BULLS#IT HEADSLINE FOR THE DAY-Next Gen Money, Part 1: Texas Re-Imagines The Dollar-Digital currency might be a good thing in the right hands


First, ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ is a sub corporation

of the USA/DC International for profit Corporation incorporated under British Empire law.

‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ is an illegal occupation administration corporation and not a legal government of or for the illegally and criminally occupied for 158 years, Republic of Texas.

A civil war is when two or more faction try to control the same government or seat of power.

Secession has never been against the constitution or illegal.

Anyone who says a country such as the Republic of Texas

which VOLUNTARILY joined a VOLUNTEER union, can NEVER leave said Union even when said Union is becoming a Communist Military Dictaorship

which is abusing the souls of the Republic of Texas, trying to kill said republic of Texas’s sovereignty, unjustly taxing the hell out of certain countries of the Union to party hardy by other countries in the union, one must also hold a women once married to a man, is owned by the man, is his property, and no matter how horribly the man abuses her and her children, can never divorce him in self defense.

They must also hold if she leaves him, he can hire gang raping mass murdering terrorist to go murder her relatives and children, steal everything she has, and drag her back against her will back into the torture and harm of the evil marriage.

That said, the minions running the occupation administrative corporation ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ does what the Rothschilds order them to do.

If you do not have physical gold and silver in your hands, you do not own gold and silver.
Digital currency is not money.

Even if in the beginning one were allowed to buy digital “gold backed currency” and then trade it for real gold, that is just a bait to get you used to using digital currency so you can be controlled.

In 1971 Tricky Dicky overnight defaulted on the promise to redeem US Federal Reserve notes used in international trade for gold.

When the USA set up the Social Security pyramid scam, they promised, cross their hearts and hoped to die, the social security number would NEVER be used as an identification number for ANY OTHER REASON.

A US military member’s identification number is their social security number.

Try to set up a bank account, get a credit card, buy a self defense weapon, or any other of thousands of acts and transactions today without regurgitating your social security number and see how far you get.

If the people of Texas allow this shit to happen, if they accept it, it will only be a transitional period to get you used to digital currency before the promise of being able to get gold in exchange for said digital non money currency, before the gold window is slammed shut, the Texas currency is shut down, and you are herded into using the lusted for USA Not Federal, Not a bank, and NO reserve(s) digital fiat currency.

If you except ANY digital currency, the evil Ratschild’s minion will have you by the balls, able to know anything and everything you buy, and turn your funds off electronically leaving you high and dry if you do or say ANYTHING they do not like.

The Ole Dog!

Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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