Federal Court Strikes Down Texas Ban On Young Adults Carrying Guns In Public


There has never been a civil war in American history, the USA invasion of the South in 1861 was a war crime in which the USA used terrorism against civilians to include USA “soldiers” lining up to gang rape little children and pregnant women to death.

The Republic of Texas has been illegally occupied with her people’s God Given Rights of self protection and going armed suppressed by ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ which is not a legal governmnet of the occupied Republics;ic of Texas but an illegal occupation force, a sub corporation of the USA Corporation which has illegally militarily occupied the Republic of Texas for 158 years and counting.

Before the illegal occupation of the Republic of Texas all Texicans were armed.

Children, women and men.
If someone murdered someone, they hanged their asses.
If  someone used a weapon in a robbery and they did not hang their asses they sent them to a hell hole prison so when they got out they would not make that mistake again, or leave Texas before repeating the mistake.

When the yankee invaded, set up their puppet occupation “government”, they started making rules stealing Texican’s God Given Rights to self defense without government intervention, disarming Texicans.

In recent years in dribbles and squirts they have given Texicans privileges to be armed, with a whole freight train of restrictions when and where a Texican can defend themselves or family from repeat criminals the Austin occupiers keep turning loose on Texicans and illegal Mexico citizens who like to rape women and children when they are not stealing stuff.

Before you read this about the NOT  Texas “THE STATE OF TEXAS’ again trying to disarm Texicans, allow me to tell you a couple of Texas stories.

My grandfather on the right with my four uncles and my father on the left, was born in 1866.

Above, my grandfather and grandmother as young couple with their first three children.
Her father was a medical doctor in Texas as well.

When he was nine years old his Confederate Veteran father who had been a soldier and a Chaplin in the Confederate army, who was as well as a circuit riding minister, a trained medical doctor had a drug store in Llano Texas.

My great Grandfather William Lewis Carlerton seated left, my great grandmother Margret Tucker Carleton seated right

They lived outside of town with no close houses.
There were two wagon roads leading out to the main wagon road like spokes in a wheel.

One day my grandfather heard some wagons coming down the road, he and his dog walked down one of the roads to the main road to see the wagon train pass.

The front wagon had a yankee carpetbagger in it.

The evil smart ass self righteous yankee got down, called my grandfather’s dog over and tied it to his wagon.

My grandfather said, mister, that is my dog.

The yankee scum said now he is mine.
The people in the wagons behind him said don’t steal the boy’s dog.

The ass hole yankee said I told you I was going to get a good dog before we got there, got in his wagon and drove off.

My grandfather ran back to the house, got a double barreled 12 gauge shotgun, ran out the other road to get ahead of the wagons.
When the wagons came around the corner, my grandfather was standing in the middle of the road.
He pointed the shot gun at the yankee scum, pulled both hammers back, so mad he was crying told the yankee scum if he did not let his dog go, he was going to kill his ass.

The sorry assed yankee carpetbagger got down very carefully and untied my grandfather’s dog, very carefully got back in his wagon and left, without a dog.

When he was 16 years old, he was attending a one room school house.
The community had hired a very big bodied yankee carpetbagger as a school teacher.
his first day he wanted to show them who was boss but having very small balls picked a young girl who he knew her father was dead.

He found some small infraction of the rules and called her up front and was whipping her long and hard.

There was one boy older than my grandfather, both stood up and told the teacher to stop the whipping, it had been more than enough.

The yankee bully held a grudge and when the teacher’s pet and my grandfather got into a fight on the playground which the teacher’s pet started, the cowardly bully yankee was going to whip my grandfather but not his pet who started the fight.
So my grandfather quit school.

About a week later my grandfather was delivering some medicine to one of his dad’s patients driving my great grandfather’s one horse hack he used to make house calls.
He drove about a block from the school, the teacher’s pet came down with the other kids to finish the fight.
My grandfather got out and they went for it.

The cowardly yankee bully teacher saw them and came running down yelling “Will Carleton I am going to whip you”.

He was much larger than my 16 year old grandfather so grandfather climbed up in to the hack.
The cowardly bull yankee carpetbagger teacher started climbing up into the hack also.

He thought better of his actions when my grandfather pulled a Colt .45 Peacemaker from under the seat, stuck the barrel into one of the yankee’s nostrils and cocked the hammer.
He ran back to the school so fast this own heels were hitting his own ass.

He did not tell his dad but someone did.
His dad called him in and asked what happened.
Then he went to the schoolhouse and told the cowardly bully yankee teacher:

My son had to quit school because you are a bully and unfair.
He is not your pupil any longer.
He is a boy, you are a man.
If you ever mess with him again you will be facing me, and I am a man.
Do you understand me?

