Texas woman says she was fired by Whataburger for wearing a Black Lives Matter mask

What the hell does she expect?

BLM is an Anti-American Terrorist organization being paid for by the spawn of red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen mongrel Khazarians, Soros, which is burning American cities, raping folks, murdering folks.

I am all for cleaning up the police,  the courts,  the “schools”, and every other corrupted Micky mouse criminal “government’ organization around.

The other day, a African American wearing a BLM T shirt murdered  I believe it was three people he had never met in Kentucky.

I take note the European Americans have not looted and burnt Kentucky down.

If one wants to accepted as humans ready to live in a free society, one must be able to control their emotions and actions!

So what the hell did the dumb bitch expect.

BLM is trying to take America all the way down, for money.

They don’t give a $hit about those the cops killed, or another damn thing. They are being allowed to loot burn, rape and murder by Washington DC and the sub corporation “State”,  local “governments”. And they are taking it to and way past the limit.

Now least you think this is an African American hit piece, the man I know in San Antonio I would put on the Right hand of God before many pastors of large churches is an African American lay minister.

I will also point out, many of the animals doing BLM Terrorism against Americans, are European American trash, red Russian Bolshevik trash.

Got news for you.

I don’t like all these labels which divide Americans, but I will use them for a moment.

As I have a substantial amount of Spanish in me, I could claim to be a “Hispanic”. As my people came through England for several hundred years, I could claim to be English, though I don’t know why anyone would! I could claim to be an Irish man, a Scotsman, a Scotts-Irish American, a Scandinavian,  a Norman, and a Native Siberian, Thus in todays world, a Russian!

Want to go back a ways, I could claim to be Roman, Greek, Babylonian, Egyptian, Hebrew, (the real ones, not the substitute fake “hebrew” red Russian Turkmen Non semitic mongrel Khazarians), a Goth, a Vis Goth, Trojan.

Today I just self identify as a Texican Viking.

I don’t really give a flying trapeze where you hail from, what your ancestry is, as long as you have evolved enough to live by God’s Law, Natures’s Law if you will, and not by Corporate Rules, (God has Laws, man has rules), and not the law of the jungle.

It is not the shade of the pigmentation of the skin I care about, but the darkness or the amount of enlightenment of the soul.

Now, what the hell are we going to do with my Black Grandfater, with no African blood?

Did his life matter?

Are there injustices?


A San Antonio Cop beat the hell out of my five boot one inch daughter in high heels and an evening gown  for telling him not to use vulgar four letter words on her.

City covered his ass!

I prayed long and hard and did not kill his ass, left it to God, which was hard to do.

He then raped a transvestite in the back seat of his patrol car while on duty, received an easy year in local lock up for “official oppression”, not rape although it was clearly rape.

Then a San Antonio cop stole my wallet with $200.00 and a $1,000.00 Pistol.

They gave him a three day payed vacation, and made him a detective. Guess they figured he knew a lot about crime.

You will take notice, none of my family has raped anyone, stole anything, beat anyone up, burned anyones home or business down.

It is about learning to live together without reverting to the law of the jungle, and BLM don’t have a F#cking clue one how to be productive members of society.

They should  be arrested, prosecuted  for their crimes, not glorified by a American hating MSM.

The Ole Texican Dog!


A Texas woman says she was fired by a Whataburger in Fort Worth for wearing a Black Lives Matter face mask to work, in what is the latest in a string of penalties handed down by employers for public displays of support for the social justice movement.

Similar cases are popping up across the state and all over the country. Over the summer, two Texas teachers faced disciplinary action from their schools, one for wearing a mask and the other for displaying a Black Lives Matter sign, among other signs, in her virtual classroom.

Meanwhile in Ohio, a Taco Bell worker was fired for refusing to take off his Black Lives Matter mask; the same happened to a convenience store worker in New Jersey. And Whole Foods is being sued by 15 employees across six stores, who are accusing the Amazon-owned grocery store of firing one employee and disciplining 40 others for wearing the masks and pins at work.



Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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