OCCUPATION of Republic of Texas Guvnor A-butt ‘has eyes on White Cat House run’ as his plan to bus illegal migrants from border to US Capitol in Washington DC proves popular with GOP voters


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  • GOP strategists suspect Texas Gov. Greg Abbott may run for president in 2024
  • They allege his operation to bus illegal migrants to D.C. was the first step towards pushing his presidential campaign agenda 
  • ‘Gov. Abbott is increasing his name ID and pushing on issues important to the base and thereby putting himself in a position to run,’ strategist Doug Heye said
  • The analysts also claim the move has been well supported in the polls  
  • By Saturday, Texas had transported four busses to the Capitol 
  • Several Republican lawmakers have thrown their support behind the migrant bussing, including Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. James Comer
  • Abbott has not yet indicated if he intends to run for president, noting his current priority is being reelected as Texas’ governor this year

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is plotting a White House run – and his new policy of bussing illegal immigrants to DC is part of his plan to woo GOP voters, analysts believe.

Gov. Abbott was praised by fellow Republicans after he sent two buses full of Latin American asylum applicants to the U.S. Capitol last week.

He has vowed to continue to do so as border states brace for a huge influx of migrants from next month when President Biden brings a Trump-era law that guaranteed immediate expulsion to an end.

Party insiders allege Abbott’s ‘audacious’ response to the border crisis is a first step towards a presidential bid, which they allege has been well received by an ‘already amped-up base’.

‘Like so many Republicans, Gov. Abbott is increasing his name ID and pushing on issues important to the base and thereby putting himself in a position to run,’ GOP strategist Doug Heye told the newspaper.

‘Hopefully this gets liberal elites and the Biden administration to actually care about the millions of illegal aliens who are streaming across our southern border,’ Sen. Ted Cruz said on Wednesday, The Hill reported.

‘They’re going to see, with all these people invading Washington, D.C., like they’ve invaded our border states, and it may make them realize how bad it is,’ Rep. James Comer told Fox News on Thursday.


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