I am still here

But what does one say which has not been said?

A society reflects not so much the souls of it’s “leaders”, but the collective soul of the “people” themselves.

A people, a collective group of souls on a pilgrimage to Honor through Humbleness of self before God ,   to receive Wisdom,  Eternal Life in the Presence of Brightness of the Wisdom of God, will reject evil leaders and seek out Righteous, Humble before God Leaders.

Such a society will be a good society recognizing God’s Laws as Above mans Rules, and no man, no “government’ for any reason, having the right to “change” God’s Laws for God.

Just because the infallible God  they “serve” did not get it just quite right according to two legged sheep monkeys.

But a people loving perversion, evil, debotury, buggering of children, theft, mass murder, will seek out these “leaders”who will deliver the mayhem and human suffering their unrelenting LUST scream out for.

As an old soul, I think humanities time grows short.

God gives free will. The Universe is structured on Free will.

This means God will not intercede to stop humanity from destroying themselves if that is what they truly desire.

This means all the effort, all the pain, all the killing, all the dying for humanities future  was done in vain, for no real reason.

If such it is to be, I must say there have been a handful of men and women I have fought with,  bothered with, loved, cried with, celebrated with,  felt the sting, the grief at our temporary separation by physical death,  who’s association and friendship will have made the trip worth it.

i Salute You!

The Ole Dog!


Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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