The Sea Calls To My Soul From Lives Long Past

The sea calls to my soul from lives long past-
Echos reverberating from eons ago to the very last-

She calls to me and from time to time I must make the pilgrimage-
To rebuff her distant insistent call seems somehow sacrilege-

Flashes of half forgotten desperate moments bring the smell of the sea-
The burning flames leaping high above the screams of the dying come to me-

I feel the ship settling into the dark water swiftly under my feet-
Wondering if it is now my time, this time, my Creator to meet-

But then again it is a moon lite night with gentle waves lapping upon the sand-
The indescribable feeling which comes with a passionate woman’s moaning demand-

Glimpses of children playing in the emerald foaming surf as it comes crashing down-
They look at me as if to call to one they know, then disappear back into the mist without a sound-

And yes sometimes at night when I look at the ocean of stars shimmering in the purple sky-
They call to me of times in other universes, in far more distant lives gone by!

The Ole Dog!

Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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