Exclusive — Cancun Ted Cruz Who’s wife Is a One Worlder Over Run America with Illegal Invaders Propionate “Caves” to Democrat Amy Klobuchar on Media Cartel Bill


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has caved to the Democrats on legislation that would allow media organizations to create formal cartels to negotiate with Big Tech companies, several congressional aides and others familiar with the process told Breitbart News on Wednesday.

If Cruz goes forward with his plans to back—and allow the senate to advance—the legislation, then he will immediately become one of the biggest enablers of the establishment media and Big Tech giants and he could seriously jeopardize his political future.

Cruz, who had previously jammed up a committee markup on the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA) a few weeks ago, has now decided to give Klobuchar what she wanted and allow the Democrat proposal to proceed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee to eventually be considered by the full U.S. Senate.

Several aides on both sides of the JCPA fight familiar with the matter told Breitbart News on Wednesday that Cruz caved to Klobuchar and has agreed to changes to language he offered in an amendment to allow the bill to advance. When questioned repeatedly about it on Wednesday, Cruz’s office did not deny these aides’ characterization.

Cruz himself has not replied to inquiries from Breitbart News sent over text directly to the senator. Several Cruz staffers have refused to answer whether he cut a deal with Klobuchar, and they have refused to make the senator available for an interview to explain himself.

A Cruz spokesperson would only provide, when asked detailed and serious questions about the possibility of a deal and what form the deal would take, a generic statement claiming that Cruz opposes censorship of conservatives–something that would be inherently untrue if he votes for or simply even just enables Senate consideration of this legislation.

“Sen. Cruz is a fierce defender of the First Amendment and free speech and he will always fight to prevent Americans from being censored or silenced,” the Cruz spokesperson told Breitbart News.

Despite Cruz’s office’s refusal to answer specific questions about this, the Senate Judiciary Committee is considering the JCPA again—for the third week in a row—on Thursday. Late Wednesday, the committee circulated a clarifying amendment that does exactly what the various committee aides told Breitbart News that Cruz had caved to Klobuchar on: Alters the original Cruz amendment text, and removes things that Klobuchar said she could not support.

The office of Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA), who had previously undercut the broader bill to back Cruz’s amendment three weeks ago in committee, confirmed that Cruz caved to Klobuchar on record to the Daily Caller News Foundation. Proponents of the JCPA—like Kennedy, and now Cruz—have falsely claimed it would help conservatives fight back against Big Tech. The legislation does no such thing as, among the serious structural problems, it has included no favored nations clause contained in it, which means that a group of media companies could get together on their own and negotiate a sweetheart deal with a big tech company but that deal would not apply to every media company.

Kennedy’s office said in a statement to that publication:




Overwhelmed El Paso BEGS Biden for help: Kind-hearted locals say they can’t keep up with influx of Illegal Criminal Invaders pouring over border – and that President Hands all over little girls Biden is ignoring them

Maybe if they were rich yankees from Martha’s Vineyard Hands all over little girls Biden would do something!

Perhaps Bexar County “sheriff” Javier F##K Texicans Salazar will invite them all to his house.

Overwhelmed El Paso BEGS Biden for help: Kind-hearted locals say they can’t keep up with influx of migrants pouring over border – and that President is ignoring them

  • Biden’s border crisis is sending thousands of migrants to El Paso every week, according to local officials
  • The families show up in the tiny border town hungry and in need of clothes from local Good Samaritans 
  • Food banks and rescue missions are at breaking point; the shelves are bare but shelters are full 
  • Politicians say they fear the worst is yet to come, with Biden refusing to crack down on the crisis 
  •  Florida’s Ron de Santis says shipping criminal invaders to yankeeland  calls the bluff of woke politicians promoting sanctuary cities. 

Kind-hearted volunteers running food banks and shelters in the border town of El Paso are begging the Biden administration to help them ease the crisis they have created by allowing thousands of migrants to enter the country every week.

The crisis at the border is escalating to such an extent that 1,050 migrants, predominantly from Venezuela, are arriving every day. They are overwhelming the town, whose residents have always welcomed migrants and provided them with food and resources but who are now struggling to keep up with the demand.

In an impassioned plea for help on Wednesday, the CEO of the Rescue Mission of El Paso, a religious shelter which welcomes the homeless, said no one from Washington DC had been in touch.

He said the sheer volume of people turning up every day is straining the shelter, and that staff fear they cannot feed and clothe everyone who needs it.

The food banks have bare shelves and shelters are bursting with beds. Cots have now been set up in the chapel at the rescue mission to accommodate the extra people.




Bexar County Sheriff Elected To Protect Texican Bexar County Folks Exposes Himself as a Texican Hater

Bexar Country “sheriff” Javier F##K Texicans Salazar has shown his necked ass, and it is not a pretty sight.

