The Sub Corporation of the Illegal Occupier Of The Sovereign Country of Oklahoma, The War Criminal USA/DC Corporation’s Sub Corporation ‘THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA’ sues Biden administration over vaccine mandate for National Guard


There are very few sheep who understand the Law.
Many think they do, but very few actually do.

So “let me splain something to you Lucy” .

There has never been a civil war in Northern American history.

A civil war is one in Which two or more factions battle to control the same seat of government.

When the Southern countries called states grew tired of being financially raped with “federal tariffs” by the “witch” burning yankee puritans who had more votes in the Revolutionaries Volunteer Union, the united States of America so the yankees could party hardy on Southern funds, the Southern people took their selves home where they formed their own central Volunteer Union government in Richmond, Virginia.

The closet homosexual atheist war criminal Lincoln murdered the Revolutionaries volunteer union replacing it with a communistic military MANDATORY military dictatorship thinly disguised as a constitutional republic.

Then the Communistic USA/DC illegally in a war crime invaded the Confederacy using terrorism such as gang raping children and their mothers to death, black and white, burning old folks to death in their own homes, mass murdering women, children and unarmed old men by burning / blowing up whole cities filled with civilians, stealing everything, destroying what they could not carry off, gang raping ministers daughters because their fathers prayed for their country and leaders the way the Bible instructed them to do, burning churches, hospitals, seminaries, convents, courthouses, farm houses and out houses.

The Love of God, the compassion of Jesus, seems missing in action with the War Criminal USA Military
Translation-As we War Criminal yankee puritans can not even with 3 to 1 odds beat the Texicans on the battlefield, we will use terrorism against women children and unarmed old men

Thus the Not a country, nation or real government, but a communistic war criminal corporation the USA/DC

Has illegally militarily occupied the Southern Countries for 156 years and counting, placing illegitimate Occupying Sub Corporations to administer the occupation disguised as “state governments”.

Thus the ‘STATE OF OKLAHOMA” is an occupying  sub corporation of the illegal war criminal USA/DC corporation, and as such their Corporate Military belongs to their Parent USA/DC corporation.

Don’t think so?

All DC has to do is activate every Oklahoma National Guard soldier for one day, jab their asses and deactivate them the same day.

Under Natural Law, Common Law which are the same and another name is God’s Law, jabbing folks against their will would be illegal and down right criminal.

But these men and women have sold their souls and asses to the Corporation and would have to resign, or walk out of their corporate contract into the Natural Law world to be free of the orders of the child rapers of Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac.

Being just partly free is like being a little bit pregnant.

So what you have is a Corporate squabble between a parent corporation and one of their sub corporations.

The free sovereign country of Oklahoma would have the right to tell Hands all over little girls Biden and the evil he represents to go have sex with themselves.

But I bet they would find themselves a lousy lay!

The Ole Dog!

The state of Oklahoma is suing the Biden administration over its vaccine mandate for the state’s National Guard, which it says is unconstitutional and puts the state’s safety at risk.

The complaint was filed last week by Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor, along with Governor Kevin Stitt, the state of Oklahoma and 16 national guardsmen who do not wish to get the jab. Dozens of federal officials and agencies are named as defendants, including President Joe Biden and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. The state argues that the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate is unconstitutional and an example of federal overreach.

The suit states: “This vaccine mandate certainly interferes with the sovereign prerogatives of the State of Oklahoma. It undermines the laws, public policy, dignity, and interests of the State of Oklahoma in governing the field of public health, including vaccinations.”

Under the mandate, members of the National Guard who do not get vaccinated against COVID-19 by June 30, 2022, will not be allowed to participate in training, drills or other duties unless they receive an exemption.

In addition, state officials outlined concern that the administration will disarm the state of Oklahoma and prevent it from protecting itself and its citizens and territory by stripping the Oklahoma National Guard of funding due to noncompliance. They say that many National Guard members will quit rather than get a vaccine, putting the safety and security of the state’s residents at risk. They are asking the court to block the mandate for the National Guard as well as all federal employees.

Governor Stitt wrote in a statement: “It is unconscionable that President Biden and his administration are choosing to play politics with military paychecks, especially amid the highest inflation rate in 30 years and so close to the holiday season.”

He continued: “Threatening the pay of National Guard members is manifestly unlawful and unfair, as unvaccinated active-duty personnel do not have their pay withheld.”

Governor vows to protect his state from federal overreach by Biden administration

The governor added that he will continue to protect Oklahoma from the Biden administration’s federal overreach.

The suit came after Austin wrote a formal letter denying a written request by Gov. Stitt that Guard members be exempted from the military’s vaccination requirement. Austin said that any National Guard members who fail to get the vaccine will be barred from the federally funded drills and training that are needed to maintain their status as National Guard members. Marking them absent without cause from training and drills will impact the days they accrue toward retirement and may result in loss of pay.

Gov. Stitt maintains that although the National Guard is paid by the federal government, he, as governor, is their commander in chief under state and federal law unless the president orders their mobilization.


Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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