The cowardly bully carpetbagger yankee understood perfectly and there never was any more trouble between him and my grandfather.

A bit later they were in a town, Blanco, Texas which had a water supply which was questionable to some folks way of thinking .
About half the town wanted to move the whole town across the river  to where they though would be a better water supply and about half wanted to stay put.

My great grandfather wanted to stay put and he was a ring leader on that group.
The other side knew if he was out of the way the rest would fold.
They made their brag they were going up to my great grandfather’s drug store and kill him.

The rode up on horseback, my grandfather’s brothers took positions with their weapons and my great grandfather walked out to talk with them with his hand in his overcoat pocket in which was his Colt.

The men talked a while, turned their horses and rode away.
When they got back to their gathering hole men started making fun of them saying, you bragged you were going to go up there and kill the old man, he ain’t dead and your here.

They told them, we located every one of the boys position but Will (my grandfather), we kew he was around but never could locate him.

He had been up on the roof behind the false store front with a lever action repeating rifle and the men who came to kill showed good sense not trying anything.

I grew up a preachers kid in the Texas hill country.
At 15 years I took down 200 foot of barbed wire fence and cedar post on a motorcycle doing 70 miles per hour.

After a lengthy stay in a San Antonio hospital, I was back home with one arm still in a cast and a revolver under my shirt behind my belt.

At the picture show an older guy who was bigger than my brother just older than him who was a Karate trained guy  was drunk and trying to start some shit with my brother over a girl.
He told my brother he was going to pick him up, throw him on a cut off telephone post and break his back.

Grinning up at him sitting on his motorcycle , my brother  buckled the strap on his crash helmet to use as a weapon, looked over at me and patted his waist line in front.

Well hell, I dragged that revolver out, eared back the hammer, pointed it between the drunks eyes and explained he was not going to hurt my brother.

The drunk sobered up and calmed down in a flash.

Later my brother said he was only asking me if I had it on me.
He should have known I did!

Some years later the brother of the same brother’s ex girlfriend came up to our house to start some trouble.
He always wanted to kill someone and talked about killing someone.

My brother went outside to talk to him while I sat on the edge of the arm of the couch just inside the screen door reading the Sunday comics with our fathers lever action 30-30 rifle. leaned just out of sight but real handy.
The want to be bad man knew me well enough to know even if he could not see a weapon, I damn well had one and if he tried to drag his revolver out I would have had him kicking on the sidewalk before he had it leveled at my brother.

There are good people and bad people in this world, disarm the good people and the bad people who don’t give a flying trapeze about disarming laws will use weapons to rob, rape and murder.

When the good people are armed as well, many a want to be bad man will mind his manners.

The Ole Texican Dog!


A federal judge has struck down a Texas law preventing individuals aged 18 to 20 years from carrying handguns in public, in the first major court ruling on Second Amendment rights since the Supreme Court recognized a constitutional right to carry firearms in public for self-defense.

Previously, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit upheld the state law, but that was before the Supreme Court issued its landmark ruling.

The Supreme Court voted 6–3 on June 23 in New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen to strike down New York state’s tough concealed-carry gun permitting system on constitutional grounds. At the same time, the court found that laws preventing law-abiding individuals from carrying firearms in public for self-defense cannot be upheld unless they are consistent with the nation’s historical firearm regulation traditions.

Before the ruling, laws in New York and seven other states required applicants to demonstrate “proper cause” in order to obtain a license to carry a concealed handgun in public. But the high court’s ruling declared that New York’s proper-cause requirement—and by extension, the laws of the other seven states—violated the 14th Amendment by preventing law-abiding citizens with ordinary self-defense needs from exercising their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms in public for self-defense.

Some states like Maryland rescinded their proper cause requirement but other blue states have been slow to comply or have resisted the decision outright. Since the ruling, civil rights activists have filed several lawsuits aimed at reining in gun restrictions they argue are not consistent with Bruen.

On Aug. 25, in a lawsuit filed in November of last year, Judge Mark Pittman of the U.S. District Court in Fort Worth, Texas, ruled that the Texas law violates the Bruen precedent. Texas officials had argued that historical analogs justify the law.

“The issue is whether prohibiting law-abiding 18-to-20-year-olds from carrying a handgun in public for self-defense is consistent with this Nation’s historical tradition of firearm regulation,” Pittman, a Trump appointee, wrote in his opinion (pdf) in Firearms Policy Coalition Inc. v. McCraw, court file 4:21-cv-1245.

“Based on the Second Amendment’s text, as informed by Founding-Era history and tradition, the Court concludes that the Second Amendment protects against this prohibition. Texas’s statutory scheme must therefore be enjoined to the extent that law-abiding 18-to-20-year-olds are prohibited from applying for a license to carry a handgun.”