Telling the Truth about The FBI Being Founded And Run By A Closet Cross Dressing Pedo Tranny Who Illegally Taped Rev MLK & Wife Having Sex In Their Own Bedroom, Played Them For The USA President In The Oval Office While They Rolled On the Floor Laughing Is “Hate Speech” TO FACEBOOK. WHY DOES FB LOVE TRANNIES, PEDOS, BREAKING THE LAW & LYING TO AMERICANS???

The truth sure does make the American Hating red Russians Running Face Book $hit their unmentionables don’t it!

Mention the FBI was founded and run for generations by  a closet cross dressing pedo tranny who illegally taped Rev. Martin Luther King and his wife having sex in their own bedroom,  played them for the President of the USA as they both rolled around on the floor laughing their asses off, and face Book $hits their pants!!!!!!!!!

Wonder why Face book tries to hide the perversions and crimes of the Israhell firsters running Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac?

The Ole Dog

19 Years, One Day Later, & The USA Cheering Sheep Monkeys Are Still Slaughtering Folks Had Nothing To Do With 9-11, & Sending Their Kids/Grandkids To Slaughter & Die For Those Who Did!

American USA Cheering sheep Monkeys are Cowards and Fools!

As well as self righteous delusional hypocrites, what Jesus the Christ called a Generation of Vipers!

Damned SOBing FOOLS!!

And if I was not watching my language I would make cousin George proud of the words I used describing the “American People”!

Clueless self imposed ignorant self righteous dumber than rocks.  ass holes who think they know everything!

If Americans do not stop their lies to their  selves, Get on Their Knees, Humble Their Sorry Child Raping or Supporting Child Rapers Asses before the True God, the Source of all Life & Light, BEG!!!!!!!! FORGIVENESS for their Divers Lust and Evils done others, or America is THROUGH except as a shit hole slave plantation for a sub species of the two legged animals which evolved to have no  BRAINS or BALLS!!!!

The Ole Dog!