American Terrorists: Lincoln’s Armies in the South-Book




The “history” of the yankee war when the USA illegally invaded the South taught In USA “government” indoctrination centers called “public schools”, and the fictional movies produced by Holly Whore on the subject, are 100% USA Grade A Bull S#it.

A civil war is when two or more factions fight over control of the same government or seat of power.
This did not happen 1861-1865.

The Southern people tired of the communistic control freak yankees using Washington DC to steal the wealth of the Southern countries or States and “redistribute” it to the yankee countries or States, legally seceded from the Volunteer Union of the American Revolutionaries the Southern Countries or states had Voluntarily joined, went home and formed their own central government, a confederation, leaving Washington DC to the yankees.

After subduing the legal governments of the Southern people with terrorism which makes today’s ISIS look like pikers and choir boys, the yankee sent their worst scum to the south to finish stealing everything of value and to occupy the Southern lands, illegally.

They were and are called carpetbaggers.


At Barnes and Nobel and Amazon, the book shows to be “out of stock”.
I imagine “out of stock” looks better than we banned the book because it has way too much truth in it.

I found it listed for sale at the below site.

It is a hard book to read if you have any humanity in you because of the evil done by the USA yankee to a people who just wanted to be left alone by the evil cowardly thieving child and pregnant gang raping till death yankee terrorist.

Stupidity is genetic.
Ignorance is a choice.
Do not be ignorant.
Educate yourself.

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Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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