Tennessee Boys Show Texican Badge Toting Cowards How It Is Done.

Remember Uvalde, Occupied Republic of Texas?

Remember how over one hundred law enFORCEment badge toting tactical gear dressed goons stood around for over an hour trying to give a shooter as much time as they could so he could kill as many kids as he could so the whores in Austin and DC could pass more communistic rules taking more self defense weapons from Americans?

Remember how instead of rushing in and putting a stop to things, they stood around outside pepper spraying, tackling and handcuffing any parents which tried to save their own children while the cops stood around outside trying to let as many kids get murdered as possible so more communistic gun “control” measures could get passed?

If not for yankee gun control communistic rules being in place in Texas, there would have been armed teachers and armed parents in that school who would have put an end to this thing before it got started.

Instead, disarmed teachers cowered in their classrooms with children made easy defenseless targets by USA yankee gun control rules.

Hell as it turns out one cop had a clear shot at the killer BEFORE he enter the school, but he radioed to get “permission” to shoot an armed ass hole who was already shooting at people outside and no one radioed back to give him permission to do his damn job!

The one cop who tried to stop it, his fellow law enFORCEment goons dragged out of the school, disarmed and restrained him.

Now either this was a false flag set up to pass more Communistic God Given Self Defence stealing rules called “gun control”, or Texas has some of the most stupid, most ball-less cowardly ass holes toting badges the world has ever seen.

After watching the video below of how the cops in Tennessee handled the same type situation and the speed they did so, it made me recall when we Texicans did the Alamo, we had to get some help from Tennessean boys.

Seems to me perhaps we Texicans should fire all Texas badge toters from the top to the bottom and replace them with cops from Tennessee.

And hold trials for murder of all them cops who stood around in Uvalde jerking off and strutting around with their military looking semi-auto rifles for the cameras ,

and their bosses.

The Ole Texican Dog!