Bexar County Sheriff Javier F##K Texicans Salazar said the investigation will look into the suspected activities of a Venezuelan being paid a “bird dog fee to recruit” the illegal immigrants from an area around a San Antonio migrant resource center to go to Florida.

“As we understand it, 48 migrants were lured—and I will use the word ‘lured’—under false pretenses into staying at a hotel for a couple of days,” Salazar said at a press conference.

“At a certain point they were shuttled to an airplane where they were flown to Florida and eventually flown to Martha’s Vineyard, again under false pretences, is the information that we have,” he added.

Salazar said that on the promise of work and further assistance they were taken to Martha’s Vineyard “for little more than a photo op, video op” and “unceremoniously stranded” there.

Bexar County Sheriff’s Office said on Twitter it is working with private attorneys for the victims and advocacy organizations as part of its investigation, as well as getting ready to cooperate with federal agencies which have concurrent jurisdiction.

With all the children getting raped in Bexar county, with all the women getting raped in Bexar County, with all the murders, carjacking, armed robberies, theft, destruction of private property and illegal invaders turning Bexar County and San Antonio roads and streets into demolition derbies, he comes out talking s#it about investigating how 50 illegal invaders he should have arrested and deported himself ended up embarrassing the hell out of the talking out their ass hypocritical rich cock sucker yankees in Martha’s Vineyard.

The yankees who seem to love it as illegals rape little children and women in the South the way the yankees ancestors did 1861-1865.

So DeSantis from Florida being a smart cookie saw a chance to make the Martha’s Vineyard filthy rich Southern folks hating hypocrites very very happy by bringing a handful of the millions of third world criminal invaders of the South to yankeeland’s playground of the vulgarly rich and hypocritical criminal element at Martha’s Vineyard.

But contrary to what they been SAYING, the descendants of the hypocritical witch burning and little Southern child gang raping to death yankees S#it their unmentionables when they got a trickle of the flood of 3ed world criminals over running the Southern border countries.


When the Florida governor shipped 50 illegal invaders lured to Florida by the yankees to yankeeland’s Martha’s Vineyard Island playground of the very corrupt, hypocritical and rich, the residents s#it their unmentionables, said nasty dirty things about DeSantis, locked their doors, grabbed their pistols they say no one else should be allowed to have and called the National guard out.

Now when he did not need to, the Bexar county “sheriff” Javier  F##K Texicans Salazar with all the crime being done against Texicans in San Antonio and Bexar County choses to play politics of the side of the evil Anti-American butt holes trying to over run America with illegal 3ed world criminals who hate Americans and have no plans to assimilate into American traditions and society who are a wave of criminal invaders making war against Texicans while “sheriff” Javier  F##K Texicans Salazar tries to protect the illegal criminal invaders from Texicans defending themselves from the crime wave and illegal invasion.

He has shown himself to not be a Texican sheriff, but a political clown in an undeserved uniform.

Now, when I took my University entrance exam upon graduating high school some 40 years back when Americans were a hell of a lot smarter than the current crop, I scored in the top 97% of the whole damn country in areas like law, government administration, economics and military matters.

That means I am the top cream on top of the huge container of milk of the country when it comes to knowing how things get done in politics.

Add to that my great-grandfather types such as, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar,  Mark Anthony William the Conquerer, Henry the 2nd,  Edward the First and the 17 of the 25 Ensurers of the Magna Carta   were some of the very best at knowing how to get political things done, often with blackmail.

Don’t think my cousins George Washington and George Patton were not masters of blackmail if it were needed to get things done

Now whether one believes in genetics or reincarnation making one who they are and giving them the skills they have, I have a 1st rate political pedigree and the damn test scores to back it up.

I have a devious mind which understands the hooking of greedy little honor less  fish.
When I graduated from high school the local congressman offered  West Point on a silver platter.
When I was in my late 20s and 30s, my third cousin on my mother’s side was running Washington DC.

I had every opportunity to get my teeth firmly clamped down on the public teat.
I had an honorable father who taught me much.
Plus I like to be able to look I a mirror without the desire to cut my own throat.
I tried to this life just hide out in the crowd.
But it seems God and my ancestors  will have none of that.

Comes a time when one gets on their knees or speaks up against evil.
When I was still in school I had the belief it is better to be a dead lion than a live mouse.
Mexican General Emillio Zapata said the same thing in different words:

“I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees”.

Unfortunately for me trying to hide out in the crowd, my ancestry contains  no sheep blood.

Thus I find myself having to get on my knees and allow blackmailed political clowns destroy what was once a decent place and culture, or stand up and speak up against the evil overrunning this country with blackmailed and bribed minions committing treason against my people.

