Face Book Don”t Want Americans Seeing The Truth of the Ratschilds Evil, So They Censor

FACE BOOK is owned by the Ratschilds.

Oh the Rodents assumed name may be not be on the paper work, but that is where the stolen $$$$ came from to start up all these Media Companies so they could censor the truth about their evil.

Here you see two examples done this morning by the America/American Hating Facebook.

First they cut the men message off the bottom of the fake “queen’s” phot, which said:

When you are. thinking of a car crash but remember you have already used that one.

The one they would not even post, just the link, is a photo, (Top), of the British Empire which is run by the Ratschilds, (Fake “royals” are window dressing), when the Ratschilds via Britain invaded Palestine in 1933 to form the illegal headquarters for the Rat’s Middle Eastern military outpost in Occupied Palestine.

I believe it is time for treason trials in America.

The Ole Dog!