Texas Rep. Introduces Bill That Would Let Residents Vote on Seceding From the US-[THE OCCUPIED MILITARILY FOR 155 YEARS BY THE USA, The Republic of Texas, CAN NOT SECEED FROM THAT WHICH IT IS LEGALLY NOT A MEMBER OF]

Back in the last part of the 20th century in the occupied Republic of Texas, there were a group called themselves the “Republic of Texas”.

They studied the law, they studied the real history of Texas, and came to the conclusion a Republic can not become a “State” of a foreign union. As they considered there never was a legal “State of Texas” in the USA, that Texas remained the Republic of Texas, occupied. They elected a government, tried to coin money, elect Peace Officers, and the occuping Corporation the “STATE OF TEXAS”, came down on them like God’s Hell’s fire and destruction on Sodom & Gomorrah.

Now, I will mention this as I am going to tell you some things having to do with real Law, not the bull shit of the USA Corporation for profit, or it’s sub Corporation for profit, the “STATE OF TEXAS” Oh yeah, Texicans are the cattle farmed for profit by the “STATE OF TEXAS” corporation.

I carry the blood of  Kick their  A$$ES  Alexander the Great,  Julis Caesar,  Rollo the Walker, William the Bastard, Edward the 1st, I forget, 16 or 17 of the 25 Insurers of the Magna Carta, 2nd cousin to George Washington, cousin to every damn American President up at least until the Bushes, most of the real American generals. If the prevailing  genealogy is to be accepted, then I am also descended from king David of Biblical Israel.

When I graduated high school, took my college entrance exam, I scored in the top 97 % of the whole USA & territories in things like economics, history, military matters, law, government. Never could spell yankee English for $#it, care not for yankee English Comp, lose interest in mathematics when they start mixing the alphabet with it. Thats why I was in the 97%. The local congressman called my father to inquire if his baby boy wanted a “free” education at West Point. Who’s Who sent me a letter saying if I sent $20.00 and a photo, they would put me in that years who’s who book. $20.00 back then would buy a lot of gas, cigarettes & beer, so I just kept my photo and twenty bucks. Payed for my own schooling,  did my  military enlisted. Did not take me long to figure out I was ,much more intelligent and knew more about kicking a$$  than most “officers”. Including the Engineering officer in Korea tried to get we ignorant  enlisted  to wash mud up hill instead of down hill.

Just saying I might know what the hell I am talking about.

I did not go to Washington because I refused to rub shoulders with such scum.

I did not go to West Point because all them Viet Nam Vets coming home told me many stories of the stupidity, and getting good men killed, of West Point trained “officers”.

I did not go to law school, although I considered it. Was in the UIL in school of both informative Speaking and Debate. I knew I could be  one of the top trail lawyers in the country, but my soul would not allow me to get filthy rich turning murderers and pedophile loose on an innocent people for profit.

That left the Priest Hood.

I studied Theology at a religious university, found them to be more corrupt than the charlatans of Jesus’s time.

I hold a License to the ministry, and ordination papers as a deacon, but I found the churches to be teaching false doctrine, and the people hypocrites.

So I went and got honest labor ridden employment, and until my military service caught up with me, was getting rich as a self employed heavy equipment mechanic.

Thats to say I know my law. Whether one puts their faith in genes, DNA or reincarnation, my Petigree Papers are top shelf.

Now, I do not pick up last centuries Republic of Texas argument the Statehood was invalid as it was not legally done, so the Republic of Texas is still here, just occupied by a foreign corporation.

I say, right or wrong, Texas operated as a State of the Volunteer union of the united States of America from 1846 until 1861 when Texas legally seceded from the same volunteer union it voluntarily joined. Texas then joined the Confederate States of America as a State. Another volunteer union.

The USA, or Washington DC, the  terms are interchangeable, killed the Volunteer Union of the Revolutionaries of which George Washington was the Father of.

In it’s place, the queer manic depressive shyster atheist rail road lawyer & war criminal formed  a military dictatorship thinly disguised as a “constitutional republic”. This Military Dictatorship then Illegally invaded a foreign to their dictatorship jurisdiction Sovereign Nation of States, the Confederate States of America.

The cowardly yankees and the riff raft gentuza coming out of Europes trash  heap and off ships  as immigrants put  straight into uniform,  even with 3 to 1 odds could not militarily beat the Confederates, so the USA Military War Criminal Dictatorship turned to the most vile  of war crimes and terrorism against children, women and old folks.

The USA’s terrorism won the day.

The moment the Confederate States of America ceased to exist, Texas reverted back to the Republic of Texas, Militarily occupied by a foreign Military Dictatorship Power, the USA.

The USA never removed their occupying troops, or returned to  Texicans the Sovereignty of the Occupied by the USA Militarily, Republic of Texas.

So if the occupying “STATE OF TEXAS” corporation wants to secede from their parent corporation, USA Corporation, have the hell at it.

But get the hell out of MY  Republic of Texas First.

Change their doing business as address of their corporation to New York maybe?

The yankee ass holes and scalawags holding forth in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Colorado act like Mass. or New York yankee gentuza anyway.

The Ole Texican Dog!


‘Texas Rep. Introduces Bill That Would Let Residents Vote on Seceding From the US’

Texas State Representative Kyle Biedermann introduced a bill on Tuesday that would allow Texans to vote on seceding from the United States.

House Bill 1359, otherwise known as the Texas Independence Referendum Act, would let residents vote on if the Texas Legislature should create a joint interim committee to create a plan for independence for the state.

In a press release provided to The Gateway Pundit, the Texas Nationalist Movement explained that “the bill would give Texans an opportunity to head to the polls in November of 2021 and start the process of reasserting our status as an independent nation. If the people vote in favor, the bill provides for the establishment of a committee to begin working on a transitional plan which would address all of the issues related to decoupling from the federal government.”



Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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