“Texas universities” got more state funding this year than they anticipated — but they’re still hoping for more support

Universities are supposed to educate people, not be used for yankee Communistic propaganda purposes while  passing out long dildos to young impressionable girls who’s parents are paying through the ass to send them there.

It would appear to me that UT has way too much public teat funds if they can use them to fund such evil Anti-God and Anti-American red Russian Communistic shit!

And where the hell is Texas’s gold tied to Texas’s University system, which last I heard was stored in yankeeland.

Several search engine searches has failed to tell me where that gold is now.
As it was stored in yankeeland my guess is it was sold to China to fund the USA’s Anti-American activities.

How about  “Texas’s” Universities stop pissing off Texican’s funds trying to implement red Russian Anti-Texican and Anti-American Communism!

Then they might have enough $$$ to damn well educate Texican children who’s parents are paying out the ass to send them to communistic shit holes without continually trying to suck more out of the Public Teat!