Occupation of the Republic of Texas Crime Cabal, the Legal Fiction “THE STATE OF TEXAS’ Republiphile Legislator Calls Woman ‘Crazy’ For Wondering Why He Won’t End Pissing in The Face Of God Child Abuse Gender Mutilations

The Republic of Texas was Occupied Illegally, Militarily 155 year ago, enabled by the Vilest Terrorism against Texicans by the invading  Souther Child Gang raping till Death War Criminal USA.

The yankee war criminals and their treasonous scalawag Bitches got themselves blackmailed with Mossad Jeffery child Rape honey Trap videos and bribes by the Ratschilds who run the UK, DC and Israhell.

Nowadays the DC/USA Crime Cabal Militarily occupying the Occupied Republic of Texas takes their orders from the Ratschilds via Israhell, the Ratschild’s private resort and military outpost in Occupied Palestine.

Texicans are the new Palestinians.

Everyone knows the red Russian Non semitic Mongolian Mongrel Khazarians Holocausting the Semitic Indigenous Palestinian in the Semitic Palestinians own ancestral home land are perverts, baby rapers, gang rapers, human sacrificers to their imaginary pedophilic  demon angry war god.


Activists are sounding the alarm in Texas, as the legislature has only one day left to add H.B. 1399 – which would ban chemical castration and radical transgender surgeries for minors – to the calendar. With only hours left to act on the legislation, Republican Texas Rep. Jared Patterson called a woman “crazy” and said he would have called police to “haul out the trash” had he known she apparently visited his office.

Texas Republicans have until Monday to get H.B. 1399, which would ban radical transgender surgeries and chemical castration for minors, on the calendar for a full House vote. Rather than address a constituent’s concerns about why this is not being accomplished, Rep. Jared Patterson instead called her a “crazy person” and suggested he would have police arrest her if she visited his office.

After Tracy Shannon, an activist urging legislators to schedule and vote for the bill that would prevent life altering transgender treatments for minors in Texas, reported that her “activist was told by [Jared Patterson’s] Chief of Staff that [Rep. Dustin Burrows] and [Rep. Tom Craddick] were killing the bill” and “Other source said Burrows is promised a lobbying job,” instead of addressing the concerns from Shannon, Patterson insulted her, writing, “Get your facts straight crazy person,” and claimed the legislature is having its “most conservative session in history.”



Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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