Now, all scalawags & yankee carpetbagging gentuza are liars, God haters though they love using God’s  name to justify their mass gang rapes till death of  children, their theft on an industrial scale. mass murders for perverse pleasure and political gain.

Plain and simple, I got tired of them trying to stir up trouble between African American Texicans & the less tan  verity of Texican, while ignoring or badmouthing the Texicans of all shades of tan who tried to stop the invading war criminal child gang raping till death USA terrorist from gang raping their children, wives, mothers, ghrasndmothers ad sometimes the farm animals till death yankee gentuza mass murdering “puritan sons of bitches”.

After I kicked their ass for a day or so with facts, video’s of USA mass murdering 20,000 freed African Americans at Natchez Miss., memes with historical facts showing there was never a civil war, but an illegal; war crime invasion of the South by the Queer Marxist Atheist, Rabidly Racist against African Americans, who said himself he cared not about slavery but would use it to force the South to surrender and be raped once more by the yankee’s DC Crime Cabal.

Posted links to Amazon pages to buy books with proof of an intentional four year USA terrorism in every sense of the word, of the Southern people followed by a 155 year long slavery occupation to DC.

The could not rebuttal my truths and facts so they used me calling the Spanish Pigs in a reply to one of the sites defenders saying I should ask the Mayans  &  Aztecs what they thought of the Spanish, an diversion from the guilt of the USA while trying to justify the USA’s crimes by showing someone who was more evil, and the “Texas Historical Societies” role in indoctrinating Texicans with their ancestors were bad while dividing the different shades of Texicans with half truths  at best yankee bull shit.

These are zionist zombie Virus Host.

Humans with souls would not treat other humans with such evil intent to permanently  in-slave.

I wish they would be truthful and change their name from ‘TEXAS Historical Society’  to Damn Gang Raping Little Children Till death yankee Spawn of Cromellian Criminally  Insane Self Righteous Fanatic Cult Member yankee Occupation “government” Indoctrination Society.

Heres what cousin George and I think of such evil hypocritical scum sucking rope chewing yankee mother hunchers.

Any yankee son of a bitch don’t like Texican ways  is welcome to get the F##K out of Texas with a Mexico Firster under one arm and a Southern Scalawag under the other.

And don’t let the door of the U-Haul van hit you in the a$$ as you are exiting Texas!

The Ole Dog!

Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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