DO YOU WANT YOUR KIN DYING FOR THE Ratschilds, Monsatan & Golden Sacks following West Point Rope Chewing Idiots?

West Point:

Where those who do not understand Warriors, try to teach jackals to be wolves.

Not working!

All the USA seems to teach at the Point, is how to lie, murder the innocent, invade foreign sovereign countries which have not attacked America first.

If the USA wanted  real Generals they would not have helped their bestist buttie red Russia to Murder American General George S Patton for not selling America out like the red Russians FDR and the  red Russian war criminal  Ike who Holocausted  over 1.7 million Germans in extermination  camps after the war was over.

No, USA wants dick suckers, ass kissers, yes men who rape children and get filmed by Mossad doing it, criminals, moral-less non human gentuza graduating from the point.

And they got them.

let me point something out.

PomposA$$ is all proud of graduating first in his class at West Point.

The Point says they teach Honor, Integrity, Duty.

PomposA$$ BRAGGS about lying, cheating, violating all international laws and norms of decency, and betrays America Every day he waste good air by breathing it.

I believe the Point needs to be shut down as a failure, but first get that certificate back from PomposA$$, as he Flunked West Point!

They were not able to change him from a lying evil self righteous sack of zionist pig shit, into a human, much less a Warrior!

The Ole Dog!

Author: John C Carleton

Native Texican, American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God.

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