Plan to INJECT toxic Ohio wastewater underground in Texas alarms locals


One hundred and fifty eight years after mass murdering Texican women and children to illegally occupy the Occupied Republic of Texas, and the mass murdering yankees are still trying to mass murder Texicans.

The Ole Dog!

(Natural News) Residents and local officials of Harris County, Texas, have sounded the alarm after learning that the now-contaminated water used to extinguish the fiery aftermath of the Norfolk Southern train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, has been transported to their neighborhood for disposal.

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo noted at a press conference on Thursday, Feb. 23, that 500,000 gallons of the wastewater had been delivered to the city of Deer Park for disposal. The county learned about the delivery of the wastewater just a day earlier.

Let em fill the swimming pool and inject the Hazardous waste water  in the EPA  chief’s back yard

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Author: John C Carleton

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