‘The Appian Way and Jesus the Christ’s Pain’

Pikers to my right!
Pikers to my left!
Archers prepare to fire volleys!
The rest of you sons of bitches, follow me!

‘The Appian Way and Jesus the Christ’s Pain’

i was on the Appian Way when six thousand cried and begged for death-
Crucified as an example to everyone of Rome’s rathe-
Never step out of line, or cross the dictates of Rome-
Or a slow lingering death could very well be your next home-
Was there when Jesus the Christ’s “followers” cowardly switched sides-
Insulted and jeered him as in great pain and disappointment he died-
All of Europe trembled in fear of the approaching Viking ship-
as i stood in it’s fore, sword upraised, ready to rip-
Their lives, their gold, their silver from their cowering towns-
Making their kings show themselves silly, cowardly clowns-
Rushed the field at Hastings, sword upraised in my hand-
Dealing death and fear at the sight of us in their Land-
Slaughtered for the Church and God on more than one “Crusade-
As mayhem, sorrow, death were under the cross made-
In the name of what we thought was good and right-
To the Land of antiquity we became a violate blight-
Was there at Valley Forge, was at Yorktown when Cornwallis gave in-
Was there when Americans lost their freedom again-
Was there at the South’s stand against the Puritan disease of evil-
Of rape, murder, robber, arson, starvation, certainly not civil-
Was there when the final rush for Berlin was made at long last-
Evil before me, evil to my back, Truth, Honor, Humanity, memories from a distant past-
Was but a child when Israhell made Kennedy’s head explode-
Saw the death of morals and honor, America, evil’s new abode-
Now the time has come to put the evil treasonous scum on the run-
Who support evil against Americans, who have become undone-
By an evil virus known to all of mankind in days of old-
A deadly terminal virus which eats the infected’s mind and soul-
The zionist virus has infected the clueless American sheep-
Causing them to cheer pedophilia, murder and to keep-
Their eyes/ears closed to the incessant knocking, the freeing sight-
Of the fellowship brought by the blinding illumination of the Light-
From their eyes and ears, the scales must be ripped free-
So they can in a new illuminated knowledge plainly see-
They must return to Natures Plan of Rules and Moral Code-
Of do no first harm to others and not self-righteously to load-
America on the back of the snarling vindictive bucking beast-
Of Karma, to ride in pain and sorrow, until America will finally cease-
Her claims of innocence in the many an evil unnecessary war-
Which she thrust on innocent people, who lived in lands Afar-
From the shores of the American dream of good in the heart-
Of all true Americans who will never part-
With the hope for a people and land gone terribly wrong-
Who sold their birthright for a quick dance and a fleeting song-
Rally together lads, like your valiant ancestors of old-
Stand up for your land and people in ways honorable and bold-
So she can again give birth to a people, harsh in wars of defense-
But stay home from wars afield in other lands, for shekels, dollars and pence-
The Ole Dog!

Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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