So why would a Bexar county sheriff who’s county is being overrun with 3ed world criminals who are invading under the protection of Washington DC waste his time trying to stop someone from showing what hypocritical clowns  the yankee’s cheering for the South being overrun with a flood of raping murdering thieving illegal invaders, instead of trying to protect Texicans from the crime spree of the illegal invaders, try to help facilitate the invasion of the very people who elected him to protect them?

Blackmail and bribes.
The carrot of bribes and the blackmail of the stick.

Now I personally don’t know what they have on Bexar County Sheriff Javier F##K Texicans Salazar, but pedophilia is one of their favorite and most powerful blackmail tools.
Bribes are used also, starting out seeming small, insignificant to one without honor who sees no problem doing chump change favors against their oath and the people who elected them for chump change bribes.

Then the favors asked and the amounts of the bribes increase until one day the politician wakes up and realizes the are a hooked fish, they are owned lock, stock and barrel.

Then when they are ordered to do some treasonous thing and they resist, they are reminded of all the dirt which is hanging over their head.

This is the way Business is done in DC
Most DC politicians are baby rapers.
They are stupid and got themselves videoed raping children.
When their master demands they do treason against Americans by passing a slave making law, if they say:

Why I could not do that!
The voters would not like that law.

The blackmailing master says:

You know, be a damn shame if that Vedio of you raping little children “accidentally” got released on YouTube!

The blackmailed political whore says:


Whether it be proof of bribes or pedophilia, that is how their masters make them commit treason against the people who voted them in.

The Ole Texican Dog!

This Is Not Bail Reform, This Is Insanity-180 individuals in Harris County have been killed by a person released on a felony bond since 2018

Texicans are living under yankee occupation “government”, yankee occupation kangaroo courts, and yankee occupation laws which allow scum to prey on Texicans because thats how the occupying sub corporation ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ of the USA occupying corporation wats things.

The USA illegally invaded the South because they were evil and wanted to steal; the wealth of the South and build an Empire, which is now dying.


The evil child gang raping till death yankee did not beat the Southern armies on the battlefield, they subjugated the people with terrorism against women, children and old unarmed  men which makes ISIS look like Sunday school teachers.

The Love of God, the compassion of Jesus, seems missing in action with the War Criminal USA Military
Translation-As we War Criminal yankee puritans can not even with 3 to 1 odds beat the Texicans on the battlefield, we will use terrorism against women children and unarmed old men


The evil yankee has NEVER left the Occupied Republic of Texas.

Texicans have never again been allowed to have their own government, military, courts or laws.

The Republic of Texas surrounded by Not Texas with a Not Texas posted over Occupied Sodom and Gomorrah on the Colorado

Texicans will only be free and our children safe to walk down a sidewalk without some pedophile grabbing them when Texas kicks the USA’s yankee occupying ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ out of Texas.


And those who help to subjugate Texicans like the turncoat “king” Herod of Judea who was the occupation Guvnor of Judea during Jesus’s time.


Occupation makes slaves of the occupied.
No man is free who is subjected to an occupation “government” and forbid to form his own form of governance.

The fruit of the poison tree is poison.
The yankee can not use terrorism agains civilians, a war crime, to take control of Texas, put an occupation “government’ in place and magically have that occupation ‘government become legal, moral, right or just.

The Ole Texican Dog!

‘This Is Not Bail Reform, This Is Insanity’

Last Wednesday, 37-year-old Omar Ursin went to pick up take-out for his family. Witnesses reported that as Ursin was driving down Medera Run Parkway in northeast Harris County, Texas, another car pulled alongside and fired one or more shots into Ursin’s car. When police arrived, they found Ursin had crashed into a tree in the median and was dead. The district attorney charged Ahsim Taylor and Jayland Womack, both 20, with Ursin’s murder.

Sadly, this would be all too common a story in Harris County as of late. Over the last two years, we have been averaging almost two murders per day in Harris County. But there are two details which make this crime stand out.

First, Ursin was a Precinct 3 constable deputy. He was off duty at the time. At this point, we do not know if his murder was related to him being a law enforcement officer.

Second, both Taylor and Womack were out on bail, pending trials for other felonies. Murder, to be specific. Taylor had been charged with capital murder because he killed someone during a robbery. Womack was charged with a killing that occurred during a drug deal.

Taylor’s bond was originally set at $220,000 by a magistrate, but Judge Amy Martin lowered it to $95,000. Womack’s initial bond was set by Judge Greg Glass at $35,000 but later increased to $75,000 because of violations of this pre-trial release. These bonds were granted by each of the judges, notwithstanding the substantial evidence against the accused.

Both defendants were able to make bond and were released from custody. Traditionally, bail bondsmen have required 10% to provide a bond. Because of increased competition, many bond companies have been discounting their fees. So, these two alleged murderers were able to secure their freedom for no more than about $18,000, and probably substantially less. As a result of them being out on bond instead of inside Harris County’s jail, Ursin’s 7-year-old daughter no longer has a dad.



