Many moons back, a friend told me just this.
He had small article printed out on the subject which he got at some fighting the evil of DC seminar.

As far as the claim of the British Crown, it is illegitimate in that the Modern British Crown “royals”, are illegitimate.

Both Edward the 4th & his brother Richard the third, both who served as kings of England were supposed to be the sons of Richard of York and Cecily Neville.
They were the sons of the slut Cecily Neville, but not their supposed father, a Plantagenet.

Thus, these two bastard kings, really Edward the 4th as he took kingship first, meant EVERY Monarch from himself, to the fake queen ole German cow squatting at Buckingham on Public Assistance right now with her pedo sons, have been and are fakes.
God did not choose these “kings” & “queens” to rule.
Cecily Neville did when she kept dropping her unmentionables when her husband was not around.
Cecily Neville herself signed an affidavit saying he was a bastard and not from her husband, as he was off fighting a war when Edward the 4th was conceived.

Below is a link to one, there are many sources, which tells of Richard the 3ed, brother of Edward the 4th also not being a Plantagenet. What can you say? Their mama was a slut!

Therefore, the Fake “king” demanding his cut was an imposter Monarch without Gods blessing, not picked to rule by God, so had no right to speak for the “Crown” as he was a bastard illegitimate “king”.

Far as I am concerned, this invalidates any claim the current “crown” has on America.

Next, Folks will claim most of the land on earth really belongs to the Vatican, as “king” John the Poopless, alway a real pain in the ass of his brother Richard the Lion Hearted, signed all he was king of over to the Vatican in the treaty of 1213 because he had been excommunicated by the Vatican, and he was afraid of “going to hell”.
Buying his way to heaven so to speak.

Richard the Lion was excommunicated by the mass murderer of the Peaceful Innocent Cather’s of Southern France, Pope “innocent” the 3ed because he would not go slaughter tens of thousands of Arabs in Palestine for the Vatican again.
Richard told the Vatican to go have sex with themselves, died a man, was buried without the vulgarities of the Roman Cult.

But it matters not what John “signed” over to the Vatican, as the VATICAN IS NOW, AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN ILLEGITIMATE.

Now, the Vatican supposably gets their right to exist, to rule from God”
Ok, which God?
The One True God, the Creator God, is the God Of Jesus the Christ the Man.
Not of Jesus Christ, the fictitious character in the Roman novel called the Roman Bible, which was based loosely of the Revolutionary King of the Hebrews, and spiritual leader of the Hebrews who was trying to get the Hebrews to return to the God of their fathers in the Times of Kings David & Solomon, kick the Romans out, get the hebrews to stop their Usury & Pedophilia, turn from the adulterated with the Babylonian End of Times Pedophile’s Death Cult mixed with some of the old Hebrew Religion.
The Hebrews at this point were not Serving the One True God.
They never returned to the God of their Fathers.
The Romans crucified Jesus The Christ for sedition :
The crime of creating a revolt, disturbance, or violence against lawful civil authority with the intent to cause its overthrow or destruction.

Jesus the Christ despised children rapers above most other things.
Two thousand years later, the Church of Rome’s priest & popes are known children rapers, or covering for other priest & popes who are serial children rapers.

Add to that, I figure if the popes had been talking to God as they Claimed, God would have told the “church of Rome” not to keep burning folks alive for saying the world was not flat.

Therefore as I can prove the One True God never had diddly squat to do with the church of Rome, any wealth or lands they lay claim to are illegitimate claims as the Vatican & it’s “church of Rome” is illegitimate and invalid.
Therefore what they received in God’s name, they stole as the “CHURCH OF ROME”, has never known, there by is not recognized by the One True God.

This invalidates any & all Claims on My America by the fake crown and fake “church”.

Below is a site which has done a great job of putting a very long 3 part document with foot notes on the subject together.

This is a long fact filled document, so it is not a read and digest in one setting.
But if you want a America free of the evil of the Fake Vatican and the Fake crown, best get to reading and digesting!

The Ole Dog!