About That Time

The Republic of Texas joined, legal or not, as a State of the Voluntary union of the united States of America in 1846.

In 1861, the State of Texas, seceded from the voluntary union legally as per the same constitution they accepted when the joined the union.
Texas then voluntarily joined the Confederate States of America, as a State.

In 1861, violating it’s own constitution in every way, Washington DC which is interchangeable with the term United States OF America, or UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, in a war crime invaded the Confederate States of America where the USA had no jurisdiction, raped, robbed, burned, mass murdered the civilian population, burning whole cites filled with innocent unarmed civilians, because having more of everything than the Confederate Army, including an at least two or three to one ratio, the evil war criminal gang raping Southern Children till death yankee trash still could not defeat the Confederacy by fighting it’s men. So the War Criminal USA Pedo’s made war on women, children and old folks.

In the end, Terrorism won, the Voluntary union was no more, replaced with a military dictatorship thinly disguised as a constitutional republic.
The constitution became a prop which no one payed any mind to.

The instant the Confederacy ceased to exist, Texas the State of the Confederacy, (not of the USA), automatically reverted back to the Republic of Texas, criminally militarily occupied for 155 years and counting by the USA military dictatorship corporation.

The USA corporation has stolen the wealth of the Land, stolen from the people with their forced “taxes”, (tribute), forced lies on our children about the evil yankee child & ministers daughters gang raping till death “greatness”, and the children’s honorable ancestors who fought with almost nothing to stop the yankee degenerates from gang raping their children & wives, mothers, grandmothers, stealing burning everything, “evil”.

They infiltrated Southern churches with their radical Godless zionist end of times “christianity”.

They have used Texas’s children as sex toys and cannon fodder in wars for red Russian rats.

The Occupied Republic of Texas can not secede from the USA, as it already did in 1861.
Texas is militarily occupied in a continuing war crime from 1861 to present.

I think that is enough.

Mongrel red Russian Israhell firster Khazarians, get the HELL out of MY Texas.
Gentuza yankee child gang raping till death SOB’s get the HELL out of MY Texas.
Mexico Firster with your hands out, get the HELL out of MY Texas.

And Damn Well leave the Alamo & our Confederate Hero’s Statues & Memorials alone.

Don’t let the door hit you in the ass as you Are getting out of Texas.

There are roads going North, South, East & West out of the Republic of Texas.
You can get a U-Haul damn near anywhere in Texas.

See Ya!

The Ole Texican Dog!