Apocalyptic El Paso: Shocking photos show 1,000 migrants sleeping on border city’s streets which now resemble ‘a third-world country’ with no sanitation

  • Nearly 1,000 migrants have been released in El Paso in the past week, as the border crisis continues 
  • Many have been left sleeping on the street without access to toilets or showers, causing vile conditions
  • Surge of migrants, mostly from Venezuela, has overwhelmed Border Patrol across Texas 
  • With facilities overwhelmed, many are being dropped off near bus stations and left to fend for themselves 
  • ‘It’s almost apocalyptic,’ says US Rep. Tony Gonzales, with El Paso also likened to a third world country 

A humanitarian crisis is deepening in the Texas border town of El Paso, where nearly 1,000 migrants have been released to sleep on the streets amid a surge of illegal crossings that is overwhelming Border Patrol facilities.

Following a large influx of migrants, primarily from Venezuela, Border Patrol facilities and shelters in the west Texas town have been overwhelmed in recent days, leading to a flood of so-called ‘street releases’.

Congressman Tony Gonzalez, a GOP US Representative, told the New York Post: ‘We’ve never seen anything like this.

‘It’s a scene that you would see in a third-world country, not in the streets of El Paso.’

It has led to scenes of misery, with hundreds of migrants sleeping on the streets without access to toilets or showers, and residents say that the ‘smell of human waste is overwhelming in the area,’ according to KVIA-TV.

‘There’s nothing safe about having people roaming the streets, it’s almost apocalyptic,’ Gonzales,  who represents part of El Paso, told the ABC affiliate.

‘I’d argue that we’re very compassionate people, people who want to give the shirt off their back, but when there’s no end in sight, it’s just not fair,’ said Gonzales.

The situation in El Paso comes days after the Biden administration officially extended special protections for Venezuelans, known as Temporary Protected Status, that shield some of them from deportation.

News of the grim situation in El Paso comes a day after migrants in Eagle Pass, 450 miles east along the border, were reported to have killed a guard dog and begun eating animals in desperation.

Just shy of 200,000 illegal immigrants were intercepted crossing the southern border in July, according to the most recent CBP figures available.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has begun bussing thousands of migrants to so-called sanctuary cities including New York, Washington DC and Chicago, where leaders there have moaned about struggling to cope with them.

But El Paso – the sixth largest city in Texas – is one of a number of border areas facing an exponentially worse crisis. It has a population which is 81 percent Hispanic and relies heavily on the petroleum industry for local jobs – but is also home to a large medical center and university. The average house there costs $203,000.





Texas teacher who was FIRED for telling students ‘don’t judge people for wanting to have sex with 5-year-olds’

Texas teacher who was FIRED for telling students ‘don’t judge people for wanting to have sex with 5-year-olds’ and asking them to call pedophiles ‘minor attracted persons’ in disturbing classroom clip posted to TikTok

  • A high school teacher who appeared to defend pedophilia to her students has been fired by her Texas school board
  • In an 18-second clip uploaded to TikTok, Franklin High School teacher Amber Parker is heard urging her students to call pedophiles ‘Minor Attracted Persons’ 
  • Parker, 53, taught English at the El Paso school
  • The school district was immediately informed of the incident, an investigation was launched leading to Parker’s suspension and subsequent firing

A Texas teacher has been fired after she was caught on tape instructing students not to use the word ‘pedophiles’, but instead use the term ‘minor attracted persons’.

Amber Parker, 53, who taught English at Franklin High School in El Paso, was sacked from her job after making the comments in class which were captured on video and subsequently shared to social media.

During the 18-second long clip that was posted to TikTok, the teacher can be heard telling students: ‘Stop calling them that.

‘You’re not allowed to label people like that. Stop it, Diego. We’re not gonna call them that.’

Parker can be heard instructing her English students in the clip: ‘We’re gonna call them MAPs, minor attracted persons. So don’t judge people just because they wanna have sex with a five-year-old.’






Texas Teenager With Shotgun Takes Down Two Home Invaders, One Escapes


A 17-year-old boy in Texas fatally shot two men Friday night who allegedly tried to break into his home, according to local authorities.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office received a report of the home invasion at about 10:40 p.m. Their investigation found that three armed men, wearing masks, allegedly attempted to break into a home in Channelview, a suburb east of Houston, the office wrote in a press release.

An adult woman, a 12-year-old boy and two 17-year-old boys were inside the home at the time of the attempted break-in. Upon realizing the men were trying to come inside, one of the 17-year-olds grabbed a shotgun. He fired it at the alleged burglars several times, striking two of them, according to the press release.

The third suspect fled the scene in an unidentified dark colored, four-door sedan without injury, the press release added.

When law enforcement arrived, they found the two men unresponsive and suffering from gunshot wounds. They were both pronounced dead at the scene by emergency management personnel, according to the sheriff’s office.