Drone Footage Shows Hordes of Illegal Criminal Invaders Approaching Texas Border


When the illegally militarily occupied by the USA CORPORATION for 158 years an counting, Republic of Texas regains her sovereignty, the trash will have to be swept of of Texas, Texas’s house cleaned so to speak.

These invaders being encouraged to invade by Washington DC

are being given Washington DC citizenship.

The ‘STATE OF TEXAS’ is an occupation sub corporation of the occupying USA/DC corporation and as such no citizenship the ‘STATE OF TESAS’ or the USA/DC has any legal binding effect or legitimacy on the Republic of Texas, and these “citizenships” granted the invaders will be worth paper to wipe their asses on one the Republic of Texas regains her freedom.

In fact, no one, or one whose ancestors entered Texas after the yankees occupied it in 1865 has a clear cut right to stay in Texas after the USA Empire and it’s sub Corporation ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ goes teats up and real Texicans start running Texas again.

The “citizenships” being handed out like teat beads at Mardi Gras are Washington DC Citizenships which means these invaders will have a choice of swimming back across the Rio Grande into Mexico or being bussed to Washington DC and dropped in from of the big white Cat House in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac.

All carpetbagger yankees

can leave on the same buses.

All Mexico Firsters

can swim back across the Rio Grande

All Israhell firsters can go to hell or any other place but Texas.

Course if some of the folks came in after 1865 can prove they are loyal to Texas and willing to lay aside their Mexico, yankee, Jew ways, and act like real humans, not communist child raping control freak f##Ks, they may be allowed to stay on a probational basis to see how deep that conversion to real Texican ways is.

The Ole Texican Dog!


Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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