The American Sheep Await The Four Horsemen

i love America.

The Land, it’s majesty, It’s many different types of terrain, differing foliage.
Deserts, forrest, plaines, mountains, swamps.

The American sheep?

Now, i have all my life made excuses for them.
They have been dumbed down on purpose.
They have been indoctrinated.
All they need is the truth!

Bull Shit!

Try to tell these sheeply pig f#ckers the truth, they will turn on your ass, call you every thing derogatory they can bleat at you!

Bleating,  ball less cowards!

And pig f#ckers!

But i might have already mentioned that.

For Forty years, i have tried to save these reality mentally challenged pig f#ckers from their pig f#cking selves.

Tried to tell them the truth, of the world, of how things really worked in Washington DC and the State Capitals.

Told them, you can not keep running up the USA credit cards forever, comes a time, the interest is more than you bring in, then you might as well drop them fruit of the looms, bend over, spread the cheeks of your ass, financially speaking of course.

Course, thats what some of them will have to do to eat on that day.

And don’t EVEN try to tell them about the political whores they vote for, like pig loving sheep, are kiddy f#ckers!


Not no, do not f#ck the kiddies, but HELL NO! don’t tell me about it.

Don’t set well with their suppers and holier than thou Sunday morning self admiration.

The Four horsemen have left the starting line!

i have come to the conclusion, the American sheep, will be worthless, a waste of good air when they breath, until the Four Horsemen have buggered the American sheep up the ass so hard and far, their front teeth are shattered outwards!

In other words, i give up on the worthless hypocritical cowards.

They will have to cross the tempering fires of grief, starvation, fear, cold, wet, heat, war, mayhem, before they are worth the powder it would take to blow them up!

The ones make it through alive.

i no longer try to make excuses for them.

i no longer think all they need to do is hear the truth.

They have heard the truth, many times, and they attacked the truth and the truth tellers, every damn time!

Thats why sometime back now, i threw my vote on the side of the Horseman riding.

Get Er Done!

The Ole Dog!