Huge Block Of Gulf Of Mexico Auctioned For Oil Drilling, Infuriating Biden’s Climate Activists-While Stealing The Occupied Republic of Texas’s Natural Resorces for Rome (Washington DC)


Hands all over little Girls Biden plays like he is pissed the USA is stealing the Occupied Republic of Texas’s oil and actioning them off to the Corporations he works for.

I AM pissed the USA/DC International for profit Corporation


Has been illegally occupying the occupied Republic of Texas for 158 years and counting, all the while stealing Texas’s Natural resources to fund the yankee

and now Jew party

in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac.

By the way, ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ is a sub corporation of the USA/DC corporation and does not belong in the Occupied Illegally Republic of Texas either!

The Ole Texican Dog!