How one small South Texas energy company kept power on to customers through historic winter storm

See how the “people” benefit when the “profit” from a “government” business, a utility in this case, is returned to the people in form of maintenance of the utility?

Unlike San Antonio where the profits are sucked out so Pendejoberg & his band of hairless chicuahuas can steal Texican Monuments while paying for  queer play productions and queer art  exhibits so they  can be forced on a people, San Antonioans, who disapprove of the red Russian piss in the face of God perverted against Nature  lifestyle anyway.

San Antonioans froze so ‘mayor” Pendejoberg and his merry band of Mexico Firster Rico Criminals down at SAN ANTONIO CITY HALL  could blow and go on the people’s dime, while the people froze.

Floresville Electric Light and Power System should be commended.

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The Ole Dog!

SAN ANTONIO – Floresville Electric Light and Power System or FELPS serve about 17,000 customers in Wilson County.

Beginning Sunday, Feb. 14 until Thursday, Feb. 18. the company has had a total of three brief outages, the longest outage lasting about three hours. Those outages were due to downed lines because of trees or ice.

“As of right now, we have no outages,” FELPS CEO, Winston Low said.

So how was a small electric company that is fed energy from CPS in San Antonio able to stay on?

Low said there were several factors that led to them not having to do rolling outages.

“Our customers so far have been doing what they need to be doing,” Low said.

Large businesses like Lyssy & Eckel Feeds agreed not to power on their mills this week which could have taken power away from an entire town.

Also, residents were informed through social media when to cut off their heaters for about an hour in order to keep the power on in certain areas.

“It’s one of the times that I’ve seen that I’m very proud of this community working together right now, doing the right thing,” Low said.


Author: John C Carleton

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