Some Texas LTC Instructors Opposing Permitless Carry as Bill Advances for a House Vote

One of two things here.

Either these “instructors” are against Texicans being able to possess their God Given Right of Self Defense, Defense of Personal Property!

Or they are self serving F##KS who do not want to see their gravy train jobs go extinct.

Texicans have a God Given Right to Go Armed, which the USA and their Puppet “government”, the Illegal Occupying ‘STATE OF TEXAS’ Corporation has stolen from Texicans for 155 damn years and counting!

Thats enough of this Occupation yankee/red Russian Commie $#it!

The Ole Dog!


The good news from here in the Lone Star State is that HB 1911 (heh), a bill that would eliminate the need for Texans over 21 to get a state permit in order to carry a firearm, was passed out of committee recently and is scheduled for full House consideration tomorrow, followed by a vote.

We talked to the GOA’s Rachel Malone who, as always, has her finger on the pulse of the Texas legislature. The bill’s progress in the lower chamber can be chalked up to the fact that Dennis Bonnen is no longer sitting in the Speaker’s chair.

Bonnen was no fan of constitutional carry. Current Speaker Dade Phelan, on the other hand, ensured that the current bill would get full consideration at the committee level and has now scheduled HB 1911 for a floor vote.

If the constitutional carry bill passes the House, as expected, that will force the cautious Senate’s hand, pressuring them to consider the bill. But the latest effort to pass constitutional carry in Texas hasn’t gotten as far as it has without some vocal opposition.

As always, the usual suspects are screaming BLOOD IN THE STREETS at the prospect of constitutional carry. The same groups — Bloomberg’s red-shirted minions and big city police chiefs — have warned of parking lot shootouts and fender bender gun fights in almost every one of the 20 states where constitutional carry is now the law. Strangely, none of their apocalyptic predictions have come true. Anywhere.