Women Saves Taxpayers A Lot of Money-Officers Find Body of Alleged Intruder After Female Homeowner Opened Fire


I was eight years old when I figured out “news’ reporters were complete idiots.

An evil man had killed his wife, their kids and his mother in law.
He then went up in the tower at University of Texas at Austin and randomly started murdering people he had never even met.

This went on for hours until an off duty Austin police office handed a willing man his shotgun to back him up, took his .38 special service revolver in hand, climbed the stairs to the top, surprised the murderer and shot him dead as the mass murderer was turning to shoot him.

Afterwards the Austin police chief was giving an interview to news reporters.
One reported asked the chief why the officer had to kill the mass murderer who was trying to kill the officer also.
The “news” reporter asked the chief why he did not just wound the mass murderer and arrest him?

A brother told me how he told a female church member where they went to church about a women home alone, heard someone breaking in.
She got her pistol and stayed in her upstairs bedroom.
She heard the home breaker coming up the stairs, when he entered her room she shot the criminal who was taken to the city morgue.

The church women was horrified the woman had defended herself by killing the criminal who was probably going to rape and kill the homeowner.

My brother pointed out the home breaker was in a home he had not been invited into, with evil intentions.

The idiot churchwomen replied, BUT she had the pistol, she was in charge.
Why couldn’t she just wound him?

Why are idiots so worried about keeping mass murderers, thieves and rapist alive?

The Ole Dog!

‘Women Saves Taxpayers A Lot of Money-Officers Find Body of Alleged Intruder After Female Homeowner Opened Fire’

Officers responding to a burglary call in Amarillo, Texas, arrived at the scene and found the body of a 53-year-old alleged home intruder.

ABC 7 reported that the incident occurred at about 5:30 a.m. Thursday.

Police arrived and found the body of 53-year-old Cedric Milligan, whom they believe was trying to force his way into the back door of the home when the female homeowner opened fire.

News Channel 10 noted that the Amarillo homicide unit is investigating the incident.

Texas is one of many states with “Castle Doctrine” laws which allow homeowners to use deadly force in self-defense in their residence without any duty to first attempt to retreat.



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