Now, all the English Comp classes, public speaking classes, Navy Leadership school, Navy Instructor school, Preaching 101  at Religious University all said start your presentation off with a joke to get the crowd loosened up!

Hope your good and loose.

Got grandkids I am trying to learn to help have “school” over the internet because political prostitutes with Rats fur caught in their teeth are trying to usher in red Russian Communism  under the big brother cover of  a fake Pandemic.

Putting family businesses out of business, thereby putting  employees of those killed business out of work, forcing folks to wear mask which harm  people’s health, (not counting wiping their whore a$$es all over the constitution some  folks revere as Rights giving).

It is suppose to Acknowledge God Given Rights, not be used to take them  away.

Thing not understood by most, the document was defective to begin with, as it tried to replace  God’s place in Human’s lives. It stole  God Given Rights, and sold them back to souls as Privileges which could be revoked at any time.

Free Men  have Rights, slaves have Liberties. The two are not the same. A free man has the God Given Right to do any thing he wants to, as long as his actions do no physical harm to others.

No this does not give one the “right” to be lewd, walk around in public necked. Especially you folks, male or female, has a lot of trouble putting their forks down! Who ever convinced  a woman has three or four rolls of jiggling  fat, wearing a halter top and tight short-shorts was a good idea?

Slaves, if they please their Masters, May be Granted Liberties. When I was in the Navy, Uncle Sugar owned my a$$. Just because I was an adult, I could not go out for a night on the town, unless granted that liberty by my command.

But if you have not noticed, they are just making the $hit up as they go along anyway

. They believe none of the $hit they are telling you, cause they are getting busted doing right and left doing the very things they tell you not to. It has always been that way, it is just now in these times which suck the big one, more and more folks are extracting their heads from their rear port hole,  saying, damn, what’s that I smell! What they smell is fresh air, but once they breath that for a while, get a little more oxygen to their awakening brains, they start looking around, seeing things which can not been seen with ones head up their indoctrinated keister.

So try to keep you head above the bull$hit while the sheep herd mills around in Masked PANIC, because here and there, the popping noise you are hearing, is some sheep’s head popping out of their back trap door. Slowly at first, but with a ever increasing rhythm, the cashindo is building every day.

I with some others, always seem to be out in front of the wave by a few years most of the time. Been waiting for that popping sound for years. Not near enough sheep awake yet, and takes time to turn and redirect a herd of sheep, but that thing the front runners been warning of for years is here, building up stronger, day by day.

Will humanity survive as a species?

This side of the vail, I do not possess that answer. But not if the herd is not turned from the cliff they are steadily munching the GMO grass watered with fluoridated water  saturated with herbicides & pesticides towards the edge of.

A great fight is here for each sheep. You must stop being sheep, each assume responsibility for your own lives, your own actions, your own “sins”, your own evils deeds. You must look inward, look to changing your own soul daily for the better,. to build a better family, a better home, a better city or country, a better world.

Only Humanity can save Humanity.

So now that massive amounts of human fecal waste is hitting the industrial sized propulsion system, it is time to separate the sheep from the goats.

And take care of the jackals which have been feeding off the herd.

I will leave you with one more joke.

The Ole Dog!

Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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