Protesters gather outside state capitols nationwide as chaos sweeps Congress “I stand for election integrity and the democratic process. I will not tolerate violence and civil disorder,” the Texas attorney general said.

This whole thing don’t pass the smell test.

First, THE STATE OF TEXAS, is an occupying  Vincy sub corporation of the USA corporation, it self (USA/DC) a sub corporation of the Evil of the Rat Run “British Empire.

The USA corporation in a war crime has been occuping the Republic of Texas for 155 years and counting.

When I graduated high school, took my college entrance exam, I scored in the top 97%  of the whole damn USA and Occupied countries in such things as Military matters, Law, Government, Economics, History.

Like my cousins George Washington & George Patton, yankee control freak spelling/composition just are not our best subject. I will add though I can add, subtract, divide, multiply in my head, (Drives structured teachers crazy, want you to show how you got it on paper or black board), I to this day think mixing numbers and letters of the alphabet  an un-natural order of things to be avoided.

The  yankee English thing, and the alphabet Math thing is the reason I was only in the 97%, and why cousin Georgie spent 5 instead of 4 years at the point.

That’s to say I can back up my words with facts.

Start with the old legal maxim: “The  fruit of the poison tree is poison” .

In plain English, that Means the USA could not just Come down, gang rape our children to death, shell whole cites filled with defenseless civilians, intentionally  starve tens of thousands of children, old folks to death, mass murder tens of thousands of civilians, steal everything in site, gang rape ministers daughters because their fathers did God’s Bidding, dig up the dead to defile and rob, burn farm houses, out houses, court houses, hospitals, churches, seminaries, convents, colleges, private businesses, the steal all the land claiming taxes should have bee payed Washington DC for Time after the States & Republic of Texas had left the Voluptuary Union George Washington was the “Father of”.

Then a 10 year “reconstruction” which was a false name for the brutal USA Military Occupation Governments.

After that, the yankee told the Texicans, if you write a “State” constitution says what we yankees wat it to say, we will pretend to end military occupation, allow you some rights back, allow you to pretend to pick your “leaders”. We will graciously “allow” you  to “re-enter the Union”.

You will get a cut of the looting of the Occupied Republic of Texas proceeds going to DC.

It was the best deal in town, a crooked yankee kangaroo court and continued brutal crooked yankee USA  Military Occupation out in the open was the only other option.

So Texicans took it.

That however does not make the fruit of the Poison tree, un- Poison.

The yankee never took his  USA military occupation military forces from the Soil of the Texas Land.

The yankee never returned the occupied Republic of Texas’s freedom & Sovereignty to her.

Thats why 155 years later, The Occupied Republic of Texas, in a continuing  War Crime, is still Militarily occupied by the USA/DC Corporation.

One more thing, The United States of America Cousin George had to do with, died at the hands of the bi-sexual manic depressive marxist shyster rail road lawyer, rabidly racist agaist African Americans, Free or Slave, War Criminal Abraham Lincoln.

The “USA UNION” the Occupied Republic of Texas was forced “back” into (How can one rejoin a military dictatorship thinly disguised as a constitutional republic which one has never previously been a member of), was a forced, at the point of the USA’s mercenary  military’s rifles and a crooked yankee kangaroo courts hang man’s noose, into.

The Occupied Republic of Texas NEVER joined the Current USA corporation of which the Bi-sexual PO racist $#it War Criminal Atheist  Shyster lawyer “honest Abe” Abraham Lincoln  is the Father of.

Therefore any $#it coming out of the pie holes of a Sodom & Gomorrah on the Colorado River Occupier, whether a Damn Carpetbagging yankee pendejo, or a Cowardly Treasonous scalawag, is Irrelevant and a Damned Lie ON IT’S FACE!

The Ole Dog!

Protesters gather outside state capitols nationwide as chaos sweeps Congress

“I stand for election integrity and the democratic process. I will not tolerate violence and civil disorder,” the Texas attorney general said.

In Sacramento, California, demonstrators got into physical altercations. In Los Angeles, Trump supporters clashed with police. And in Olympia, Washington, the governor and his family were moved to a secure location.

These were some of the scenes that played out across the country Wednesday as capitol buildings in multiple states bolstered security or shut down in response to protests and chaos on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

Georgia, Texas, Wyoming and Pennsylvania were among the states that took precautionary measures as rioters stormed Congress, roamed Senate halls and occupied lawmakers’ offices in protest of the Electoral College vote affirming President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the November election.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, a Republican who recently earned the ire of the president, and senior members of his staff were evacuated from the state Capitol building Wednesday.

In Sacramento, police reported physical altercations between two groups of demonstrators before they were separated. California’s Secretary of State said its Sacramento offices would close early after Trump supporters gathered outside the Capitol.

And Gov. Gavin Newsom canceled a scheduled coronavirus news conference to keep his staff safe.

In Los Angeles, Trump supporters clashed with police, who declared an unlawful assembly. Mayor Eric Garcetti called it a “dark day for America.”

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and his family were moved to a secure location after protesters broke into the grounds of the governor’s mansion in Olympia, according to the state police. Inslee released a statement earlier in the day condemning the violence that exploded in the nation’s capital.

“The members of Washington’s congressional delegation, their staff and all who serve in the Capitol should never fear for their safety in carrying out the people’s work,” he said in a statement. “But know this — democracy will not be denied.”

Unrest also erupted in Salem, Oregon, where state police declared an unlawful assembly after pro-Trump demonstrators attempted to march to the state Capitol. At least one person was arrested, according to police.

Meanwhile, New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah and Texas closed their state legislative buildings and, in some cases, evacuated the employees as demonstrations grew in support of President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly made baseless claims challenging the legitimacy of the election results.

The Capitol grounds in Austin, Texas, were also closed to the public Wednesday afternoon “out of an abundance of caution,” the Department of Public Safety said in a statement. “While we do not discuss operational details, DPS will continue to adjust our operations as needed to maintain public order and address potential threats,” authorities said.

A group gathered outside the Texas Capitol building earlier Wednesday, according to the local media outlet KVUE. State Attorney General Ken Paxton warned that anyone protesting in Austin or Washington, D.C., “should practice their constitutional rights in a peaceful manner.”

“I stand for election integrity and the democratic process,” he tweeted. “I will not tolerate violence and civil disorder.”