ME FIRST!!!! Cowardly Scalawag Cancun Cruz Lied

As the Children of the Occupied Republic of Texas from freezing died-
ME FIRST!!!! Cowardly Scalawag Cancun Cruz Busted by Texaicans lied-

He blamed his daughters because he left children freezing in Texas and ran-
So he could drink frosted alcoholic drinks on sunny Cancun beaches to work on his tan-

If only ME FIRST!!!! had not taken many a behind the back bribe then bailed-
From International corporations to weaken the Texas electrical grid so that it failed-

The little children would not have died crying in freezing pain-
Their parents attempts to somehow keep them warm and alive so in vain-

While ME FIRST!!! Cruz ordered another salted margarita-
Then secretly slipped his private phone number to the bar maid señorita-

Called on the carpet for his dishonesty, dishonor, ME FIRST!!! Cruz explained his cowardly acts thus-
To the grieving parents of frozen dead children who at ME FIRST!!!! Cruz did cuss-

You are peons, I thought you knew-
I am better than you!!!!

The Ole Dog!


Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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