crimes terrorism against non combatant civilians to subjugate the Confederacy’s countries.

Legal Axion:

This means the USA can not as a terrorist war crime use terrorism against civilians to take over and occupy foreign sovereign countries, install their occupation administration sub corporations called State Governments, and EVER have these occupation administrative sub corporations EVER become legal governments of the illegally occupied Southern countries.

That said let me translate A-Butt’s announcement.

‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ sub corporation of the occupying illegally USA corporation has stolen so much wealth from occupied Texicans, we are going to use some of that wealth to do a slight of hand to make it look like we are decreasing the illegal slave tax on private property of the Texican Tax Slaves to ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ illegally occupying poison fruit of the poison tree.


The Ole Texican Dog!

Governor Abbott Statement On Passage Of Historic Property Tax Cuts

July 13, 2023 | Austin, Texas | Press Release

Governor Greg Abbott today released a statement on the Texas Legislature’s passage of historic property tax cut legislation during Special Session #2:

“I made a promise to Texans during my campaign that the State of Texas would use at least $13.5 billion from our historic budget surplus to provide substantial relief to property taxpayers across Texas. Today, we will deliver even more with over $18 billion in property tax cuts. The Texas House and Senate fulfilled our promise with an agreement that delivers a comprehensive, long-lasting solution to increasingly burdensome property tax bills. I thank my partners in the Texas Legislature for coming together to honor the best interests of hardworking Texans who want to own their property—not rent it from the government. I look forward to signing this legislation into law to provide Texans with the largest property tax cut in Texas history.”