And the wheels of the Rothschild’s bus goes Bump-Bump-Bump, Bump-Bump-Bump, Bump-Bump-Bump!!!

Meet the new zionist Bitch standing in the wings.

“We’re all in this together… as the UNITED states of America… If you don’t purchase that, move on, go somewhere else!”
– Matthew McConaughey

 Attention Big Pie Hole Matthew McConaughey!!!

The Republic of Texas tried that 159 years back.

The Republic of Texas Voluntarily Legally seceded from the same Volunteer union they joined in 1846.

And the ‘UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’ an Involuntary  Military Communistic Dictatorship thinly disguised as a “Constitutional Republic, Instituted by the Closet Queer Atheist Rabidly Racist against African Americans Shyster Rail Road Lawyer Manic Depressive yankee “puritan” War Criminal Mass Murderer  Lincoln when he KILLED the Volunteer Union of George Washington and Revolutionaries, came down with a gang of Terrorist called USA “soldiers”, Gang Raped little Children till Death, Gang Raped their Mothers to death, Black and White, Gang Raped Ministers Daughters because their fathers prayed for their Country and Leaders as the Bible says to, Burned Grandpas & Grandmas to death in their homes, Mass Murdered whole cites of Innocent Unarmed Civilians with Lincoln’s USA weapons of Mass Destruction, Stole everything not tied down or the USA Terrorist could cut loose, Dug Up The Dead, Robbed the Dead, Burned Church Houses, Court Houses, Farm Houses, Out Houses, Colleges, Hospitals.

Then the evil Terroristic Sons of yankee “puritan” “witch” Burning Bitches have Occupied the Republic of Texas while stealing her wealth to fund the Pedophiles Party in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac for 156 years and counting!

Someone as butt ignorant of true history or if knowing true history is so eager to commit Treason against their Home Country, the Occupied by Lincoln’s Communist Military Dictatorship for 156 years and counting Republic of Texas, will make a fine politician.

The Ole Texican Dog!

‘Gov. Abbott rebounds against possible challenger Matthew McConaughey, has razor-thin edge over actor’

AUSTIN — Gov. Greg Abbott, after trailing potential challenger Matthew McConaughey in the spring, has rebounded and now has a slight — but not statistically significant — lead over the movie star in a hypothetical matchup in next year’s race for governor, according to a poll released Sunday by The Dallas Morning News and the University of Texas at Tyler.

Abbott, a two-term Republican, is favored by 39% of Texans of all political stripes, while McConaughey, who hasn’t picked a political party or even committed to running, draws backing from 38%. Nearly a quarter of Texans said they’d vote for someone else.

It showed that since April, Abbott has improved his standing with all voters, though he’s still behind among independents. He is likely to handily dispatch fellow Republican and former state Sen. Don Huffines of Dallas in their tussle for the GOP gubernatorial nomination. Among Texans who say they’ll vote in the Republican primary, Abbott leads Huffines, 77% to 12%.

While no major Democrat has announced against Abbott, former El Paso congressman and presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke hasn’t ruled out another bid for statewide office.

If O’Rourke tosses his bandanna in the ring, he starts out behind: While about two-thirds of Democrats support O’Rourke, 78% of the more numerous Republicans back Abbott. And Abbott’s edging O’Rourke among independents (35%-28%), for an overall lead of 45%-33% in their general-election showdown.

McConaughey has said he’s giving “honest consideration” to running for governor in his home state. Politics is “a broken business,” and it’s time for someone with his “aggressively centric” approach, he told the Austin American-Statesman in March.

[the Sodom  & Gomorrah on the Colorado Un-American-Statesman]

MORE yankee Carpetbaggers & Souther Scalawags:


The Ole Dog considers it time for every Treasonous Scalawag to head to Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac (yankeeland) with a yankee carpetbagger under one arm and a I WANT MY RIGHTS AND ALL THE FREE SHIT illegal Mexico Citizen Stinking up Texas under the other arm!

The tired of all three types shit, Ole Texican Dog!

Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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